you know.. if i were to come logged in, and write down every little things that happened to me… i think i will have lots and lots of things to write. and will be so damn busy. kekekeke

anyway, i’m in totally no mood to work now.. sigh..
it didn’t start that way

woke up… watched 我们结婚吧!early in the morning, before my dad sent me to the hougang mrt, and i come to work. that guy is sooooo cute. ekekeke but oh well, my dear also very cute. by the way, he just had a cute hair cut last saturday. still think he should combed his hair down, look cuter. and where was i… ya.. i came to work and it was raining very heavily. then reached comtech, turned out from the lift, and BY called out to me, with G. went to the office and a while later, went to take my breaky – 2 half boiled eggs and 1 kaya toast. helped EZ bought one soya milk and went back. and suddenly, SL looked at me and said “Stella, 我对不起你。。。”… well… she overwrote one file… and i had to re-do again. thats life… i guess.. and now, i need to install some TortoiseSVN thingy…

watched project runway last night. last episode – chloe won. quite expected lah, if you see their collection. hers look like a collection. the rest nah…. dad kena offered by a hotel to go help people massage foot. $1k a month, 6pm-12midnight but both me and sis think its too late liao. what else… still got lots lah… but.. *yawn* i only feel like sleeping now…. *yawn*

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one colleague just kena kicked out… in a very bad bad BAD way! nadirah… sigh.. took me so long to remember her name. now, she just kena kicked out without any notice at all by this guy who always thought he look very handsome…. i meant, yes, its true, she’s only doing part-time. but the thing is, if you are going to kick one person out, then what’s the point of negotiating the salary with her regarding going to full-time.. sigh.. there’s just so many different things.. now..

i missed those days in this company when i first came. like a family, we worked together, helping each other out. but ever since they wanted to expand this company (which isn’t a bad thing), things changed. new people came, some good, some bad, some created havoc, politics, back-stabbing… its just not the same anymore….

today, dear was telling me he very sian of his work, and felt like running away… who doesn’t? i also wish i can no need to work and do those things that i TRULY like. but… it’s reality bah… make full use of what you have.. ne!

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UNO & Tumblin’ Monkeys

i bought 2 games!!! UNO & Tumblin’ Monkeys. its a smaller versions, those you can play in the car. kekeke, it seems quite cute lah, so i bought it at the toy sales at my company here. $10 each. next time can play at the Rest ‘n’ Relax corner of me and my beloved dear dear’s house!!!

woho~!!!! 3 more days, then we’ll be registering for our ROM. so excited!!! after that, i think really need to come up with the engraving on our wedding bands. that day he suggested “In My Heart, On My Mind, Always” on my ring. but its too LONG! so he said why not “IMH, OMM, Always” and i’m like =.=”’ Don’t think i want to have “IMH” on my ring ne…. anyway, in the end i rejected this, and he also rejected mine – “I’m Yours Always”. so we see how lor. kekekeke will need to find my dress soon… and the flower for the ring pillow.

hot day.. me need to go finish up that stupid improvement for HDP liao. ciao!
later meeting dear go marina square, let him try his crocs shoes size.

LUNCH: meat ball soup. never finished, left 2 meat balls and half bowl of rice. very full.

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dad passed his massage-foot test!

woho~!! who would have thought that my dad passed the test ne!! but he’s really hardworkin o! every night, he’ll stand behind his door and study those posters on the wall, the different points to massage on the foot, which is connected to what, and all those chim-chim words… CONGRATS!!!
kekekek, bought some finger-food and drank beer to celebrate! even took a short video. hahahahah

but anyway, so happy!!!! i’m quite sure he’s really very happy too! =D

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my dear dear is so nice!!!!
i was feeling so stress out today ‘cos got a deadline to meet (when i’m only given 2 days)
then just now he came to gimme a hug! ‘cos he off early from his course today!

so sweet right!!! kekekek =D and you see me smiling and smiling now =P
just now i was having my tea break and getting a rest. luckily, i came back to my seat earlier, saw 3 missed calls and 2 sms, then when i saw the message “Hmmm… Nvm. I go home then. Me at ya office lobby now. Muak. Jia you then. Love u!” wah! scare me sia! i quickly ran out and call him ah. kekekek, luckily he just left *phew* Else i won’t be able to hug and kiss him liao…

awww…. miss my dear dear again… how i wish i can hug him everyday soon.. kekeke
muak! x million

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long time never exercise

*phew*… so SHIOK!!
went for a jog! heeheehee, not very long lah, just 2.2km (2 rounds of the park). but then, it sure freshen me up a lot! the work that i need to do today.. goodness… really used up my brain juice. later gotta try doing it at home too. monday gotta hand up. but no worries *wink* sometimes, i should really try to go jogging on and off, makes me feel so much better, and life seems a bit more wonderful. i’m not saying that my life ain’t good now lah but somehow… maybe just sometimes, i thought i should deserve a bit more… or maybe i just want to be a little woman and have my bf dote and pamper me … =P

and then MINUS away some impatience – and i’ll love him a bit more
and then MINUS away a lot of sarcascism – and i’ll love him even more
and then ADD some respect, fun, romance, love, hugs and kisses – and i think i’ll love and adore him so much for the rest of my life…

its difficult mah?
hm…. i thought its not…

anyway… went to the senior citizen corner and exercise with my parents. its quite fun leh! after that went to play the swing for a while… long time never play that sia…. playgrounds.. i’d been to a lot, with a lot of memories o…. at pasir ris park, bedok central, east coast park, punggol park, those playgrounds around my house, behind/beside my secondary school… so many…. miss those days sia….

dinner: one packet of HL milk, 5 mouthful of fried prawn mee, 2 mouthful of kuay tiao soup and 2 portions of bo pia.

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