1.5 Anniversary!

So fast! It’s already 1 year and 6 months! Later I’ll be meeting Zhu Zhu for lunch. Felt like buying a bouquet of flowers for him. Where can I buy it?… Hmm…

Damn… I forgotten what I wrote… Just now I was installing the new messenger then I just clicked restart while I was half way through the blog and I thought it’s going to restart the messenger only but it restarted the computer instead!

Ah… What was I saying… Yes, I bought a bouquet of red roses from a shop opposite my building, then I was early so I sat at the bus-stop and waited for the time to arrive. When the time finally arrives, I walked to the ATM and waited for Zhu Zhu. He was early, on-time today and he was a bit shock when I gave him that bouquet. You can see him blushing as he kept asking me why I give him flowers since only guys give gals flowers. Hmm… Malu? CL happened to be there also and thought that Zhu Zhu gave me the bouquet instead and in the end, he asked her to bring it in… and well, yes, there’s some commotions after that. His colleagues asked if I’m his gf and that he proposed to me. *LOL*

Oh goodness… City Plaza SUCKS! I went there with my parents and you know what? The clothes there were so FREAKING EXPENSIVE for something totally non-branded and not very nice! In the end, after shopping for half an hour complaining, we decided to go Parkway Parade, where I bought 1 pair of heels and slippers at Charles & Keith. Then I bought 2 pairs of earrings from Chomel. They having 20% discount storewide now. Hmm… Wondering should I buy more. Oops…

Yes! Booked the hotel for HK! Cool!

Oh… WZ… opened the bouquet and put the flowers into a cup =.=”’ Probably I should have just gotten him flowers and not bouquet *LOL* Oh well, he didn’t know…

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