Gosh!!! My Elanoia is a WINGER!!!

It was so funny, me and WZ woke up, was still quite sleepy when suddenly we saw Vodkablack not moving, so WZ rushed back home… *pout* Had wanted to hug him longer… But its the experience boost period… 4x! Anyway, I spent the whole day at home playing MU. WZ too. Missed him so much… And I hate Monday…

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California Fitness

Tired tired tired… Today the experience boost will start. We woke up and prepared ourselves, occupying that spot still. I went for dental check-up after that. To clean my teeth. Painful like hell… Then we went AMK Hub to get WZ’s new SIM card. And then the pain starts… I was grabbed by WZ to go California Fitness. This lady, named Hidayah, told Skyes that he was being chosen to try out the facilities. So he grabbed me. And… I had to run like a hamster… Anyway… The facilities wasn’t very bad but… after talking to Jeff about it, apparently we can get a much better deal… We spent the whole night at KC’s house eating steamboat and after that, they all playing Mortal Kombat. It was… BLOODY… But well, they seems happy. ^^ And we are celebrating CL’s birthday!

P/S: WZ came to my house and overnight that day! ^^ *Oops*

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New Computer Borned

Oh yes… I finished installing everything! Nice nice… Everything in its place! Just went for lunch with almost the whole company. Today is YF and SK’s last day in Singapore before going to Taiwan for the next 6 months, so we went to a restaurant along Pasir Panjang road for lunch. 6 months… Rather long for the both of them. Some more, both of their kids are still so young… Sigh… Well, time to start work already! Jerome getting married today. Will be going to his wedding dinner tonight. Oh… so boring… Some more on a week day…

The wedding dinner was so boring… Got to know that J met his wife less than a year and got married. The wife’s family are rich. J will be staying with the in-laws. =.=”’ The rest still the same, that 3 that I knew. But still, the dinner was boring. I went back on my own after that. Thats the thing… I have to go back on my own…

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How To Go On Diet?

Oh… No… I’m getting fatter… What am I supposed to do? Its raining rather heavily now. I wished I’m at home hugging Zhu Zhu to sleep… *so nice*

I’ve GOT A NEW COMPUTER!!! In the office! Woohoo! Its so cool! So much faster and what’s more, the new monitor is 19-inch WIDE SCREEN!! Its HUGE! I spent the whole day re-installing all the programs, but this time round, so much happier compared to the one which I did it a few weeks ago. Yes, i reformatted my computer not long ago but its alright, I’m really happy with my new computer! ^^

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Marriage… At Stake?

Early in the morning, I heard the news, yes, they are quarreling again. And apparently, this time round, the father-in-law hit the daughter-in-law. Then the DIL’s auntie came and brought her home. What did I learn from here? (1) Must work and keep yourself occupied so you won’t get too paranoid from the too much extra time. (2) Must be able to depend on yourself at least if anything goes wrong, you can fall back on your own. (3) Try not to stay with the in-laws. You never know if you can live with them in harmony. (4) Get to know each other better first before getting married. DON’T ever rush into marriage. (5) Must always have back up, i.e. stay close with your own family, if something goes wrong, there’s people who you can fall back on.

Alright, talk about something happier. My Elanoia’s level 165!! And I get to wear a new helm and pants!! Shiny shiny!! But I want to wear the wing now… Still got 15 more levels to go… Wanted to get a notebook but its so freaking expensive. Asked me to fork out $1.5k out now, no, its totally not possible. I don’t wish to further burden myself. Well, see how things goes… Today going to swim with my Darling, then dinner with Leon also at Commonwealth. It will be a GOOD Day!

I FINALLY FINISHED ALL THE THINGS I NEED TO DO FOR THE SHELL!!! *Dance around* ^^ Oh yeah… Its terrible but it does felt good when I finished it. A sense of SATISFACTION. Not so great, but it ain’t THAT bad. Its been quite a while since I’ve got that kind of satisfaction. Now? I’m eating my milo + cereal. Else later I’ll faint. Leon won’t be joining us, he said he got something on. I bet he’s going out with that little snow of his. Sigh… She’s attached by the way. Don’t ask me why… *shrug* NOMB.

Yesterday then I got a news… Dad said the police came because the FIL used the broom to chase her out and hit her, so the DIL called the police… … … Why had it become like that? I went swimming with WZ, in the end we went to his old place to eat, had western food which tasted not too bad. Dad came to pick me up after his massage. WZ was too tired. ^^

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Mooncake Day!

I’m going home for dinner today! Today is mooncake festival! I came out a bit late because having diarrhoea. Went toilet twice at home. There’s a lot of things today. I really mean a lot… And I don’t wish to do OT… So… I NEED TO START WORK NOW! Ganbatte! Ganbatte!

I was walking towards the bus stop from Harbourfront MRT this morning. And as I walked, I saw a patch of brown stains on the pavement and I thought, “Which idiot accidentally dropped some food and dirtied the floor again…” But as I walked over the patch and turned to the other corner, somehow… something caught my attention and I briefly looked down, and then I thought I saw a part of a bird – one leg and its attached thigh… O.O”’

Expert is really expert! EY is awesome! He can actually do so many things. Hmm… Experience really counts huh? I really feel like taking up C# .Net but I don’t think I’ve got the time now.

Finally home… Must train my Elanoia! Vodkablack already at level 269! Elanoia is still only level 163! Falling behind more and more… %)!&%#^&

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Clearing JIRA Items

Its been a long time since I touched on my Jira items, and now its increasing… Well, I just spent the whole morning fixing some things, and cleared those items with Irawan. Stomachache now… Think I’ll go and shit soon. WZ’s supposed to go for reservist. But because this morning was raining quite heavily and his bike’s box wasn’t enough for his helmet, so he never bring it with him. In the end, they sent him back home. And now… he’s at home… =.=”’

Just finished my lunch… Going to laze a bit before starting work. ^^

Oh! I never went for my Japanese Language classes again! Went dinner with his mum under their flat. Then went to his house and rot. He tried to teach me Accounting but terrible… it was SO BORING! Credit and debit. Assets and expenses are debit nature. Liabilities, revenue and capital are credit nature. Terrible… simply terrible…

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Long Awaited Steamboat!

Yes! Finally organized the steamboat! Of course, with a change of people. Never invited ES or SO because… well… haven’t really heard about them for quite a while. Dare not ask them either because I’m already too busy with my own things. Sigh… That’s life, I guess… As you grow older, you start to distant from your friends, especially if you are married. I was at WZ’s house till 2pm. I had a really nice sleep, it was raining in the morning and I took the flu medicine the night before which knocked me out. And of course, it always felt really nice with my Darling beside me! Leon came to pick us up with RL. He’s supposed to help DW sing the song, but in the end… it doesn’t turn out really well, so I sang instead (just for trying out). But seems like they had quite a fun time playing MU Online, other than the fact that my PC is so lagging… Oh… I ought to get a new notebook and PC but its so freaking expensive! And I’m broke! Sigh… And then… we ended up playing the stupid Guild Event till late…

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