MOST disgusting woman I’d seen

you know what?
have you ever seen a lady thats borned with an irritating face (those you feel like punching everytime you see her) ‘cos its like everyone owes her something. then with an irritating voice. those sharp enough to shatter the glass. and all her job was mainly just BOOKING the air tickets and shouting around. and you know what? she’s earning like $3k a month, and can claim HP + internet bills. JUST COS SO SHE CAN BOOK AIR TICKETS AT HOME ON WEEKENDS!!!!

and she’s the kind whereby you cannot offend her, or INDIRECTLY offend her, ‘cos she’ll make sure you PAY BACK!


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k k. Muak.

“k k. Muak.”
looks familiar???
oh yes.. it DEFINITELY looks familiar!
i almost get that every other day, so much so that, i’m wondering if its a FORWARDED sms.
thats the response i get everytime i ‘report’.
so whats the point of reporting? *i wonder*
since i know what will be the replied…..
and since he know where i’ll be at what time.

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plan OR no plan??

it gets so sian sometimes… yes i know its only gonna happened a few years later, like 2 or 3 years.
and yes.. i DO know that it costs money.
BUT i don’t wish nor want to be the only one who SEEMS to be interested.
get what i mean?
i get so sian already lor, like i go look at the hotels, surf around, talked about all these.
but the next thing you will say is “we need the money”.
oh yes, i know that, and ain’t i trying to clear up all my loans now so that i can start saving together?
but A LOT of things don’t need real cash now lor!
and ya.. you may think that putting for future packages are like, in a way, waste of $$
‘cos the company could go BUST!
ya… i know that too, thats why A LOT of things, i ain’t going into details.
but wedding dinner.. *cough* for your information, you don’t just booked it like half a year before lor!
and the thing is.. you just AIN’T keen on talking about it!

i’ve had enough… man.. next time you go check out things on ya own.
i’m not going to check anymore.

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Birds’ Meeting

Two weeks ago….
“To whom it may concern… cut down trees… too many birds… and bird shits… dirty and noisy too… please cut down the trees…. “

Yesterday EARLY morning… 5am+
Bird 1: ok! let’s go for our normal routine. go find food then we meet again tonight.

Rest of the Birds: OK!
And they flew off…. *chirp* *chirp* *chirp* *chirp*

Me: GREAAAT!!! finally people coming to cut down the trees!!

Evening.. 6pm+
Bird 1: eh… where’s my home? hm… maybe i go to the wrong place. never mind, i’ll go search again.
Bird 2: hm… weird.. where’s my home? wrong place?
Bird 3: ok.. i think i too blur liao, found the wrong place…
Bird 1: no.. it looks correct.
Bird 2: oh yes.. it definitely is the place our home SHOULD be!
Bird 3: yes! yes! if i’m blur, it can’t be ALL of us are so blur right???
Bird 1: oh no! where’s our home!??
Birds: where?! how?!! we lost our home?!!!!
*chirp* *chirp* *chirp* *chirp*
Bird King: Keep quiet!!! the meeting shall begin… what are we suppose to do…
*chirp* *chirp* *chirp* *chirp*

i came back… birds are still chirping…
i went to the kitchen and shouted: “change to a new home liao lah. bye bye!”

*peaceful morning…*

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Happy Belated Valentines’ Day!!!

i got a bouquet from my dear yesterday!!! so sweet!!!
something which i didn’t expected!! kekekekek.
‘cos he never gave me one before.
so happy ne…

kekke.. got another bouquet from no idea who
but anyway, its nice, and i gave it to my mum. kekeke
treat it as a v-day flower for her bah! =D

and then hor! the t-shirt i bought for tao, with the “WAVE” on his t-shirt
and “I LOVE (heart shape) WAVE” on mine
he like it a lot leh!
and we are going to wear it this saturday! woho!!!!

then today i went to the site to see the contract period: August 2008
hm… is that fast or slow?
no idea.. well.. see how is it lah
and my father was so funny. he let me alight at buangkok mrt station liao
then after that, my sis sms me to say, my dad wanted to stop at the bus stop which i usually alighted.
and my sis was like “what you doing?”
its a NICE DAY!!

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profile updated

i saw the words “Profile Updated”
KPO, i took a peek, as usual.
its really updated. kinda shock. don’t really know if its true.
almost the same feeling i get last time.

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bus frenzy in the morning

you’ve seen it probably almost everyday.. when you are boarding the bus, and alighting from it. there’s just lots of stupid people out there.

they block ya way while you try to rush for the bus. they just slowly stroll and walk.. and they BLOCK ya way. and even if you shout “EXCUSE ME!”, they don’t bulge. well, probably they are still dreaming or sleepwalking.

people just rush to get up. as long as there’s one small little gap in between you and the person in front, they squeezed in. especially aunties.. which.. well.. in a way.. who would want to squeeze with them?? scully they fell down or what, YOU will be LIABLE for it.

there’s lots of space at the back of the bus, but no… people just don’t shift in. they don’t. they stand at the place where they are, and they continue to stand there. i mean.. what’s the problem??!! can’t they shift their butt a bit to let people come up?

the going down. hey… probably next time i’ll put up a sign which says “i’m alighting here too. so please be patient and let me go down first instead of squeezing out.” stupid. dumb. i dunno what to call those people. i mean, yes, you want to get down the bus. BUT the bus hasn’t reach the stop yet. the whole bus IS PACKED. there isn’t much room for you to get out of ya seat, or squeeze through to the door. can’t you wait till the bus to stop, and then you start squeezing. yes, you hate that, but neither does people like other people to squeeze while the bus is moving…

this is personal. this morning, i’ve got this idiotic old auntie who just squeezed through that small gap between me and the door to get off the bus. dumb. idiotic. *PHUI!!!!*

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Sweet Dear Dear

hmm… people may find that its nothing..
but yesterday i find what my dear dear do is.. soooooooooo sweeeeeeet
was having dinner at his house, and they were eating this crab bee hoon
so i was trying to eat the crab.. and was having quite a hard time
‘cos firstly, my teeth not strong enough, so i don’t bite it.
secondly, i’m trying not to dirty my fingers.. so its like… wahahhaha
“chiu kena ka” (hand like leg)
then tao just took the crab from me and dig out all the meat for me!

i mean ya lah.. other than my dad, who’s such a loving dad, i don’t specifically remember anyone doing that for me. and it just seems so ESPECIALLY sweet.

oh well… but he seems kinda sian, not sure why also
probably its just those down moments where you don’t feel like working at all..
but what to do right?

this morning, i went to close down my SAYE account.. and i’m being charged a 20$ for closing the account earlier… duh!
everything also need to charge!

there won’t be anymore holidays liao.. so.. sigh.. well..
ganbatte ne!!!

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