sleepless night

life’s been good at the end of the day yesterday. busy for the whole day but i thought… wow, not too bad, i’m changing my current temp job to another! suddenly so many things i need to do or decide….
i woke up at 6am just now. couldn’t sleep. yesterday slept around 1 plus. couldn’t sleep. there’s so many things to do. need to call up and order and get the system furniture fabric by today. need to liase with shawn for the powerpoint presentation for my boss. probably will have to do a website for my boss. then might change job to another one, web editing. but at the same time, i’m afraid that i have interviews now and then, and they don’t allow me to take leave. so i have to call the agency later to tell them about this. then i had to send my photos for one photoshooting thingy cos fm asked me to. and when i got back home yesterday… i received a really GOOD email… i was selected to go for the test for the capcom, training position as a programmer. never expected this. but i was so excited…. till… concerns came in…
its a once in a lifetime thingy. and i know that if i don’t go for the test, i might regret it for the rest of my life. so i had to go…. but… there’s always the BUT

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freezing cold…

alone in the office … then suddenly.. *ring ring ring* the phone rang…… i picked up the phone and said “Hello”… but all i heard is… ———— then another phone rang.. then another. then another… *paled* (i ain’t joking. this was really what happened early in the morning around 9am when i was alone in the office. then now.. there’s only ME ALONE again….) *shiver*

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good day -> bad day -> unknown

damn… i was feeling kinda great this morning. went to take note of the car plate no. of all the cars that i seen today with SDxXXXXx. oh well.. went to work and my colleague fren gonna go boss’s hse and help out again. so was thinking *wow, a chance to rest a bit* but HA! now i’m dying. almost wanna kill ppl! what kinda job is this?! i had to call so many companies and asked the same qn! “did u all sell lcd projectors?” gosh! expect me to call every individual company! what happened if there’s 80 instead of just 8? i hate this job… more n more… S**T!

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miserable day

today is damn miserable.. or maybe its not.. nah.. i think i’m just having p(re)ms… urgh

damn.. i dun feel good… suddenly found my life SOOOOOOOOOOOO aimless.


and there’s nothing to eat…


sigh… what’s the cause of it?

i know! i hate to look for jobs..

why is it so difficult to look for one?

and this current temp job is driving me a bit nuts sometimes..


i still think i’m having p(re)ms.


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