…everything is so messy…

oh.. not just my room
urgh… don’t know why, i lacked motivation again…
why.. sigh.. this is bad. i spent more time on planning than on doing. and everytime, there’s always unexpected things happening. going for dinner, go ntuc, blah blah blah… then i the end, all my plans will be totally disrupted. then i’ll feel lost again..
oh.. my… what am i suppose to do….
wish someone can keep track on what i’m doing.
then everyday nag at me, i also don’t mind.
of course, my dear dear will be incorporated inside lah. then he knows what my plan is mah..
sigh.. 10 more days to my jap exam.. *die*

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i can’t get used to THAT

once… about a year ago, one of my friend’s mother told me that i’ll get used to it as i grow older. because it will happen frequently… no.. i can’t get used to that…
last night, mag my cuz, came knocking at our door, asking for my mum, saying that my auntie needs her. kpo, i followed and saw my auntie lying on the bed, apparently feeling very terrible. from what i heard, she fainted suddenly after trying to catch her grandson. and then she felt numb all over. kept mumbling and saying that she can’t make it already… sigh… life is fragile huh.. the medics came and brought her to tan tock seng hospital. blood pressure is 180 (not sure which), but seems a bit high. everything else is ok. this morning, not sure if she’s back, door still closed… sigh… hope she’s ok ne…

busy weekend… thought the weekend is used for resting, but most of the time, it just makes you more tired… weird huh. kekekek.. well, what to do?

saturday morning went out early to meet my dear for breakfast at PS. postcard hunting day. some more, we have an appointment with Fairy’s Inc, to see our wedding bands. I mean CUSTOMISED. the place was nice. not vey big but the lady very friendly. we chose something classic, though the fanciful ones seems really interesting but… we weren’t that creative, or maybe… i don’t really like my wedding bands to be that fanciful. after that, went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean, which was ok (don’t like the way they end it). and then dinner with my group of sec friends. slept at 2am. sunday morning prepared and went chinatown for lunch with dear’s friends. late for my class after that. kekeke. and then after class went to airport to see DW off. reach home and then… sigh..

what a weekend..

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FABulous morning!!!!
let’s see what have i done and not done.. for the 26 of my life.
you know, life is about being happy, learning, and making people around you happy (or at least you try). thats life for me.
no… i shall not restrict myself to those boring life. i’ll be dead if i do that.
so here’s my goals and the things i want to do (ever since young)

  • Get a degree DONE!
  • Learn flower arranging DONE!
  • Do and have my own website DONE! I’ve got 3 for now!
  • Get a job i like DONE!
  • Have my own business IN THE PROCESS…
  • Do lots of cross stitch DONE!
  • Learn knitting DONE! (Basic Only)
  • Learn crochet DONE! (Basic Only)
  • Learn hip hop DONE!
  • Learn ballroom dancing
  • Learn yoga IN THE PROCESS…
  • Learn japanese language and reach jlpt 1 IN THE PROCESS…
  • Get a driving license DONE!
  • Learn how to cook and bake (delicious food of course)
  • Get married to someone i love (and he loves me too) IN THE PROCESS… 2 years later =D
  • Learn basic nail art
  • Learn to dress up, make-up etc
  • Learn men’s hair cutting
  • Learn dress making, fashion design (hopefully my own clothes)
  • Learn jewellery making IN THE PROCESS…
  • Finish paying all my loans IN THE PROCESS…
  • Learn interior design
  • Get MBA (when i’m older)
  • Slim down, get flat tummy IN THE PROCESS…
  • Straighten my teeth IN THE PROCESS…

hm…. ok… think thats about all… for now

hm…. still got so many not yet done ne…..

never mind, i’ll がんばって!

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gross lunch…. *puke*

I’m so gross out….
Had ban bian just now…
Then just started to eat only
And saw one curly hair… about 8cm long…
Then when I wan to start eating again
Saw a small flying insect…
Never finish that bowl lah….

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Beautiful Love

~ Beautiful Love ~
看住时间 别让它再流浪
从前我 太适应悲伤
你的出现 在无意中
却深深 撼动我
一起走着 没说什么 心是满足的
这个世界 随时都要崩塌
我没有 其他的愿望
只想记得 被你抱着 温热的感受
Love’s beautiful so beautiful
我失去过 更珍惜拥有
多庆幸我是我 被你疼爱的我
紧紧牵住的手 不要放手 永远守护我
Love’s beautiful so beautiful
我很快乐 你会了解我
我不会再哭泣 是因为我相信
每秒钟都能证明 一生的美丽
Love’s beautiful so beautiful
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on my way to RECOVERY!

yeah!!! i’m back to work today!!!
never feel so happy coming back to work! kekekeke

was sick last wednesday, so went back home. saw a doctor, took medication and measured my temperature – 38.8 deg cel! then i fell asleep!

next day woke up, felt nothing except goggy. spent the whole day eating and sleeping. boring! but well, at least i managed to finish sewing the beads on the ribbon!! (for the ring pillow). this is the one i wanna achieve lah. but not sure if able to do or not. can’t see where’s the beads? its that stretch of stems n leaves lah, thats made up of beads one! but now… i still can’t find the flowers….. anyway, thats about all i did on thursday.

woke up on friday, ready for work. washed up, brushed my teeth and sat down on the sofa, feeling goggy still. measured my temperature – 37.1 deg cel. So ended up, i took another day mc ‘cos i really can’t work. but… sigh.. it was terrible… second day.. with the same thing to do? nah… so i pestered my mum to go out (‘cos i wan to see the postcard) which she finally gave in. and we went dhoby ghaut n OG @ orchard. bought a few clothes. heehee… before going back home and collapsed….

saturday… another tiring day. met my bf for breakfast, then went for my dental appointment. tightened my braces and changed it to YELLOW!!! Then after that went KTV with his colleagues and sang…. but.. i SUCK!!! ‘cos of the bad sore throat (which hasn’t recover) and the braces…. sigh… so sad… and you know what! it hurts again after the braces were tighten and i’m back to baby food!!!

sunday.. another no rest day… went for my class as usual and then after that to tyra’s 2nd birthday!!! so fast ne! 2 yrs old already! last yr was held at changi chalet. this yr, @ northoaks function room… heeheehee… let’s see where we gg end of this yr!

and now.. i’m RECOVERING!!! woho~~

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suddenly down with fever

everything was ok. till yesterday night. SUDDENLY, my nose started running…. and i know its coming.. from nowhere…

damn.. having fever now… just pop one panadol into my mouth…
dehydrating… where did the virus come from?
hazel? possible… she’s still having fever today…
aiyah.. i weak lah.. wat to do… sigh…

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Chocolate Fondue

busy busy busy weekend…
luckily it passed so fast and today is monday!

yesterday went to swiss culture at suntec and we tried chocolate fondue!! *yum yum*
its nice if you really like chocolate! what they do is, there’s a small ‘pot’ like those you use to burn the fragrance oil, but they put the melted chocolate instead and a plate of banana, strawberries, apple and marshmallows, and you dip (or drop) it inside the chocolate. i’m going to try the cheese next time!!!


they are coming back today!

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