Past #0087

8.14am: i cut my hair yesterday!! But then it keeps dropping in front of my right eye… heehee… suave huh? kekeke… so CUTE!!

1.52pm: Having gastric now.. so pain. I got eat my breakfast and lunch. On time some more.. ouch.. =(

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Past #0086

10.18am: 2 person never come today. mm.. Feel rather pissed right now.. Never mind, just have to stop thinking and i’ll be ok.

1.17pm: so hot.. went library to borrow some books to read again. So bored… nothing to do now.

2.14pm: ok.. i just got the weirdest icq message from my dear Godbrother’s (plainly just Godbrother and nothing else, i can swear to that) girlfriend: She wrote this: ‘thanks for all those while you have been at chris side, but now i’m wif him. i hope there’s no point asking him out ok. his mine. thanks.

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Past #0085

8.00am: Today is wednesday. Half the week gone. Today must do work. Need to think of a lot of other things also. Yes, i have to. Again.. ‘cos its BACK to haunt me.. ahhh… hahah ..

2.30pm: ok… i’m getting a bit too bored now..

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Past #0084

8.56am: .. Had mee siam just now. Very full.. Hand very tiring today.. The after effect of bowling session.. Oh well, family day, doesn’t matter if a bit too tiring after that.

2.02pm: Today is another very slow day… so S L O W… but what to do.. never mind lah. Later going to watch Matrix Reloaded, hopefully mood will be better bah! ^o^.. hand still so tiring..

4.48pm: I got my FYP, multimedia message for wireless PDA users! ah.. last choice tho.. but.. whatever.. Sooo related to what i’m doing during my attachment now.

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Past #0083

7.57am: .. Early in the morning wake up.. *yawn* .. stares into the mirror.. *gasp* What is a panda doing in my house??!! .. looks closely.. *gasp* AH! THAT’S ME!! … … my body aches.. my hand aches.. my back aches.. my eyes can’t open.. i’m so tired.. so sleepy.. i could just sleep straight away… thanks to the cycling and bowling session… argh.. ah.. i bowled really lousy.. 47 & 50 points only *pengz* =PP

10.37am: .. love you love you yes i love you..

10.59am: icq can’t load.. so sian.. feel like talking to someone.. sigh.. but think when school starts, i also no time to switch on icq already.. fyp gonna be out..

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Past #0082

9.26am: Just finished reading a book i borrowed yesterday from the library “The Lessons of Love”. It was a rather nice book, not fiction stories, its a true life story, about the author, who lost his twelve year old son. About how she managed to get up, learned about love. The different kind of love. Yes,.. Love.. Made me realise how fragile life could be. Realised once again that you never know what’s gonna happen the next moment. So.. just let those people you loved, know that you loved them, and care for them. ^o^

11.58am: Today half day off. Going to school to do a lot of things. Hand in report, hand in financial assistance application, renew matric card and ask about hall application. Phew!

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Past #0081

8.16am: Today will be a very busy day for me.. but not to do my work.. but to do all the miscellaneous stuff!! haha!!

12.26pm: Hasn’t been going for lunch for the past few days. No, not on diet. Just that had a very heavy breakfast so now still quite full. Alright lah, later will go for tea breaks. Don’t worry.

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