KTV Tonight!

So sleepy still. Right now I’m doing facial mask, the time is 7.37pm. Waiting for HY to come and pick me up. Today is the second day. Kinda good ‘cos I can do some things in the morning. Better inform Pamela that I’m not continuing.

6pm only. I’m tired till I want to go crazy. Can hardly open my eyes. Chris Ng from Sibex talked to me today. Alright, quite a nice person but really crappy. Later going for KTV, should be in Chinatown. Half an hour to go…

Reached home about 1am+. Went to meet WZ after that… He really treats me very nice. I do hope its not only for now, but for the rest of his life. *touched*

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Financial Planning

Now at home waiting for HY to come and fetch me. He just converted his OPC to normal ones. Then now, he said he’ll come and fetch me everyday at 8.30am. Hm… How ah? How to subsidise him? If everyday take, I also paiseh… Never mind, see how it goes. Anyway, tonight going to DC & Associates to continue the financial planning things. Terrible… *Is it going to be the end of the world soon? If it is, WZ said that we should spend more time together. Hm..*

Alright… In the end, do OT, so never go down to meet Dennis and Clarise. Worked till 9pm before asking WZ to come to my office to fetch me. So tired.

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… "You are in my heart"

“No, you are not in Hougang. You are in my heart.” Damn… Early in the morning said such sweet things to me… But its sweet nonetheless. ^^ Hopefully today will be a good day. Very proud of myself yesterday, so today in quite a happy mood. Ganbatte ne!

Hm… after some thoughts, guess I can’t learn too many things at the same time. I can’t pack my every day with things, ‘cos it might end up clashing with each other. So I think I’ll need to prioritize. What am I learning now? Monday (Salsa), Thursday (Japanese Language), Saturday (Exotic Dance), Sunday (Kickboxing). Among all these, I’ll definitely continue my salsa. Japanese Language, I don’t think I’ve got the time for that now. Maybe will TRY to study on my own (which I doubt). As for exotic dance… Went for the first class that day. Yes, its fun, but its the same as Hip Hop, its more of choreographing the dance steps, which I don’t find that its very useful. I still prefer salsa. As for kickboxing, this is more of keeping fit, I guess, which I will continue at the moment. And for that Jewellery Design course, its going to take up two of my weekdays. Maybe I should use those free days to do plan and do other things, all best, rest. Alright, that shall be the plan for now.

Back home after salsa, just finished bathing. Went for salsa and it was so much more difficult than the previous. Then went for supper at maxwell market. Had porridge. Then came home and saw another tree of “tao hua”, which was a “bit stiff”. So ended up, I have to “touch up”. But well, all is fine…

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Beautiful Tao Hua

Spent like 3 hours packing my room and I’m FINALLY DONE!! Woohoo!! My room now clean clean empty empty one ne!! Then after that went outside to decorate the corridor. Painted one side of the wall with Tao Hua. I drew and painted while DW helped me to paint. VERY NICE!! Then drew the pigs out on the other side. Probably DW will paint later but I’m drained already. Now resting… And my whole body is aching from the warm-up yesterday at the exotic dance…

The first step to Changing My Lifestyle is to PACK my room. I’m really so proud of myself! After 3 months… I do felt better. ^^ The time is 10.16pm now. Felt like sleeping already… Probably I go lie on the bed now.

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Whole Day Out

Tired… I was out the whole day. Early morning woke up and met Pete for breakfast. Then after that went to meet Skyes for K Lunch. Then went for my exotic dance, which was really fun!! And after that, met Skyes to go Ikea, before going to Leonard’s house. He cooked soba, which was nice. Then they played wrestling till 12am plus before Skyes sent me back home. Tired, but fun!

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So Realistic

Finally friday. Gotten my pay in the morning. Now, half of it is gone. Gone to pay back my credit card bills and things like that. The world is really so realistic. Quite speechless about it. I’m not sure is it I’m the one thats cruel, or is he the one thats cruel. But does it matter? Like what Nadirah said… Whatever I do now, if I continue to stay, I’ll get hurt even more. Even if its just a friend. He still has everything while I will be left with nothing. So what’s the point? Might as well.

TMD!! KNS!!! What is this??!!! This world is really so REALISTIC! You can’t make one stupid mistake! You make one, thats it, you are gone!

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Someone said…

It’s stuck in my head. Alright, from today onwards, I’ll change my lifestyle!

Busy rushing through the Indonesia SMA Enhancement for the whole day. Skipped my Jap class for this. But not too bad, today had Teriyaki Salmon for dinner. After that went WZ’s place. Dennis called me to get all the information, which I totally forgotten about it. Hm… I guess its really going to be a new lifestyle soon.

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RE-setting my GOALS

Today is a lazy day. Well, there’s a lot of things which I think I want to write, but I don’t think I’ve got the time now ‘cos its 8.37am and I’m still in my room. So I’m gonna go to the office and continue!

Alright, the time is 10.37am and I’m now in my office, more or less doing nothing. Will now try and RE-set my goals to make it more realistic so that its achievable!

– Don’t spend so much, try to spend only on necessities.
– Work hard on the business with NN (Postponing).
Put make-up to work.
– Be decisive on what I want to wear.
– Stick to exercise routine, maintenance and diet plan.
Study Jap on way to work.
Re-write notes after Jap class, do homework over weekend.
– Practise salsa steps.
– Test mp3.
By 7 Jan, throw away all those things that I don’t want.
By 14 Jan, put aside those things that I want to sell.
– By 21 Jan 28 Jan, put everything in the place allocated.
– By 28 Jan 4 Feb, arrange flowers for mum & godma.
By 1 Feb, start painting my room.
– By 1 Mar, decide on job prospects. 1 out of 3 PASSED.
– By 1 Jun 1 Mar, open an SC account with $500.
– By 1 Mar 1 Jun, put aside $5000 for YT’s mum’s loan.
– By 1 Jun, settle things between me and YT.
– Save $1000/mth.
– Save $1600/mth.
– Save $2200/mth.

Just had a chat with one of my colleague who just came back from childbirth. Kinda reminded me of a lot of things. Of course, including the mistake that I made. But what can I do right? I mean, what’s done, is already done. There’s nothing I can do anymore to that. All I’m thinking is, I’m able to answer to myself. Thats all it matters for now. Right? Anyway, what she said isn’t wrong. Must made it clear to people in a way, its still a society after all. And I also need to somehow slowly be answerable to someone. ^^

Went to watch “Happy Birthday”, SO TERRIBLE!! I sad till I cried… Anyway, made me realised a lot of things. Went to meet Skyes after that. And he helped me sent a SMS. And…

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