Past #0120

10.59am: In the library now. Going to start doing my assignment again. The Game review one. They say a bit too short.. Ah… whatever.. kept me real occupied these few days. Hungry sia… Haven’t taken my lunch yet. But never mind lah, now a lot of people. Laterz..

5.04pm: Back in the library. Staying in school to study today. Yeah!!! Heehee… Too bad, haven’t gotten a room yet.

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Past #0119

wow… I’m so tired… Spent the whole day ever since 8.30am starting to do assignment and read up till now… Really tired.. and I haven’t finished all the things yet.. sigh..

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Past #0118

Wondering what am i doing so late at night…? I CAN’T SLEEP!!! Why? ‘COS I’M GOING TO SEE A DENTIST!!! my worst nightmare… no no.. not again… *shake head* i hate this… *sob* =( why? why do i need to go again… *sob* *faintz*

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Past #0117

Just arrived in school in the library. Think today might stay in school and study. Got quite a bit of thing to read up. But alright lah. Later still gotta do assignment. Game Programming ah.. Game review..

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Past #0116

Just the second day but today Flag Day so lesson all cancelled. Woke up at 8am today and started reading and doing tutorials till now.. So tired..

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Past #0115

6.43am: First day of school. So excited. 8.30am lesson some more. As usual, woke up at 6am and start to prepare. Heehee… I’m going back to school!!

7.50am: Just reached school. Waiting for the lecture theatre to open. Heehee… So happy!! Yesh! Ganbatte! I’m wearing PowerPuff Girls top leh! Girl Power! wahahaha…

8.04am: wahahaha!!! first day, first lesson, first one on the LT!! eeeekkkk…!!! =PP

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Past #0114

bright sunny Wednesday morning. Nice weather today. Probaby gonna rain later. Tomorrow going to Sentosa for a break. The last rest and relax period before the hectic schedule starts. And once it starts, there’s no stopping huh? Kinda sick, but oh well, gonna go thru that no matter what. Just get it over and done with. Just talked to one of my girlfriend. She’s in love, or maybe not. She’s not so sure also. Asked me to give her advice. Hmm.. what kind of advice can I give anyway… my school is starting in a few days time. Kinda scary. But excited too. Gosh…

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Past #0113

12.09am: wow… so late already and i haven’t sleep yet. Well, just spent like 2 hours plus talking to my cousin. Think I getting a bit abnormal because of a lot of things. Hmm… not a good thing but, will try to be alright. No worries. *smile*

11.08am: Read up on FYP stuff for the whole morning.. so tiring… *yawn* yeah.. just got to know from friend that the hall application will be open around early August. SO GOOD!!! YeaH!! Okie.. think gotta go rest, then later continue my cross-stitch. Think once school starts, might not have time to do already.

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