Uniform Day

today is friday, and we all agreed to wear the polo tee that our company gave us
kekeke… everyone is in black except for one – hs…
he’s in BRIGHT orange

anyway, today is friday liao, but dunno why, felt a bit sian… sigh…

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bloody HELL code

really HATED programming sometimes!
wah piang! i spent one whole day trying to figure out how to solve it and now i’m still TRYING to solve it
what the XXXX!!!!

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i won the FIRST prize!

i got mc yesterday, and so this colleague of mine helped me to enter our company’s lucky draw:-
bottles of hard liquor.
and ya know what? i won the first prize – a bottle of Otard XO GOld O.O”

wondering what am i suppose to do with it:-
case option 1:
“ma! put the XO in every dish you cook!”
case option 2:
put a bit in every bottle of water i bring to work everyday.
case option 3:
open it up and drink like siao at cny eve
case default:
throw to my mum and its NOMB anymore. *giggles*

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ho ho ho ho… *faintz*

friday 13th
i managed to know how much i got for my bonus. *giggles*
well.. great! thats all i can say..
not too good… ‘cos i’m going to use MOST of it to pay my loan
which leaves me with nothing much left
the good news is, i’ll be able to finish my loans faster!

saturday 14th
more or less rot the whole day away
took a wrong bus – 36
wanted to go to orchard from suntec
‘cos of one stupid lady who kept the bus driver occupied for a long time
me n bf didn’t manage to ask and tada! we went all the way to marine parade and back
and waste 45 minutes of our time
good news is… it didn’t rain till we are back home

sunday 15th
tried the new HK food at hougang south
the food’s not too bad. very BIG plate
and good news is.. it doesn’t cost a lot. hohohohoho
then i had my first jap class which was really fun + stressful (this was the point where i really wanted to faint)
and then i got a pretty pretty sensei! *drooool*
oh well, after that, went to mark’s house, which i was so shock due to the ……
and the pathetic hamster who got her leg stuck in one crack of the cage, and broke her leg..
see.. thats why i hate to keep pets.. see them so kelian..
anyway, went eat dim sum at the swee choon, which then i realised, that WAS the place i went with sy and wl.
and then we proceed to mustafa which… kekek.. on a sunday…
wahahahhahahahahahah. but i’m alright with it, though its a big scary.
oh well..
thats my weekend
i’m back to work now.
monday 16th

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makes me wonder if i did the RIGHT thing

where was i suppose to start?..

i interviewed this guy whom i knew was quite irritating, and yet i employed him because i thought he’s quite alright when it comes to work.

yes.. both are correct. and i proved myself correct.
he ain’t someone who is 随和.
everything goes accordingly. yes theoretically.
i can’t say he is wrong.
YET i can’t say he is right either.

my head is bloated.
i hate office politics or anything related…
and i just realised something.
the lesser ya know, the better.

but i happened to know… quite a bit..
i don’t want to.. ya know
i just hear people complained thats all…
but i did not realise, somehow, i will be affected….
hate this…

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Company’s got a HandBook!

my company’s got a handbook now! kekekekek
well, scanned through once, nothing much lah.
all quite standard. at least now everything is in order
(though everything also more restricted)
got pros and cons lah. as long as doesn’t affect me much..
hm… i think it should be ok..

raining again… gosh…
at this rate… my tivela’s progress will be slow!!
please stop….

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