Thats our nickname in the forum! Cute right? ^^ Saw RN’s msn message… “RN loves EN” Well… I just don’t feel good because somehow… as a friend, he’s not honest at all. What’s there to hide?… I’m going PHP soon, Sunday at 1320. Sigh… Kind of… But…

Still don’t know the car plate no. yet… *Waiting*… Today also no mood to work. Tomorrow is Labour Day! And tonight we are going to Zouk! But… those who brought my baby there, will also be there… Don’t really like that somehow…

My flight had been changed to 0940 on Sunday. The car plate no. not out yet. Car won’t be ready till next Tuesday or Wednesday. Zouk had been cancelled. What’s more…? I felt so depressed now… *DAMNED*

SCARY!! THIS IS SO SCARY!! MY NEW TEAM MATE!! I said one sentence, and he talked for 5 minutes non-stop!!! *FAINT* The car plate number is out. SJE5920S.

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Smoke Bombs

You know what smoke bombs are for? It’s for throwing at people and making people unclear about the real situations. But he… still suck at it. It’s 10.46am and I’m so amused by the things he said this morning. Today, by right, there’s about 6 tickets to be deployed. So I checked with him in the morning to see if the things are being deployed. And he confidently said, “Yes, deploying”… But… as I didn’t trust him already, I went to check with LL. And guess what? It had been postpone to TOMORROW MORNING. =.=”’ I wonder where he got the information from…

I really don’t like the IPM. He can’t seem to help us but give us more and more problems. Everything just assign to us will do. This kind of job… very easy to do right?… TMD.

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No Other Choice

Why are they always like that? To leave people with no other choices except to go… or to GO… Sigh… And I really feel like killing my stupid idiotic IPM. Everything also assign to me. As long as it’s old website, he will BLINDLY just assign it to me. Stupid…

It’s so much nicer to be in SG. Family, friends… all here… Can talk to Zhu Zhu for the whole day. Hug him to sleep at night. Weekend no need to work. Rather normal working hours. Why? What makes you think I will go PHP?

I don’t really have the mood to work. My mind is all on the PHP… Going on the 4th again. Sigh… I think I will be happier staying in SG. But… is the money good? Just now I had a talk with HK. They only had an extra of $1500 a month. $1500… isn’t a lot, right? That’s like $50 a day, for that OT. Calculating my pay, 8 hours of work a day (assuming 22 days a month), it should be about $20/hour. Which means… 4 weekends = 8 days = 64 hours = $1300 just for working 8 hours on all weekends. And if were to work 10 hours a day for each month, I should get an extra of about $2500. Forget it… they will never give that much. *Yawn* I’m so sick of all these.

I seriously dreaded talking to the IPM… *NO MOOD TO WORK*

And what about my braces…?

Went dinner with mum, godma, DW and WZ… without my sister. She bought a durian cake. Damn but never mind. ^^ She’s thirty-two and DW’s thirty and I’m soon going to be thirty-TOO!

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You Wait. I Wait.

I’m doing the data migration now. Suckily, it’s on a Sunday. Yes. Why? Because that stupid idiotic rich girl Fen is on ANNUAL LEAVE tomorrow. What… What can we do? She’s the client… And YuF is helping me to do the data migration. It seriously is a bit difficult to guide him when one is in PHP and the other in SG. But I still prefer to do that compared to me going over to PHP. IC kept asking me which part I’m at, how long it takes to finish. Seriously, I have no idea. I mean, she’s waiting, so am I. I had no idea what’s happening over there. … … TOO…

I’m at Zhu Zhu’s place now. Just had supper with my parents at TB Market. Now, rather full. Trying to give the feedback that WT wanted. Feedbacks… always asking us to give. Sigh… But my brain is dead. I’m not really that good in thinking about all these. This morning, when I woke up, I coughed and there was a sharp pain somewhere near my gastric area. I really mean sharp pain. Those that might just caused you to roll or kneel down onto the floor. Hopefully its nothing.

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Go OR Nothing

Thats the feeling I get… It’s either I go and work like slave, else I get nothing and probably will stay stagnant. That’s not how they asked me. BY first told me that being an FA, I’ll need to travel around. I’m fine with that. Then he asked if it’s possible for me to station in PHP for like 3 months. I said, if can come back from time to time, I’m still alright. But preferably about 1-2 months at most. Then WT came and asked me, “Serious? Can go?” I’m like O.o? “What?” And apparently BY just told him that I can go. Then just now, BY sms me and asked me to pre-empt my family. Yes, I did. They rather object to that idea. So am I. 6 months. No life. In a 3rd world country. With unstable politics. No holiday. No weekends. Lots of OT. Tell me, what is attractive over there? My mum only said, “If it’s really that reluctant, then leave…” I do agree…

Met CC and gang for KTV at a very sleavy place. Terrible. It’s somewhere at Peace Centre. After that, went to WZ’s house and then to Jumbo at Serangoon Garden, for his Grandma’s birthday. His cousin brought his bf, the bah-gua guy, an architect. An another apparently got married and brought her husband. Somehow… his mum told his auntie about the flat we got (which I don’t intend anyone to know)… and… sigh…

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Selecting The Flat

Its finally the day for our appointment! We listed about 12 options… Hopefully can get our first few choices! So SCARY! I reached office already. Later going off at 12pm for HDB. Go earlier probably can “jump” the queue! OOPS!

We got the flat!! #07-821!! Hee hee… Not too bad, we got our first choice of yesterday! Cost $218,900. ^^ Damai Grove!

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Scheming The Revenge

I will get back at him. Enough… I’ll make sure he leaves this company. Such an incompetent person. Waste company’s money. Take so much money but do so little work.

TMD! Really everyday sure get pissed by him! Bloody hell… Brainless one! Never consult other people then just do it on his own. What is that?!

Yes! Yes! GOOD NEWS!! BY just came to me and said that I can change! And I’m being assigned some of the things to do! But there’s a catch… I might need to go PHP quite often and station there… Hmm… Haven’t told my mum and Zhu Zhu about it yet. But well, I’m still young, should try it out first right? ^^ But anyway, I’m really happy! Oh… What about my Interior Design course?…

BY said he’ll get back to me again… Damn… Just when I really want to take the course, I might need to go overseas…

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Waste My Time

Sometimes I really think that IPM of my team, really likes to do extra thing. Asked me to generate the excel at the end of the day. And just now when I generate again, there isn’t much difference! What’s the point? As if they all wants to read it at the end of the day. I mean, if for example, after I generated the excel file at the end of the day, and subsequently after that, there’s still a lot of people updating the Jira, I’m perfectly fine with it. But is there? Can someone just double confirm this for me?

F*** that stupid IPM! Just forward an email to me and put “FYA”. He thought I so free is it? Kept assigning things to me. Damn him!

Maybe I’m quite sick over the politics over here already. This one don’t like that one. That one don’t like another one. Even EZ’s reply seems so different nowadays… Sigh… What is the world becoming to?

F lor! What’s with the “!!”????!!!! Always just put “!!”!!! It isn’t that nice to put like that!!! F*!!!!!!! Why not 3 or four “!”!!! Damn it! Spoiled my whole day. Not going to do OT. Not for this kind of stupid shitty PM! NO EQ AT ALL!

First phase of migration finally finished in staging. I told my mum about the flat just now. Well, as expected, she wasn’t feeling very happy. She thought that it was too early. Maybe it really was… but the flat won’t be ready till 3 years later (earliest). But eventually, she accepted it. Just asked me to keep mum about this. I will, of course. Once bitten, twice shy. For now, let me concentrate on my career and the things that I really want to do. I’ve got a LOOOOOONG list… Let’s start with a few…

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