I think we both are addicted to love… Just the two of us. Its quite nice… And he really took care of me. We went for the theme park, then wild wild wet (which was more fun). And stupidly took a long route to go there ‘cos we didn’t know there’s a short-cut *faintz*. Then we took a nap and waited for them to come. Jen came first, and brought her duck. Then came Ken’s group… And we waited… and waited for Leon… He was soooooo late and we couldn’t start the fire ‘cos the charcoal was with him. By the time he came, some of us knew the reason. RL did something funny… Alright, the whole BBQ was quite fun. Been quite a while since I’ve had a chalet. But at the same time, I do feel old. They bought a bag from Zara for him. The cheesecake was nice (they had decorations on it). They left around 2am+ (I guess) ‘cos by that time, I’m already K.O.

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A Good Night Sleep

*Stretch* Slept quite well… Woke up and had quite a heavy breakfast. I still finds it weird to have roast duck early in the morning but well… Anyway, we left quite late for Tampines. Gotten the food and stuff and checked in at around 3pm. Found it gross at first ‘cos the whole area seemed so dirty… and… deserted. Went for a swim in the evening which was quite nice. Then after that went Ding Tai Feng for dinner at Tampines before going for our movie – The Number 23. The movie wasn’t exactly great but wasn’t too bad either. Went straight back to chalet after that. *Tired*

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Happy Birthday Zhu Zhu!

Today is Zhu Zhu’s birthday! And I found the soundtrack!!! Woohoo!! *Quickly go and pack my bag for the chalet*

Not that I’m trying to complain… But I really don’t see the point in wasting time, doing things TWICE? What am I complaining? My TL just sent me a package yesterday, which I think he took quite a while to compile, at least I think so. But when I got it, I think I would rather I do everything from the start… He’s not checking much! Shit him! Waste his time. Might as well get him to do something more beneficial to the company than to try to compile and then I still need to spend so much time RE-packaging it. *Pissed*

Today is really a damn pissing day. Meeting almost whole day then suddenly at 6pm, when I came out from the meeting, SK told me that I need to change something… I look at the changes, which she only thought of now. The only thought that came to my mind was – Shit… I can’t possibly leave on time. And so I worked, tried to finish it but was so pissed till I couldn’t really think. Anyway, ended up we didn’t went to eat the steamboat buffet. We went to order food underneath his house, at the coffeeshop. So paiseh! But I also tried to help SK finished. I think she knew I’m quite pissed ‘cos after that she told me its alright… Well…

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"Music & Lyrics" Soundtrack

I’m looking for these two songs – “Way Back Into Love” and “Don’t Write Me Off”. These are two of the songs in the “Music & Lyrics” Soundtrack. Its quite nice! If I can’t find, then I’ll go and buy the soundtrack.

For the past 2 hours, I had nothing much to do. *Yawn* Got pros and cons. Pros, I can rest a bit and try to plan out what to buy for the “While-Min-Min-Is-Not-Around-To-Accompany-Zhu-Zhu” Package! Cons, I’m quite bored. Suddenly seems so aimless, sat down in front of the pc, just waiting for the time to pass.. The time is 5.48pm. Oh… Thats 6pm on my watch. Which means, half an hour to go! Woohoo!

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Falling Sick Soon…

I feel so exhausted… I need a break…

Finally a time to have a short break and go home and rest… WZ coming to fetch me. ^^ Today busy till I want to go crazy. Better go off now. If not later get stuck again. 8pm.

Back home!! I was so tired till I fell asleep in the cab just now. *Giggles* Went WZ’s place for dinner. Think today he also very tired. Yeah! 2 more days then I’m going chalet! *Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat*

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On My Own

Today… HY on leave, so I’ve got no car to take.. and it rained HEAVILY. Well.. at least I never get caught in the rain. Dad sent me to the MRT. Got a list of things that I need to clear, and EZ also on leave till wednesday, so GANBATTE!

Ate my lunch already ‘cos hungry. Body aching… Just changed my friendster’s profile, as well as WZ’s! *Giggles*

I feel so tired… I spent like 2 hours talking to CW in the afternoon. Terrible… I couldn’t finished my things but I still had to go for my salsa.. Honestly.. I couldn’t really concentrate at the salsa class… ‘cos recently, I’m always so busy and tired. Anyway, will pause for a while before continuing I2. Really need a break from work. Its too much already. Time is 11.06pm, I’ll go do up my testcases later…

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Searching for WZ’s Present

Woke up and went for my kickboxing. Only managed to sleep for 3 hours, from 5am to 8am. Chatted with WZ for the whole night. Couldn’t sleep more at 8am already. Finally collected YF’s baby’s cake but don’t have the pandan ones, so I topped up money for the black forest. Well.. couldn’t be bothered to have something on my mind. Went home and couldn’t sleep again so chatted with WZ for a while before going out to search for his present. And I got it! Mont Blanc card holder with a clip for the cash! Very class! No! I’m not going to say how much it cost, but its definitely more than the amount I would spend on myself. Don’t know why… But I like to spend on him… must be ‘cos I’ve got nothing much to buy for myself already. Anyway, met him for movie – Music & Lyrics after that. Its a very nice show! And the songs inside were very nice! Gave him the present after that… Well.. of course he likes it. He HAD to! *Giggles* But I think he really likes it… ^^ 成功!

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Night Safari!!

Yeah!! Tonight going to Night Safari! Today will be a very busy day. The time is 8.19am. I’ll need to reach Suntec KBox at 11am, to meet Skyes for KTV, then we will sing till 2pm. After that, we’ll go shop for my cold wear, before heading down to Tyrwhitt Road to eat Thai food. Tom yum!!! *Yum Yum* After that we’ll go and look for the Cheesecake Cafe to order the cake before going his house to bathe and go Night Safari! WoohoO!

Went Suntec KBox and sang with Skyes. Today we sang all the duets. Very fun! Sang till 2pm… And then I got a surprised bouquet of sunflower from him! ^^ *Happy happy* Then we went to shop for my cold wear. Bought a pair of long john and the heat pack and we were done earlier by half an hour! Then we went to search for the Thai restaurant which turn out to be at a coffeeshop. But the food was nice, the tom yum soup was quite hot too, which was good. And what was the best thing? It was cheap! ^^ After that we went to search for the Cheesecake Cafe and found it (Of course!), and we ended up eating 2 cheesecakes – Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Cheesecake. But we ordered American Cheesecake instead. Well… Skyes like those heavy cheesecakes (me too!). Was so full… Went home after that and took a short nap. And then the last part was the Night Safari! It was SO crowded. We queued for a while for the tram, Celest never go ‘cos she went with another friend. But in the end, after we finished the tram and started on the trail.. we saw her.. with a guy. *Giggles* It was fun! And that Skyes was like a small little kid. You can see him getting so excited over those animals. So cute! By the end of everything, it was already 11pm and everyone was tired and VERY hungry. So we went to the 24 Hong Kong restaurant at Kovan for our “dinner”. Talk-cock session started…

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