~~ 3 weeks ~~

its been like around 3 weeks since i’d put my braces.
well, i would say there’s not much problem except for the first week. ‘cos i’m eating almost like the usual. and it doesn’t hurt as much also. will be going for my tightening in 15 more days. just hope that everything goes smoothly *cross my fingers*

today going to meet siyan, wl, cynthia, alvin and sanqi for dinner. but before that will need to make a trip down to kinokuniya to get one magazine – nu ren wo zui da. one of the people in the forum said that this month issue, got teach you how to keep the face firm. hahahaha =P wat!!! got what problem??? cannot meh! duh! kekekek

and then, i’ll be looking out for my rom dress too!! so exciting!!! and not forgetting, i think i’ll be DIY a lot of things. kekekeke. and again.. its so exciting!!! =P

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birthday cum proposal

ho hohoho…
my dear dear finally PROPOSED TO ME!
and he’s sooooooooooooooooooo sweet!!!!!! 😛
early in the morning, i was still sleeping, then i heard someone wake me up
and it was my dear dear! holding a bouquet of the flowers i said i want. kekeke
then he kneeled down and so cute.. can see him blushing… 😛
but heehee.. he did manage to whisper it out…
so sweet right? got a very nice birthday present ne…..

then we went to ya kun to take a late breakfast. nothing fantastic actually.
same as the breakfast at my office. i really meant the same
then we went around hunting for postcards. it was good!
we managed to find those that we want. heeheehee
and then we went to the Japanese restaurant at Wisma Atria to take our lunch
Ichiban Boshi – 4/5 stars. Innovative. Value for money
after that, we went shopping for my clothes. what’s that for?
well, i told my dear that i’ll fix $100 then he will go help me buy a set of clothes,
which he thinks would look nice on me.
kekek, it was fun. i tried on a few. but then in the end, didn’t have my size
and the time was getting late. so we postponed it to this saturdaY!

anyway, we went serangoon garden food market for dinner
and here are some critics about the food:

Stall 10: Fried hokkien prawn mee $3. 2/5 stars.
Garlic taste too strong. noodle not well soak so no taste. almost taste like the one in AJC.

Stall 17: Mango ice kachang $2. 2/5 stars.
No mango taste

Stall 26: Coconut drink $2. 1/5 stars.
Old coconut. flesh dried. doesn’t taste nice.

Stall 36: Fried kway tiao $3. 2.5/5 stars
so-so only. can find it anywhere.

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Day dunno what…

hm.. its been… less than a week..
well, everything’s going quite fine.
EXCEPT that… it hurts on and off and especially while i’m sleeping
which i’ve got no idea why
(Qn: Why does it hurt more at night than in the day?)
and.. hm.. i’m got lots of questions which i asked my dear
and he asked me to asked the Dr.
(Qn: When i yawn, will it affect the braces?)
and.. i’m finding it difficult to find food to eat.
Monday: fish porridge (lunch), potato (night)
Tuesday: veg rice w/o rice (lunch-damn ex), fish porridge (night)
Today: chicken macaroni (lunch-damn difficult to eat), not sure what to eat at night

and now, i’m drinkin’ this tasteless papaya fruit juice

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when the teeth starts to shift…

its not painful yesterday, at least not when i had my dinner…
but today.. OUCH
apparently, i can feel that some of my teeth shifted.
a bit? or a lot? i’m not too sure about that.
but i’m quite sure it shifted. cos when i bite, somehow
the tooth (at the top) wasn’t suppose to be at that position and bite onto the tooth at the bottom
and you know what? it hurts a lot. especially when the teeth seem to be more sensitive
every bite i took
seems to send “pain”
no hard food please….
veg is so difficult to eat…
most of the food i took, i practically swallow it.
bad bad bad

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Day Three – emBRACE it

alright. its morning. i just woke up and finish brushing my teeth.
tedious process….
i’ve got lots of questions in my head. especially yesterday when i put on my braces.
and of course, the “do-you-know”

(1) braces isn’t as scary as some of the people had described. yes the thought of it seems scary, but not the actual thing.
(2) the pulling oooout of the teeth seems more painful. but after all, its a totally different kind of pain. for braces, its more of the sore-sore-tight-tight pain + the pain from the ulcers in your mouth.
(3) you get to choose the colour of the rubber thingy on the braces. i chose baby blue. its quite sweet you know.
(4) i have no idea how they put the square little braces on, but apparently, they stick it. using glue? not sure. but it sticks, and it taste bitter, and i had to let it dry for half an hour on my teeth (without rinsing or drinking water)
(5) putting on the braces is a fast process (excluding the waiting), especially when your orthodontist is experienced. well, at least i know mine is…
(6) the pain doesn’t come in till later…. and… ooooooouuuuuuccccccccchhhhh…………….

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Day Two…

i went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned yesterday night.
suck…. the “ze-ze-ze” sounds… urgh…
its painful you know… 45 minutes…

today i’m going to do my braces. and its raining heavily now…
hopefully by noon it’ll stop.
i need to go postcard hunting…
alas… still got a lot of things to clear before i go
ganbatte ne!

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great… i can’t sing liao…
can’t even talk properly. eat properly
just now… i bite.. and then *gasped*
the food is still not chewed..
suddenly i felt so sian…

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Day One

its the first day after i lost two of my teeth. terrible night. its not painful really… though when the dentist was about to poke in that needles… there’s a slight pain.. but nah.. its not that. its the THOUGHT of the needles poking in that makes you scare. i closed my eyes of course. took 5 needles. by right 4… but apparently, the left side… it isn’t enough, so the dentist gave me another jab.

numb.. after that. even the nose felt numb… i meant it. and then the dentist just pulled and pulled. at one point, i wonder if my skull would crack. he really pulled hard. i even heard a “crack” sound. thought my teeth broke in half and left the root in the gums. that would be really terrible. kekeke… of course, luckily, it never happened.

wisdom teeth. i have 4. and the dentist told me sooner or later it’ll have to go. bottom ones gotta go for operation. else it will dunno what brings cavity and the tooth infront will be disastrous. well.. operation… *freak out*

anyway, whole night of… not exactly sleepless night. i slept at 1am. thats when the blood lessen. change the cotton and tried to swallow. of course by now, there isn’t a lot of ‘bloody taste’ in the saliva. managed to sleep with my mouth open (not sure if anything got in though). but… it wasn’t a good sleep.

i’m back at work now. shitted 3 times today. big and small. forgot to bring glasses and gotta u-turn back to take. rainy day today. oh yah… gotta go back and clean my teeth tonight. tomorrow putting the braces.

dear’s colleague quitting today. hm… in a way, bad for him lah since she’s always there to teach him. but well… see how things goes bah. i’m there for him.

ok.. sally here liao. back to work!

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