Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Today is Tuesday, I’m back in the office now. Woke up early in the morning as usual and start training the dark wizard for my D’ling. Luckily gotten 1 bless, 1 soul and 2 chaos. ^^ Then had lunch at home before I went to register for my JLPT Preparatory Course. I really hope I can pass JLPT 3 this year. But then… I think today I’m having PMS… Don’t really feel good. Don’t felt like doing anything. Today I’ll have to work till 11pm. But just now Loy came to tell me that from tomorrow onwards, I don’t have to already. Weird… No mood… No mood to do anything…

I just had a talk with BY and he mentioned something about getting promoted. The structure will change again. I’ll be doing on the membership part. WT/IR will be in-charged for now… Hmm… Then SK too. And then HB and EY will be in the team, tentatively. How will it be like? Or should I go to BA side?

I… really got a headache now… Hmm… Actually when I really come to think about it, my D’ling is really cute. He’ll call me when he’s free, you know? Just now he called me and we had a long chat. He’s basically talking and talking and talking… Cute right? Now he’s playing tennis with Leon. I’m still at work. Having a stiff neck. Pain. I think later when I go home, I’ll just K.O. and sleep.

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Woke up as usual and I secretly went to see a doctor. Today is the day… ^^ Met Skyes for K Lunch after that. Sang quite a lot of songs. Then after that we sent his mp3 player for repair at some ulu office at Suntec Tower 3. Went home after that in the rain. It felt quite nice. Didn’t do much things also except him playing his MU again… Sometimes really quite irritated. Especially when I’m over there, and he’s still playing the game and not hugging me. Went to watch “Knocked Up” at 9.15pm. It was a last minute decision because I didn’t really want to watch “The Simpsons”. Back home around 12am+… ^^ Shh…

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Hangers Frenzy!

I bought 45 hangers!!!! Was reprimanded by my mum after she saw it… I was so tired for the whole day. Went to sleep overnight at Zhu’s house after the mahjong session. Then early in the morning, woke up and got Zhu to sent me to the OG in Chinatown where I finally got the hangers. Then after which, he sent me back home and I went out with my family to Orchard shortly after. Bought one rather sexy top at Isetan! ^^ Fainted after I got home…

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Mahjong Night

Aiyo… Never come and pick me up from the bus stop when its raining… Minus points! Minus points! Went facial in the morning. Isn’t that bad this time. WZ took his bike for some check-up in the morning. Then I went to meet him at his house. Whole day we hardly did anything except he trained his dark wizard. We only managed to get up and prepared to go out at around 8pm where he sent me to Orchard OG to buy something. But in the end, there isn’t any hangers that I can find, so I only managed to pay my credit card bills… which sort of gave him a BIG shock. Well, its quite a lot of money… Then in the end, we decided to go play mahjong at Ken’s house. But as we made our way to Hougang for dinner, we coincidentally saw Ken, Cel and Jeff on the road. So, we ended having dinner together at Blk 401. Mahjong started at 11pm… Terrible… It was the slowest mahjong game I’d ever played. 3 hours, one round…

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Communication is very important in one’s life because almost everyday, you have to communicate with people. Of course you can choose NOT to, but that will be really unhealthy. Lack of communication will result in a lot of problems and misunderstanding.

Been so busy for the whole day. Today is WZ’s first day of class… Wonder how it will be like. Met NN for dinner at my house. Was late for an hour because I had to solve something. IR just mentioned that we have to do some shift work, from 2pm-11pm. Hmm…

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Seriously Lack Of Sleep

Tonight have to OT. Yesterday I slept around 1am+ again… TERRIBLY LACK OF SLEEP! Its all because of WZ… Play what play… *Yawn* So many things to do… Sigh… And I have no idea where is NN… Its another loooooong loooooong day… Its stupid… How problems reappear again and again when the previous one isn’t solved at all. Why? Why does things always seem so stupid? SK sent an email with VERY BIG FONTS out, telling those people who attended the OPA, that she wants to be permanently involved. *Sweat* Conspiracy again?

Its so dumb… How can you ask the duty engineer to sync up ALL the environments when each supposedly already allocated person/department should do it?? I just don’t understand the logic of asking the duty engineer to take up the whole responsibility. You know what’s the flow now? Support -> QA -> AR -> DE -> TL -> AR -> All deployment teams. DUMB!

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My Own Handmade Necklace

I finished the necklace! Looks really neat! But left the hook which I only gotten it just now during lunch. Was talking to LL just now. Later will check with BY, see if they are getting in people who don’t have much experience in this line. Why? Oh well, after all, she’s still one of my rather good friend. Today is EY’s driving test and he passed! 16 points! But his polling was 7 vs 7. *giggles* Tonight will be going WZ’s place for dinner. Hopefully nothing goes wrong and I can go off on time. Will leave on the DOT!

I’ve got a whole list of things that I need to do but haven’t done it yet. How? I really really really wished to clear it… But… just can’t seem to get my hands on it. Probably I’m just too tired. One day, there’s only 24 hours and I have only a pair of hands, one small pea brain. Heard from Lyn, the HR, that Mr K found a place near Lau Par Sat. Well, I don’t really mind shifting it over there next year. Will see how… Now… I think I’ll go and take a short break and wash my face in the toilet.

I already don’t have the mood to do any more things. Half an hour to go. Will try to POOF on the DOT. But now something cock up – 4260… I missed out something… Something important… Oh yes! I found a very interesting thing inside the Sony Ericsson handphone! Later try on WZ.

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Morning Spoiled

Stupid idiot… Greeted one of my rather new colleague today and all he did was to look up, stare at me like I’m some idiots, then go back to the things he’s reading. Shit him! Spoiled my morning…

I realized recently I kept getting “said” by others for the things that I did. WT said already. AL also said already. Who else is going to? LL already done so. Sigh… Do this also not correct. Do that also not correct. Listen to this is wrong because no opinion of your own. But he’s your boss, you don’t listen also doesn’t seem right.

So cold… 7 minutes to knocking off. Today BY will be treating us to dinner. Will leave earlier, see if I can manage to go Chinatown and get the hook and probably some beads. Reach $10 and I’ll get a chop! Think Zhu Zhu went jogging. No news from him…

Yeah! We finally managed to go for dinner as the WHOLE, almost, SD Team! And BY treated us! Total about $250 for 15 people. Not too bad. Its a Beijing Restaurant in Chinatown. The food wasn’t too bad. After that, I went to Zhu Zhu’s house and gave him a surprise! So cute! But after that he had to send me home… *LOL*

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