Very Painful

Terrible… Pain like mad. Been so long since its so painful. Now putting the $1 coin into the heart-shaped bottle – for En En’s milk money in the future. ^^ Funny right? Most likely Skyes and Leon will be going for the MDIS degree course, which I thought… is the same as the other two. ‘Cos if asked me which I were to take, I’ll definitely consider NUS or NTU which is more recognised. But well… that takes 4 years… and its so painful!!

Can’t really concentrate on work ‘cos the teeth too painful and I think I haven’t got enough sleep yet. But there are things that I need to finish by tomorrow. And if today I were to take MC, I doubt that I’ll be able to finish by tomorrow. Die…

I’m taking MC. Going back home. Dad coming to fetch. Having headaches now.

Back home and took my dinner already. Went to see a doctor just now and got my MC for today and tomorrow. Wondering if I should go to work tomorrow. But I’ve got things to finish. How?

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Lower Braces

Ugly ugly ugly!!! Me back in office now. Morning went to have breakfast with Skyes, then went for my dental appointment. Everything went smoothly except that now I look damn UGLY. I put orange, by the way. And I can’t seem to pronounce properly. After that went Stansfield and MDIS to help Skyes and Leon gather some information on the studies. Bought another 6 pairs of earrings. ^^ Had lunch with Skyes after that. Terrible… Ugly…


Dinner at Merchant Court wasn’t very fantastic due to the pain in my teeth. Sigh… But anyway, wasn’t too bad though I think the two of them thought its too expensive already. And said want to bring me to Pariss (wherever that is). Went to Skyes’s place after that. Leon was so funny. Couldn’t get the hint that I’ll be staying at Skyes’s place for a while and insisted on waiting for me to take my things and sent me home.

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Salsa I1 Starts Today!

Its monday again and my whole body is aching from the kickboxing. I’m quite sure I don’t have enough rest. And can feel myself breaking down already. And my waist is like… GONE! Terrible. 3kg of FATS. I’ll have to get rid of that. Back to work again and I need to settle my house. Will need to message him. *faintz* How?…

I haven’t called yet… *stress*

Called… he said he isn’t free this week, so will call me when he’s free. I don’t feel good… But I can’t tell WZ. I don’t want to tell him. After all, its between me and YT. I don’t want to let him be the one to heal my wounds. I want the wounds to heal themselves over time. Over time…

Some people are really so KPO, like Yvonne Chan, whoever this stupid idiotic person is. What is it any business of hers when others decorate the corridor? Now that she called/contacted STOMP, and then posted there, the town council came and said that its considered vandalism, and that we will need to paint it back WITH THE SAME COLOUR after the festival. SHIT THAT STUPID YVONNE CHAN!!!

Came back home from Salsa and just finished brushing my teeth. Getting fat.. Gross. Tomorrow going to do the lower braces. So excited!

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SG’s Performance

Back home after a long long day. Reached back only in the morning, rested for a while and went for my kickboxing with Shan. Today was terrible, stretched until like mad. I’m quite sure tomorrow my whole body will be aching. After that, “lao yu sheng” with my family. Very funny, they all throw until so high. Managed to ask my sister to sent me to AMK mrt where I took the train down to Newton to meet Skyes and Ed to watch SG’s concert. Well… the concert wasn’t that fabulous but was expected in a way. After that, only Skyes and me went for dinner. Ed got to go home for dinner. Now I’m back home, just had a phone chat with Skyes… Somehow, I can feel that he’s quite disappointed that I’m not bringing him home yet. And that I’m uncomfortable with eating at his house also. But then again, I’m a person who doesn’t talk much. What do you expect me to do? Don’t feel good… Will try to sleep earlier tonight…

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47 TTP

I had a nightmare… Dreamt that WZ almost mati… Scare the hell out of me… *CRY OUT LOUD*… Going Shawn’s house tomorrow at 47 TTP. Heard its quite BIG, I mean the ang bao… Anyway, going for K lunch now with WZ. Ciao!

A long long day…. Went for K lunch, then sing till 2pm before we went to the McDonald’s and had 2 ice-creams. After that, I took a bus and went to VivoCity where I FINALLY OPENED my SC Account (which I tried in the morning but failed ‘cos the queue wasn’t moving at all and I was late for the KTV). Put $10 inside. Will transfer money inside once I gotten the username and password. After that, I took a cab down to Shawn’s place. He ordered a lot of food, and I really mean a lot but as for his ang bao… Well… it isn’t THAT big, but its ok. Leon and Skyes came to pick me after that and we went to Bukit Panjang Plaza, and then to Botak Jones, and then to get the tickets from Syl, and back to Leon’s place to play Monopoly. Skyes really tempted to get a car but he needs to save money for his degree. Well, very fun night. ^^

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Blisters on Feet

Pain…. the blisters caused by the heels I wore yesterday. So today got butterfly effect and so still pain… Don’t know why so sleepy. Slept at 1 am last night. “I want u for everythin. Every day of my future life……” So mushy, but its kinda sweet ^^ *Giggles*

Just went for my lunch with MC and AT. Had a chat with them on the flat that I “have”. To MC, he found it alright to ask my new bf to take over the flat but AT found it a bit weird. Me? I find it weird too, but I really like the place a lot. But then again, it depends on my the other new half right? After all, it really doesn’t seem that fine in a way. But of course, it will save quite a bit of money. That day I went to take a look, its on its level 12 already. A year from now probably will be done. Thats like… June 2008. Too young.

The day for work ending soon, 15 more minutes to go! Just managed to save $22 today. Removed the MMS Saver for my HP, and downgraded my internet. *Happy* Must try to cut down on things and save already. Cannot always spend and spend and spend. Tomorrow MUST go and open account!

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Very Busy Day

*Phew* Didn’t have much time to rest since the morning. Yesterday the whole office was quite empty. Today its back to the rather normal working spirit. And since morning, I’ve been working and working non-stop at different things. Lunch time soon. Hungry. Will not take breakfast from now on. Got to control my diet a bit. Today not pissed with WZ already. Stupid idiot him.

Bought one honeydew but haven’t eat yet. Ate half a mandarin orange though and half a cup of green tea. Need to go on diet. Healthy Living! Yeah! Just asked Christina to go Australia with me. Wondering if she would go. Will have to wait till Monday then check to see who should I approach for my taking of annual leave. Might be going Bintan with Skyes too. Visiting @ Junhao’s place this sunday will be cancelled ‘cos the response not very good. So in the end, I’ll organise one, just for a few of us at Hougang area. Alright, back to work!

Finally going home and managed to clear all my things! Yeah! 3 cheers! But tomorrow going to help CK and SG for the SIT/QA. Well, I don’t mind doing more work. In fact, I LOVE IT! ^^ (As long as no OT)

Came home, doing facial now. I really fat a lot… So sian.. I hate to go on diet.. Tried once.. So sian… *sigh*

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I totally don’t have any recollection of the things that happened last night after the point where I helped my mum they all to pack all the food into the plastic bag. Terrible… I felt so gross now. Woke up in the morning with a terrible headache. Can’t even walk straight. I only remember I puked like mad the night before. Took morning leave ‘cos I totally can’t make it to the office… Then after that went to meet WZ for lunch. Quite sweet of him, to bring me to eat porridge since I told him that I’ve got no appetite. Then now I’m back in office. Still a bit blur. Hopefully later will be better. Tonight going to WZ’s house to Bai Nian.

Went to WZ’s house for dinner. Still find it weird but alright. Really damn bloody pissed with him! Always irritates me one! And deliberately some more! Then laugh and laugh and laugh. What’s so funny about irritating me?? TMDWGWBD!!! @#)&%(@)&^ Don’t want to talk to him. *Angry*

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