Totally Fainted

I’m tired till no words can described. Slept for 1.5 hours at WZ’s place and woke up at around 8am. Then went home, slept for another 1.5 hours, then woke up and went for the OG warehouse sale. Bought 2 tops from Chocolate and 1 cheong sam from cooee, very nice. Spent about $58. Then went home and took a nap for another 2 hours before meeting Zhu Zhu at city hall for a nothing much warehouse sale. Had dinner with him before going to meet my family for the Vesak Day dinner at Bishan. I only ate one fake hotdog and vegetables. Must control my diet. But my whole body was aching all over for the whole day.

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Chiong @ Zouk

So funny huh? Yesterday I’m early and today I’m late for work. It’s not my fault! I woke up at the usual time, but today I went to the toilet for 3 times already. Stomachache. Today will be the last day for ES to be in Synet. Everyone’s leaving and I’m quite a “senior” here but not my rank. Terrible. WT just came in. Sick. Don’t really like him. BY on leave till Monday, heard his daughter is sick. Alright, I really don’t feel good. Felt like vomiting… No life recently… Wondering if they are going Zouk tonight.

Woohoo! It was so shiok at Zouk! Been a real long time since I went partying at disco, not that I always went last time. But it was really nice. Dancing almost non-stop for consecutive 4 hours. Then after that walk back to WZ’s place. My legs were aching terribly. But the worst is the blister on my feet.

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Early In The Office

Its 8.45am and I’m already in the office, ready to start work. Actually it felt quite nice to start work early in the morning, like I used to. But what am I fighting for. Its no more “You work longer, you will naturally get the promotion”. Then? Yesterday Des held a meeting and said that all of us will have to go through some test… to see where our skills are. They want the best. Can they? And my whole body is still aching.

Finally finished 3278, for the access control. So tired. HY today MC, food poisoning. Tomorrow on MC too. Ang Moh Eric left today. Flying back to Norway on Sunday. Everyone is leaving… Why do I feel so down today?

What will happen 20 years down the road? Just had dinner with SG, ET, SO and SK at Vivo City but ended up talking about a lot of things. About COE, lifestyle, politics etc. Think? I’m not those who think… But… Hmm… Really must start saving.

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School Holidays

How come I don’t have school holidays anymore? Don’t know why but woke up with my body aching. Now in the office eating cereal in milo. Hungry. Better let me rest a while before starting work. My brain still not working yet. Yet. YET. I missed my bed…

My darling is so funny, so cute. Always a lot of crap but he sure cheers me up. Its never boring when I’m with him. Today woke up and did a bit of exercise. Almost overslept. Must try and sleep earlier. Leon told the MDIS girl directly. Already told him so that he should do that. What am I doing now? Actually not much idea. Just going with the flow. Honestly, I felt a bit lost at this moment. Lost and tired. Maybe ‘cos lack of sleep.

Didn’t go to sleep nicely.

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Business Or Hospitality?

How? Should he take business or hospitality? One is too general and the other work long hours. Hopefully he decides carefully. Slept till around noon time before waking up and went TB market for lunch. Then I went home and took a nap till evening before going out with my parents to Orchard. Dad bought his… small little waterfall thing. And terribly, the car was filled with at least 7 bird shits. So.. NEVER EVER PARK AT THE OPEN CARPARK OPPOSITE SP. Tiring day.

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Rubbing My Butt

Gosh… I asked my mum to help me rubbed my butt ‘cos I fell off from the chair a few weeks ago. But I forgotten something… Zhu zhu just gave me a few love bites on my butt just now!!

Got woken up by the shouts of my cousin at 9.30am. *Shrug* Then went to Woodlands library to meet WZ. And seriously, the weather was terrible! I was sitting on his bike, and my sweat was dripping down. We went to eat ban mian at Bt Merah for lunch before going Watson to buy… *Cough* Then after that had dinner with Ken, Celest and Jeff. And WZ got so angry till he ordered the food without them. Why? ‘cos they changed the timing from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. And when WZ called Jeff, he kept laughing and laughing. Can understand why he’s so angry… Then they talked about opening a Wanton Mee stall. Wondered if they will really do it. Went to watch Pirates of the Carribean after that.

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Drivng Without A License

What is the penalty for driving without a license? And will anything happen to his passengers with/without license? Wondering where can I check… Feel like getting a car. But is my monthly expenses enough or not? If there’s no loans, I’m quite sure its enough… Why is owning a car so damn bloody expensive!

Had my health screening and here’s the result:
Height: 1.54m
Weight: 47kg (The 2kg extra weight must be due to the HP and wallet in my pocket)
BMI: 19.8 (Healthy weight)
Body Fat: 31.7% (Terrible… the maximum for female below 30 years old is only 24.7%!!)
Visceral Fat: Level 2 (Healthy, between level 1 to 8)
In Urine,

Protein: Neg (Good)
Ascorbic Acid: ++ (Too much vitamins)
Glucose: Neg (Good)
pH: 6 (Good, 6 and 7 is good, 8 and beyond will be alkaline, easy target for infection)

Well, more or less, it ain’t too bad, except for my body fat, which might be due to high cholesterol, which, I do have, as well as my sister. The only thing to do now? EXERCISE! 3 times a week, at least 30 minutes each time. Starts on Monday!

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It’s Thursday Only

Its morning already. Time passes so fast… Let’s recall if there’s anything that I want to do… Yes, I’ve got lots of work to do now. Happy? In a way, yes, I do. But yet in another, I still don’t feel balanced. Then this week, hardly got time to hug my Zhu… I need some power… Terrible… Tonight meeting Kenneth for dinner. I think there’s a lot of people I have to meet up but haven’t. LL, NN and SS for example. Gosh… Time is limited.

Really don’t feel like working today… And I’ve got lots of dandruff on my head. Must be the shampoo, not suitable for me. Guess from now on, I’ll have to buy 2 types. One for my parents to use, and one for me and my sister to use. Lack of energy. How? I realised I’ve been asking a lot of “How?” lately…

Went to meet Kenneth for dinner at PS right after work. Its been 9 years since I last saw him but well, he still looks the same. Went to peep at WZ, while he plays basketball but to only see him sitting at the side. Later then I realized he sprained his left thumb, thats why he stopped playing. What a waste! I was intending to see how cute he is when he plays basketball! After that, IR called. *faint* Something wrong with the hotfix I did today. Moral of the story: Even when people help you, you can’t trust them totally ‘cos ultimately, its still your work. In short, CHECK.

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