Jump! Jump! Casino!

So nice! So nice! So nice sleeping beside my Darling! Today is the second day in Genting. Me and my Zhu Zhu went to watch the Jumper which wasn’t really that nice. But wasn’t too bad either. The price was only RM$10 per person! Thats less than S$5! When was the last time I watched such a cheap movie??! Anyway, there wasn’t much sale, so shopping was almost out. But I did buy one top and one jeans though. Casino… never win at all. Luck wasn’t that good. It’s been raining for the whole day. And I’m really relaxing!

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Genting… Nice Weather

Yes! I’m at Genting at 4.30am! So nice… to get away from work. Tired? Yes, but happy. It seems quite a long while since I’ve had my last holiday, some more with my Darling! ^^ We had our breakfast at MarryBrown and then went to take our room at 8am. It was terrible. The room was pathetic. We had to walk from the main lobby in the Theme Park Hotel, which was at level 6, take a lift to the level 7 (which looks so dark), then walk a long distance to the extension, then take another lift to level 5, before walking a long deserted corridor to our room. =.=”’ Trust me, when we opened the door, my first thought was “Damn… don’t tell me that I need to stay here for the rest of my holiday”. Well, we didn’t. Apparently my Godma didn’t like it either, so we called and asked for a change of room. Which tada! We changed to one in the main lobby, just renovated, a cornered room which was SO SPACIOUS and NEW! *GRIN* Luckily I called… else I think I would have rather be home.

The weather is so nice!!!! We had a GREAT buffet at Genting Hotel. And you know what? I think I must be rather stress back at home because my 2-weeks-delayed-menses actually came! On the first day that I reached here some more! Sigh…

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Going For A Break ^^

Yeah!! Today is Wednesday! And I’m going for a holiday tonight!!! YEAH!!

I heard… that I’ll be in PHP for ONE month… from 12 March… to 11 April… *CRY*… WHY?… WHY SO LONG???… *CRY*… I feel so tired… Bloody hell HB, kept saying that I got double chin today… =.=”’ 4 more hours to go…

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Can’t Breathe…

Can’t really seem to breathe early in the morning. Yesterday all my deployment cock-up. Then I still slept late because WZ seems so happy about the interview. Well, if thats what he wanted, then I’ll support him! ^^ But I still can’t breathe properly… Don’t think so much… *pat pat myself*

Really feel so tired… The chest still seems to be rather tight. I think I stressed myself too much. There’s a new BTO, Punggol Spring, the area just beside Damai Grove, slightly further away from the LRT but then… it wasn’t too bad. 400+ units. Should we try? I don’t really mind though… I miss my Darling… I really hope to go Genting soon. Can’t take it already…

Darling haven’t receive any reply from the SIA yet. I hope that lady replys… if not Darling will be really devastated. He waited for this chance for a very long time. But now, it’s not at the right time, especially when he’s supposed to be going to Genting with us! Which was planned long ago! Sigh… God is playing… So many things to do…

Can’t really focus on the things that I need to do @ 2.35pm.

Sigh… Had intended to go home on the dot and packed my things. But in the end, because of the deployment, I had to guy Rain to ensure that everything is smooth. Well, took a cab back, cost $16 in total. Asked my sister to bring the money down for me. ^^ Then at night did the migration until 1am before I go to sleep. Luckily there ain’t any big issues. *PHEW*

Hmm… I didn’t know that my Darling got slight colour blind till today… O.O”’

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Where Are The Letterboxes?

I was standing in the MRT train then suddenly there was this strawberry smell… Damn… I hate it… Made my shit want to come out more! Sigh… Wanted to post a letter but couldn’t find any letterboxes and when EY went online to search… One is after International Plaza, the other is near Raffles MRT. … … …

Kill me! Kill me! I totally got NOTHING to say… is my explanation really SO lousy??!!! Terrible… I specifically told him to USE the sp. NOT to find the sp in the code! *FAINTZ* GURU… Yes… what a guru… zzz zzz…

忍… Terrible… Why suddenly I became the one to deploy those things? And if they really need help. ASK! Why is it that they ASSUME that its my duty to do it! Bloody…

Stupid rules… I had actually planned to stay and do OT today. BUT! I received an email saying that if do OT, and if less than 5 people ordering the dinner, they won’t order dinner for us. And we cannot buy dinner on our own to claim. Rubbish! And apparently quite a number of people ain’t very happy with the way IC is handling things. Well… we shall see.

Why is it that I don’t seem to be very happy knowing that WZ got the interview for Cadet Pilot? Hmm… Probably because after that… if he were to really get in… it will mean that I will have lesser time of seeing him, being together with him… *SOB* But then I know… he wanted to do this… so…

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Wahjong @ ViWaWa!!

So tired… though I slept rather early the night before. Started playing the Wahjong at Viwawa and it was really quite fun! Zhu Zhu started playing also and he’s more addicted to it than I am! Well, we went for high tea at Merchant Court after that. Ate until very full. Then my sister went to pick her friend up at Liting’s house and she brought her daughter down! And she’s really cute!!

Went home and I took short nap while Zhu Zhu continued playing the Wahjong…

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L: Change The World

I admit, I’m under stress… Not really stress, just that I’m pissed with the way they do things. Taking away my resources anytime they like. But… you can see that they are very tired also. What to do? Argued with Zhu Zhu… it’s partly my fault. Normally I wouldn’t care so much. But…

Anyway, we went Bishan to buy the tickets before he went for his tutorial class at 4pm. Then I went home and slept. Simply TOO tired… And soon, I met him for movie… L… Change the world!! ^^ NICE!! He’s SO cute!

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Extremely Exhausted

I don’t just feel tired, I felt exhausted. Couldn’t help it but cried last night. It’s exhausting… it’s like fighting a war everyday… EVERYDAY… I’ve got so many things on my hand but they just kept throwing things down. And then the ONLY resource which I had – HB… now they asked him to do other things also. WTF! Do they seriously know how to manager resources? I DON’T THINK SO… Looking at the way things are being done. And A LOT of things which I asked them to verify A LONG TIME AGO… Now then give me the answers. TMD! Very fun right?!

Sometimes… I’m really sick of here… But the money pulls me back… Will there be a day where I’m free of debts?

IC just now came and told me that there’s a position for FA because BY needed some help, and asked if I’m interested. OF COURSE! I’m so sicking of coding! Not really THAT sick but just looking at a future prospective… it’s difficult for me to fight it out with the guys. I mean… look around please… Well, I’m just given my first assignment. Better do it well. ^^

Oh… my eyes are blurry… I can’t think anymore… I left office at 11.30pm and went to Zhu’s house. Tired and irritated. He’s still playing game. Again… Never even hug me… Sigh…

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