Primary School Gathering

Was so busy until I don’t know how to describe… Shell… Yes, its still the shell. And I’m so tired from yesterday’s drinking session with my colleagues. Had planned to do OT in the office but SK caught me and asked me if I want to go eat chicken wings with them, to socialize a bit. Of course I’m fine with that, and she said that we’ll be coming back to continue with the Shell thing after that. So I went and I realized we were going to a pub – Ice Cold Beer, near the Peranakan’s Place. It was nice, the chicken wings were nice. I had 4 bottles of beer. Was going to take the car and then they said they want to go eat some ice-cream. Terrible… I reached home at around 12am. Zhu was sleeping already. I dozed off right after I finished bathing. But today… I was really really very tired. Went to meet my primary school friends after work. Only SC, SL, JJ, DL and YJ went. Chatted till 11pm and we went home. Nice short gathering.

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What To Do?

YT never reply me… How? What should I do with that sum of money? Now its already 2.37pm. I finally managed to finish all the items and going onto Shell. Wonder if I have the time… WZ very cute just now. I called him just now and asked him to kiss me but he can’t. So just now, when he got the chance, then he called and gave me lots of kisses!!! He very cute one… Hmm… So many things to do… I’ve got 9.5 days of annual leave. What should I do with the annual leaves? Tonight got deployment, so I’ll need to OT again

YT finally replied. Think he’s really busy nowadays. Oh well… All is well. ^^ I think I need a short break. I kept making small mistakes. One little problem and I updated it like 4 times. I’m not testing it well enough. Its time… What should I do? Go holiday? When was the last time… July? Hmm… Seems not long ago… *LOL*

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Balance Transfer Approved

Got my letter late last night, saying that the balance transfer is approved. Went to withdraw some cash this morning, and realized that the money already transferred into it. Must start planning… Oh… Its so terrible… There’s so many things that I need to do! I’m so tired… In office already.

I think I’m fainting… In the end, after work, I went to WZ’s house but I never go for my Japanese Language class. Too tired to… And having headaches. So had a few hours sleep at his place.

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Faulty Train @ Clarke Quay

Reached office slightly later today. Stomachache in the morning, so went to clear it. Then when I’m at Boon Keng MRT, there’s a faulty train stuck at Clarke Quay, so the train stopped… at every stop =.=”’ Managed to reach office just on time. Today is Simon’s birthday! Later will be meeting him for lunch at Harbourfront. Talking about him, I really hope ES never contact him… No… They are not suitable for each other. Oh yes, think my Elanoia and Vodkablack got PK last night. Because in the morning when I switched the monitor on, I’m at the starting point of Atlans. Well, will try again tonight! Back to work already!

Oh… its already 6.10pm! I’m still in the office. Of course I am! Its not off work yet! But really am so busy today. Got training, got deployment, met Simon for lunch (he’s still the same), helped my parents send the application for passport, helped WZ ask CT on the insurance, and many many things here and there. Now awaiting for my dinner to come. Will be eating KFC – Surf ‘n’ Turf. Oh… I’m so tired… Wished I can go home and play MU Online now. But you know what? I’ve got 2 things that I need to install. My PC is getting slower. I still got 56 pages to read which I haven’t read yet. And I need to try out the software, by right, by today – Smart Client. Then I need to try out another software – SharpDevelop. Hmm… Think I really have to work fast. Else… There won’t be anymore space for me… already…

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Finance Going ALL-TIME Low

Hmm… I paid my bills just now… And I think I’ve only got $50 for the rest of the month…=.=”’ Heard we’ll be having a company retreat in September, in Jakarta… River rafting… WHO WANTS TO GO RIVER RAFTING! Bloody hell… 12-14 September… Good thing? No need to work. Bad thing? I won’t be seeing my family and Zhu Zhu… *Sob* Miss my darling…

Busy for the whole day! First is the meeting, then after that discuss the Christmas D&D with EY, after that with SK and WT about the Window Shell, then I sort out my personal things. After lunch got the UML training. Now already 4.05pm and I haven’t done much things yet!!!! Suddenly felt like painting Zhu’s room… White or pink? Felt like changing his furniture too! ^^ OH! I want so much to stay with him! But I want to be with my family too! I’m SO GREEDY! ^^

No time! Busy for the whole day. Japanese language hardly understand much things. Was waiting to buy the application form for JLPT, and there was this lady, begging and begging for the counter lady to call one of the sensei regarding the class schedule… Hmm… Very dramatic… AFK-ing tonight, will see how things goes!

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Meet The Parents

Yes!!! WZ finally met my parents! It was so funny!! I think he was quite stressed about it but luckily everything turned out well. We were at Delifrance when he came and he was sitting right in front of my dad. And you can see, he didn’t know what to do… To face my dad or what, so basically he kept talking to me. But after that, we went to Depot Road for dinner, and it seems better already! ^^ MU Online having triple experience for the weekend! And Elanoia is now at level 103!!! Woohoo! But still a long way to go though. Got killed by one DW in the morning and then Vodkablack came to take revenge for it. But… SO VIOLENT!!! I don’t like…

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Triple Experience!

Chiong!! Triple the experience!! For MU Online! I’m only at level 86, must really go and kill all the monsters! Today went to watch 881 with WZ and his mum. Honestly, its not very nice. The whole movie seems quite lame. For the whole afternoon, I just sleep, without knowing that WZ went jogging. I must be really tired not to notice it… But… it felt really nice… to be sleeping on his bed… ^^ But too bad, I can’t stay overnight because tomorrow he’ll be having lunch with my parents!

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I Sell At Wrong Price

No need to get so angry… Right? Apparently I helped WZ sell his armour etc and I sold it at less one digit… which is really quite bad… But he sounded so angry, told me not to sell anymore and just hung up the phone… *CRY* Isn’t this suppose to be just a game?…

He said he’s not angry but just don’t know what to talk about my brainless price… Yes… Suddenly I found myself totally so stupid and brainless… Such a small thing also can’t do properly right?… Never mind… I also don’t know what to talk to him about… *CRY*

Heehee… All is well… Thats the nice thing about him (at least for now). He won’t get angry for TOOOOO long…

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