Is it that fun to play MJ? I know how to play since I’m 7. Now, it seems so boring to me. But why? Why does so many people like to play it? Maybe I shouldn’t have taught him. I don’t mind him playing, occasionally, with his friends, those that I know well and that I’m around. But not when I’m not there and he’s playing right? Then what about me??? Put a MJ table in his house? Yes… right… How does that sounds to you? I don’t mind as much if you are meeting your friends for dinner or what, but playing MJ seems so ridiculous. I mean… The weekend is ONLY that short! Probably you would rather I go to the PHP now… Then there won’t be any “government”. Why do I want to get attached in the first place…

How does it feel to be under someone whom you think is totally almost useless? TERRIBLE. SUCKS. I wish I can get out of here as fast as possible. Being under him for too long, I think I will really die. My blood’s pressure seems somewhat high recently. Else, I think my blood will run dry from the vomiting of blood. GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Darling called me… Alright… He’s nice. Everything solved. But I really still want to kill my I.P.M..

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Working On A Sunday

I… working on a Sunday. Headache. Must be stressing myself too much. Must be. Went to Autobacs in the morning and bought some car accessories. We changed the theme to “The Nightmare before Christmas” because we saw a really nice mirror for that. It’s really nice. Well… there goes the Chip & Dale. Hmm… that reminds me… I haven’t watch that movie before! Maybe I should watch that movie…

Today is a SUNDAY and there’s deployment. WZ seems bored. Especially when Ah Xin kept bothering him and don’t let him play the game. Hmm… But… I’m busy… Luckily… I only spent about 4 hours on it. But after that, he played this new game – Grand Theft Auto, till he don’t want to go back home. Eventually, we still did because he’s working at TPY HDB tomorrow.

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Zhu Zhu Is 26!

Ever since I fell sick almost 2 weeks ago, I realized I don’t really have the mood to hug my Darling. Or maybe it’s the work load that’s causing me to feel that. Tired… But today, it’s Zhu Zhu’s 26th birthday! What’s his wish? To earn more money! We are going to Noble House for dinner tonight! But I’m still sick. I woke up already. From the coughing. But today, 7.30am then woke up. Is it because I took the cough syrup rather late the night before? Hmm… I think I can start doing my work already. Tomorrow need to migrate the business users. Must ensure that everything is smooth.

Went to meet Zhu Zhu in the evening after his work at Suntec City and I bought 5 bottles of moisturiser from Body Shop warehouse sale! Each cost only $8.00, U.P. $18.90! I saved like $10 for every bottle! *LOL* Zhu Zhu was so =.=”’ after knowing that we had to queue like 15 minutes to get into the sale, and another 30 minutes to queue up to pay. In the end, we managed to reach Noble House for dinner with K&G at around 8pm (late for half an hour). Well, I DID admit that it’s my fault for being late. The dinner was nice. Leon finally brought his gf to the dinner. His gf… Hmm… alright, same as in the photo. We ate, a lot, before we finally went to Esplanade… the bridge there and took a lot of photos. Some stupid ones, requested by Ken. It was fun though. We went home around 12am++. Zhu Zhu is 26 years old! Time really flies… When I first knew him, he was 24 years old, and I’m 26. ^^

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Medicines Finishing…

Although I’m using the SK-II products now, which somehow seem to have some good effects, I lacked of sleep due to the stupid cough. Woke up at 5am today and started coughing like mad. Spitted out the phlegm but doesn’t seem to make much difference. My medicines almost finishing, left the cough syrup and I haven’t recover yet! How?

I think I will faint if everyday I need to rush my work like that. Just now NN came online, she wanted to do the tuition thing. Of course I’m more than welcome to do it. I need some distraction from work although that one seems like work too. Anyway, seems like her blood pressure isn’t that good recently. Hopefully she can get some rest and relax a little bit more. It’s 6pm already and I’ve still got tons of things to do. Sigh… Don’t really feel that well…

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Drowsy, On Medication

Oh… I feel so drowsy after taking the medication before I left for work. I coughed till quite badly yesterday. I’m in the office now. Today is ZZ’s last paper. He must be really happy. Heard from him that KC and JK will be going to study. I also want to study. But do I have the time? WH asked me to help her gf to create a website because she wanted to start a business. Do I have the time too? We’ll see…

Just now had lunch with Uncle CY, who worked at Capital Tower. Went to the G2000 to shop for a white coloured pants but it all looks the same to me. Eventually settled on one with the material having strips one. Not too bad but cost $69. Luckily my sister’s friend got 50% discount. Hopefully tonight when she go to the Bishan Branch, this pants is available. Took the cough syrup again… I getting drowsy. Just now ate Burger King… Hopefully it doesn’t worsen my cough. I only had 3/4 mushroom swiss, less than 10 fries and a packet of milk. I WANT TO GET WELL SOON!

Cough and cough and still coughing… When will I recover?

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Emails, are meant to be read when you received. NOT to just keep it and that’s it. =.=”’ My I. PM came asking me about this and that, when I ALREADY sent him those email yesterday. Don’t understand… does he really read those emails that he received? Next time when send to him, must put his name in UPPERCASE. Sigh… I think I better send my leave application for June soon. In May there’s 2 public holiday, so it should be alright.

The doctor told me that one of the medicine that I ate, might caused my hands to tremble, or my heart will beat a little bit faster. My hands are trembling… Hmm… I wonder if this is the caused of it. So tired. 6.48pm already. I’m waiting for PC to go home together. I’m not doing OT in the office. I need to go home for dinner else I won’t recover. Misses my Darling… What is he doing now? Oh yes, my leave approved already. For 19 and 20 June 2008. *smile…*

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6 a.m., Slightly Better

Wow… 7.30am and I’m right in front of my computer at home. Bravo… Tired? Yes, of course… Yesterday I woke up at 5am because I kept coughing. Today I woke up at 6am because of the stupid cough. Great… Simply marvelous. I’m tired like crazy… I did the facial routine since last Monday (17 March 2008). Wonder if it helps.

Morning: Cleanser (Nivea), Moisturiser (L’oreal Hydrafresh Gel), Sunblock (Vichy)
Night: Cleansing Oil (Fancl), Cleanser (SK-II), Toner (SK-II), Essence (SK-II)

Well… till now I don’t really see much difference yet…

My Darling came after his paper! SOOOOOO SWEEEEEET!! ^^ He’s actually really quite sweet although after he came, he started playing the xBox and nothing else. But it’s alright! I still love him all the same. To have him beside me is good enough! Hmm… for now, I need to get well. Else I won’t be able to go to Noble House and eat this Saturday!

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Sleepless Nights

So fast… 3 days gone and I’m back to work. Back to face my PM. I can’t say he’s bad, but sometimes he just gets on my nerves. But it’s nice to see my colleagues. Today we’ll be having a farewell lunch with GF. He quitted. Tomorrow is his last day at Xuenn. I still hadn’t asked him why. He started the work here with me around the same time. Maybe… I should ask… Today WZ having his first paper. Now. Hope everything is alright. My cough still there. Bad. I can hardly sleep at night. Kept coughing and waking up since 5am. Terrible.

I hardly did anything today. Came back from farewell lunch for GF which cost $30, did a little bit of things and after that, I was dragged to the Recreation Club meeting. Sigh… all the way till 6.30pm, where I was dragged by my I. PM for a talk. Firstly, apparently he don’t really know if I’m going for the FA or BA position. All the while, he thought I’m going to the New G to be a BA under D. =.=”’ But actually i’m going to be an FA under BY. Sigh… Then he told me that he couldn’t find any replacement even after interviewing like 30 over people. Hmm… Seriously speaking, I don’t see him interviewing THAT MANY people. Wonder where those people came from?? Or probably it’s just the number of resumes that he had LOOKED through. Sigh… I just hope BY can hold his stand. I seriously don’t feel like doing coding again. If it’s a little bit, I’m fine. But seems like my stupid PM don’t really want to let me go. Damn! Then why did he want to push another person to New G when there isn’t a need to?!! =.=”’ Let you and BY sort it out. … Must also see I’m agreeable right?!

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