1st Anniversary Present

I was on my way to work when I felt my bowel rumbling… Shit… Shit is coming out… I controlled and dashed out of Clarke Quay MRT… *Phew*… Luckily I made it… LS… On the last day… Thats how I started my day today…

AH! $52.50 for the lunch last Friday! And I thought the boss treat… =.=”’ If thats the case, I should opt out… Not as if I love to eat meat a lot… Wonder if got half day today… *pray*

Saw so many people going home just now… Of course… it ISN’T FROM OUR COMPANY!!! *SOB SOB*… Just now went to ask the HR, no, we are not going to even have 1/4 day off… Terrible… Its the last day of the year…

Alright, at least it wasn’t that bad. We are able to leave at 5pm. I did, at around 5.30pm and went straight to Zhu Zhu’s house, who was playing computer game… And then he showed me the present that he had been doing. Guess what? It was a movie clip! Done by himself! I was SOOOO TOUCHED! I mean, he doesn’t really deal with all these computer stuffs but now he actually went to do one movie clip! Not very nicely done, but it seems perfect to me. And he used the song which I love – 永远爱着你, by Grasshoppers. So sweet. ^^ Thats my 1st Anniversary present!

We went back to my home at around 10pm. Before that, we went to SGH to buy some cakes from Polar. Anyway, went home and played MJ with my mum and Godma… Dad managed to come home on 2007… and then its 2008!

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Whole Day With Darling

Singing: “It’s so nice… to spend the whole day with my… Darling… Darling… DARLING!”

Hee hee… Today I very happy… Never do anything at all, just spend the whole day in Darling’s house with my beloved Darling! By right, we were suppose to go out to study, but in the end, after watching “The Heartbreak Kid”, we stayed at home and rot…

WZ argued with him mum over the toilets’ doors. The mum wanted to change the toilet doors, cost $280 each, for the bedroom and the kitchen one. But WZ thought that there’s no point in changing the bedroom’s one since nobody uses it or closes the door… Anyway, the mum called and checked if its possible to only change the kitchen one, and the person said yes, but it will cost $320! Sigh… So… They argued… Scary…

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Abandoned Again

Oh… This is SO TERRIBLE! I felt so abandoned! I went out with WZ for K Lunch, then after that he abandoned me! For what? To buy my present! But how can he abandoned me! Its a Saturday!

4.30pm already… I’m SO BORED!… Just now scolded Ah Xin ‘cos he never study… Anyhow write the spellings that I asked him to, and he still can’t remember those words! Anyway… he cried again… as usual… Oh… I’m really so bored… I felt like I’m tortured before I get something sweet. Honestly, I don’t really care who he goes out with, be it a guy or a gal, but I hates it when last minute then I get to know. If want to lie to me, lie all the way! Else, just tell me straight. But the ONE THING I really HATE is… HOW CAN HE ABANDON ME ON A SATURDAY!!! A SATURDAY!!

Finally he messaged… 7.30pm already… 4.5 hours gone since he left me… Never mind, at least he said 8 plus will finish. I shall wait for an hour or so. Have to pass the CDs to SS also…

Its already 9.30pm… I had already came back from passing the CDs to SS and buying a bottle of milk. No appetite… No, he’s not back yet… I sat on the sofa, stoning… I really felt abandoned… No, I didn’t want to spend my Saturday like that… I just to hug him tight… *CRY*

Yes! He’s finally back! I MISS HIM SO MUCH!

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Girl In The First Row (PS)

My sister sent me a message saying that the newspaper states that at the Golden Village in PS (Plaza Singapura), every night, in Cinema 7 and 10, for the last show, there’s bound to be a young girl sitting in the first row… *shudder* Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Had lunch at Vivocity – Carnivore, a Brazilian buffet restaurant where they just take skewers of meat and walk around, asking if you want it. Same as the restaurant at Sixth Avenue. But after eating there, I came back to the office and then… LS… Urgh… Now my stomach don’t feel too well still… 4.03pm already… Leck mentioned just now that my PM cannot make it… Hmm… Will he leave? I DO HOPE SO! *LOL*

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Papa’s Birthday!

Yeah! Today is my dad’s 58th birthday! But think he will only be back late, so won’t be able to really celebrate with him? Hmm… Not sure what’s the plan. But I gave him one $50 ang bao already. ^^ 4 more days to a New Year… Hmm…

I don’t like my new PM’s attitude. He uses that kind of commanding kind of way… I think I prefer IR’s… Sigh… Wish he hadn’t left…

Went home on the dot without finishing much things. Guess its end of the year, so I hadn’t had much mood to work. Bought a cake from Bengawan Solo for my dad. Had dinner at home which I couldn’t remember when was the last. Had a small tiff with WZ over not spending enough time with his mum… See… its always like that. People don’t remember those times whereby you spent a lot of time with them. They only remember those when you never spent enough time with them. Its ONLY 2 weeks! Yes, I know your mum is alone at home. My mum’s got my dad BUT he only comes home at like 12 midnight! And then my mum’s got my godma right?… Rubbish… Its rather frustrating when everytime I had to deal with this. I think I spent more time having dinner at his home then at mine. So for that period of time, I SHOULD complain ‘cos I never go home for dinner but I never! What is this…

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Blur Pig Overslept

Zhu Zhu stayed in my house yesterday night because today I promised to go home with him in the morning. Yes, I did that and then I took a short nap on his sofa while he prepares to go for work. And then finally, I told him that I’ll continue to sleep a bit more but I ended up waking up at 9.30am! Quickly ran out of the house. Now I’m back in office. Felt a bit giddy… Must be the unknown pressure from the TOP. Hmm… I’d been slacking recently. Not a good thing. But I felt like getting sick soon… Would be so good if I can have a good rest…

I feel so tired… Managed to finish changing the SPs in SB… But then… there’s still lots of others… I think I should start listing down what had been done, and what had not.

Done… Tired…

Went to meet the JC friends for dinner. So funny, I came running out from the company then I saw a bus and I just went up. After it went up the expressway instead of going towards Harbourfront, then I realized that I took the wrong shuttle bus. I took the bus for DBS staff only, to City Hall! So much faster, but I’m still late for half an hour. Anyway, JY brought his gf, not too bad, quite sweet, and she bites! Then DLSL continued the wedding conversation with CC. Bee and Boon there also. I got a Piglet soft toy as my exchange gift (from CC)!

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Merry Christmas 2007!

Still remember a year ago, at this time, I was at Zhu Zhu’s house… Went to his house on the eve to eat log cake and drink at the same time. But who knows… he can’t really drink and ended up vomiting… =.=”’ But it was a memorable night. ^^ This morning, I woke him up again. We are going for the Christmas lunch at Noble House with my family. Felt so nice…

After the lunch, we went home to open the presents. Both of us were so tired. But the kids were SO happy… opening presents after presents… ^^ We took a short nap after that and woke up only around evening. He was trying to study because he needs to do his tutorial by today. But ended up, I helping him to do while he played MJ with my mum and godma. Wasn’t too bad, he did try to do it after that too. Well, he stayed in my house for the night, called his mum and apparently, his mum wasn’t really that happy… Hmm… Am I snatching his boy boy away? Hmm… *scary* But it really felt nice to have him sleep beside me… ^^ *Happy Happy*

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Half Day On X’mas Eve?

Hmm… Its already 3.13pm and I’m still at work. Today is Christmas eve… Half day is out… Just hoping that there will be at least a… 1/4 day off? Sigh… But till now, there’s still no news of it… and it seems like we will be working all the way till 6.30pm. F***… I’ll leave ON DOT if that’s the case.

SO PISSED! Out of nowhere, my new PM gathered the 3 of us – me, EY and HB, and told us that he needed us to do something. For GOODNESS SAKE, all the 3 of us are so tied down in the BIG project, how does he expect us to have time to do any other things. And he’s so… NAGGY… Well, in the end, HB had to do it. I don’t think I can spare the time since HB already need to be out. So EY had to do it… But… Sigh… I wonder if I can finished all those things on time… Able to go off at 4.30pm but ended up, I left at about 6pm and reached home at 7pm. Prepared to go out and luckily Leon got lost and was around Hougang. So I got him to come and fetch me and WZ and I was so shock when I went down… ‘cos from afar… I saw someone, a female, sitting next to him. Someone whom I don’t know! After some investigation, she was a friend of Leon, called Suzanne, 21 years old and stays in Boon Keng. Hmm… So secretive… We went to fetch WZ at Buangkok MRT and went to Flora’s house for steamboat. After dinner and rotting in the house for quite a while, we finally made our way to Junction 8 to watch “I Am Legend”. On the way, I was so pissed with Leon… asked him to follow Jackson… and he was practically “racing” his way because they were doing that. =.=”’ Vios… I can feel it flying… and he doesn’t seem like a safe driver to me! Anyway… the movie wasn’t fantastic… Sigh… Rather disappointing. Went to WZ’s house to overnight.

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