Planning For Next 3 Months

Good morning! I woke up at 6.45am. Oh yes, I’m nuts… I know, I know, I know. But I’m TOO EXCITED to SLEEP! Having the thought of planning for the next 3 months just seems so exciting! Scary, challenging but yet so exciting! And I just couldn’t sleep! How can I waste my time sleeping right?? Unless my Zhu Zhu is around! Anyway, think I’ll spend the morning doing some planning first before I start my Japanese Language. Just now went to reply to some email. Heehee… I’m so ON! Wait and see… I’LL BE BACK!

Just had a simple facial mask. So cooling! But suddenly I felt so sleepy. Maybe I should go and take a nap?

Damn! I never study for the whole day! After doing the mask, then I started playing the game because there’s supposedly extra drops! Then after that I went to cook corn to eat, then rest a while Tyra came over. Then after that lunch and I rested again and then I took a short nap and tada! Its 4pm! I quickly prepared and went out at 5pm… Erm… Yes, more or less like that and I went to WZ’s house. Went to Sakae Sushi for dinner with him mum where his mum kept complaining about the food not being nice to eat and freaking expensive =.=”’ Hmm… Anyway, we went to watch “The Kingdom” after that which wasn’t too bad. Took a bus back to his house and slept shortly after.

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I Want To Fly!

3 months… I’ll give myself 3 months to achieve whatever that I planned to. 3 months. I know I can fly… and I want to NOW!

GOODNESS! I didn’t know its already 6pm until NN messaged me and said that she’s going home! OMG!

Finally all completed… Hours and hours of doing reporting… Tiring… but… it all seems so fun! But too bad EZ ain’t joining. Seems like she’s given up from all the things that they promised. Till she don’t feel like thinking anymore. Me? I’m not counting on my prospects in this company but its more of a “SELF-ACHIEVEMENT”. I want to prove to myself, after sleeping for so long, that I ain’t lousy. ‘Cos I DO feel not so competent after doing the same thing for too long. Anyway, I got WT to help me along. I’m not that discipline so maybe its good to get one ADULT to help me. I know my limits… I can fly… really HIGH! GO! GO! GO!

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More Responsibility

Hmm… Am I asking for more trouble when I said I want more responsibility. Sigh… My exam is coming soon. I can’t really concentrate on my work but yet, now, everything is rushing…

Just had a brainwashing session with WT again… Hmm… I think I’m too lazy. Never think… Opportunities.

Had a talk with EZ… Seems like things ain’t going too fine. Think I’ll have to work on my own. For my own good. OWN FUTURE.

I’m so…

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Where are all the gentlemen? I was rather pissed today. It was still hot and bright at Hougang but when I reached Harbourfront at around 9.10am, it was raining very heavily. And not wanting the last shuttle bus to go off, I took out my small little yellow umbrella and braved the rain, which proves to be rather useless against that rain. But no, thats not the thing that pisses me off. When the bus eventually came and everyone was “lining” up to go up slowly because the entrance to the bus wasn’t really covered, it was my turn when suddenly as I stood there, one stupid Indian guy just cut the queue and went up the stairs! SHIT HIM! I stood there under the rain waiting for him to go up! What’s the logic? Can’t he wait? There’s getting lesser and lesser gentlemen! Its the same as the seats in the MRT. You can see more guys fighting to sit than girls. HA!

My blood is boiling. I can feel my blood pressure rising. How I wished I can kill people (HB in particular). ITS ONLY A SMALL F***ING TASK, WHY CAN’T HE EVEN HELPED! KNNBCCB!

I was just asked to be the TL for the 2 projects – 8 days and data migration. But why don’t I feel happy at all? Maybe because it affects my decision? SK just showed us a website. Done by some Chinese for $10,000. Its good. Almost the same. She asked us to be aware. In the meeting just now, WT left. He seems irritated. Who wouldn’t? When the team building doesn’t really helped…

Went home after the Security Watchfire. Hmm… Wasn’t too bad for a start. Took cab home with my buddy – WCK. He didn’t know that the staff can claim cab fare if after 8.30pm. Anyway, he stays just a few blocks away from me. I slept at around 10.30pm. Zhu Zhu wanted to sleep early. Quite good. I’m really tired too. Never study Japanese Language.

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6 More Days

*Phew* Finally able to catch my breath after lunch. For the whole morning, I couldn’t get myself to start working. But after I came back, I did the work, till now, almost 5pm. Tired… I think I really need to save… a lot. For the car, for the wedding, house, kids… for my future. But… Everytime when I looked at the things that I owed, I get really depressed. Thousands and thousands of money. Where do I get them from?

I got my organizer! Its not those beautiful nice nice ones but its good enough for me to keep track of things and to set targets. I went to Zhu Zhu’s place for dinner just now. His mum cooked pasta. He “forced” her to cook it… quite funny sometimes, when you see the way they lives. I studied a bit of Japanese Language but realized that I can’t really study at his house when he’s around. Too distracting. We took the Lornie Road back home and it was so far! An extra 10-15 minutes just to get away from the stupid ERP. I want to get a car! A white picanto. Went for supper after that. WZ was too hungry.

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My Dearest Sister

Tired… Tired… Tired… Why is the weekend so tired…? We were so lazy to go and buy food, so in the end, I tried to cook but was… -.-”’ Luckily my mum woke up and saved me!

My sis went to Wild Wild Wet early in the morning… Wonder where they got the energy to go and play still… I tried to study but failed really badly. Ended up playing MJ with my mum, godmum and WZ. Won $3.30. Dad went to massage at around 7pm. Sis and DW came home extremely tired. WZ went home alone after that again. I think we should really buy a car.

My sis… Hmm… I’m a bit worried about her. Friday there’s a lawyer letter for her saying “Final Notice”. And a lady called her on Friday too. Today, there’s another lawyer letter stating the same thing. I wonder what she did but she won’t say… Sigh…

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Yes! Its BBQ DAY! I woke up, feeling so tired but forced myself to sleep till 10am. WZ working today so I helped my mum prepared some of the things for the BBQ. And sadly, taught my youngest cousin to study. He’s afraid of me. But… I think I don’t have a choice. I’ve got no patience when coming to teaching children and him? He’s so lazy… not stupid, just lazy. Anyway, he got scolded by me again till he almost cried out till my Dad came home with lunch. Then… thats when my Dad pisses my mum off… AGAIN. Seems like they always argue recently. What happened? Well, we were supposedly going to East Coast at around 4pm but in the end, my Dad said that he had an appointment for massage at 3pm, so he had to send us there at around 2pm. It was already 12.30pm when he said that and none of us bathed yet, nor even really prepared, of course my mum was pissed! She hates to be rushed. Nobody likes it. Anyway, when I saw my mum going to flare up soon, I quickly said we’ll take a cab down. Sigh…

So in the end, WZ came to Hougang to meet us. Dad came back at around 5pm to fetch us. My sis and DW came back too. And funnily, my Dad basically just dropped my mum and godmum at the carpark and went off… =.=”’ Well… at least the BBQ wasn’t that bad though I almost failed to start up the fire. Sis came to help me. DW’s friends did the barbecuing after that. The two aunties took the chair and sat by the seaside. My sis went to sleep soon after… and all the way… Me? Walked here and there with my little Zhu Zhu. Dad came at around 1am+ and we went home after that. Slept at 3am. K.O.

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"My IDOL!" MUAK x infinity

I’m on leave today! And so is Zhu Zhu. Went to buy my mattress for $210. Will be delivered tomorrow. Then I went OG at Bugis with my mum, Godmum and Tyra. And then willfully gotten WZ to come down! ^^ In the end, I bought 2 bedsheets, one chosen by Zhu Zhu (a yellow colour bedsheet with lots of hearts and the words ‘Loving You Always’) and another by me (a white colour bedsheet with circles). And then the funny thing came… That niece of mine, Tyra, suddenly held on to WZ’s hand and started kissing away… =.=”’

Today is a very fun day. I helped Tyra tied two buns on her head but then… I lost my earrings… The diamond one… The one I bought in Chomel… WZ came to my house after the shopping… Then he went back on his own… Sigh… Maybe we should really buy a car…

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