"Fly Aeroplane"

Today I didn’t go lunch with my sister and Miss Tan. Find it extremely inaccessible to go there, and to come out from there. In short, I’m lazy. Anyway, in the end, I went for my dental appointment and right after that, I went to meet Zhu Zhu at TPY. We had intended to go to the gym right after that but because it was drizzling, we ended up going home. But because WZ had wanted to go gym (since he find himself getting fatter), I ended up dragged by him to the gym still. Great right? Well, anyway, we went there to exercise for about an hour only before WZ complained that he was hungry (I ate at Mos Burger while waiting for him).

We were supposed to go out with CZ and his female friend today. But his female friend “fly aeroplane”, so I had to call someone to go (else the movie ticket will be wasted). Luckily, I managed to find NN, which was good, since I had intended to go and meet up with her. We met, and NN parked her car near TB Plaza. We had our dinner at the Brazilian restaurant. According to WZ, it was rather nice, but not really worth it to eat, no harm to try though. Cost like $50 per person. We went to watch Narnia after that. The movie was quite alright. I wouldn’t exactly said it’s great. The parking fee was expensive. We sent CZ back home after that. And on our way, there’s this drunk guy driving a van. Can see from his face as we drove passed him. Sigh… What’s wrong with all these people?

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Irritating Accent

You know… I changed my seat last week right? Now I’m sitting near the Archi team and it’s rather annoying because there’s these 2 “fake ang mohs” right behind me. What do I mean? Probably one is Indonesian, fine, but you can hear from the way they speak (English), they are faking the accent from the Americans. Slang here, slang there. Hello… Can’t you see this is a CHINESE company. Not till the extent of going abroad yet? And it’s not that they are not capable of speaking “normal” English. They just loooove to “display” their “fluent” English. DUH! Anyway, received an email from SG on the JOHN TITOR! How?? How??!

Suddenly I felt so stress and I’ve got totally no mood to do anything… I just told DL that me and WZ are going to his wedding… and then he said “Just for your information, YT will be going too.” O.O”’ How?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *STRESSED*

You know KARMA? They really comes back… I shouldn’t have had so many “boyfriends” and looked what I’d done… DL’s wedding. Yes, I’m going (Though at this point, like what JY said, I really want to be a maid and be in PHP). And yes, WZ will be going too. DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT! *PULLLLLLLS HAAAIIIIIRRRR*

Oh Lord… It’s 4.44pm…

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Almost Overslept Again

*YAWN* It’s ONLY Thursday… TN won’t be coming in today. EY too. By the way, the latter will be going to PHP for 6 months. And so will HB, in June. Sigh… Me? In July, I guess. Damn… I haven’t go for the holiday yet! But if I were to go in June, it will be damn freaking expensive. And now it’s a bit last minute to go… What can I do?

I’m trying to migrate the rest of the members in SIT. Hmm… Troublesome… So sleepy. Stomach don’t really feel too well. Just now Darling very nice. He went to call up HDB to ask about the PS and Loan because he received an SMS to select the flat. Then the loan wasn’t approved yet. Not too bad, he actually volunteered on his own. Cheerios!

The lift is finally READY! I was walking back on Level 5 then I never saw the “Maintenance” word, so I just tried and pressed the button and it works! I took the lift from Level 5 to Level 6. Just want to try out.

As I was… trying… to go… and sleep… I received… an… sms from… NN… saying… “Tm think got to reschedule the mac. Dont think i can wake up tml. Sorry” *Giggles* I think I can’t either. So early… 6am…

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Can’t Get Enough Rest

I don’t know why but I just feel so tired… Though for days, I had been sleeping quite a lot. Am I sick? Never hear from Zhu Zhu yet… Already 10.19am…

Just came back from the Buffet at Vienna International @ United Square. Full… Very full… Full until I felt like puking. Full until I felt like sleeping. But it’s only 2.25pm and I’ve got 2 SOW which I need to finish by today. Damn. My brain is shut off. Later still need to call and make reservation at the Brazilian restaurant for this Saturday.

Stupid PIG! TOLD him not to go to the gym already still insist on going. Now it’s 7.44pm already and I’m so freaking hungry! Ok… he just called. He said now then off, he never go to the gym… Luckily… Else I’ll bite him!

Watched the “Hitman” online. I had no idea what it’s talking about…

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2nd Day of Americano Off

Another day of rest. Tomorrow will have to go back to work. Damn. I hate that. If only I can get MC but tomorrow they are going for the buffet. Sigh…

Went to meet WZ for lunch and waited for an hour because the person before him went late for lunch. But it’s alright, because it’s really very nice to see my Darling. Reached home at around 4pm and never do anything till 7pm, when Dad sent me to UE square. Met the primary school friends for dinner at Bakerzin instead of the expensive Japanese food. I didn’t talk much. Kind of tired. They all, well, looks the same. Next gathering on 21 June at Wendy’s house. Don’t think I’ll go. Felt like resting…

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Not According To Plan

Ever realised that whatever you plan, somehow, only half will be done. The rest… hmm… you have no idea where it came from? WZ took MC today. We had our very late breakfast at the Indian stall beside the clinic. Then, we rot for the whole day. I really mean rot. We went home, searched for jobs for a while, then slept, then his mum came back, then we watched “Evan Almighty” on the internet and tada! It’s night time… And then we went to Ken’s grandmother’s (outer) wake at Hougang. Yes… 2 around the same time. We had curry, lots of it, and it tastes quite nice. Went home after that at 11pm. Tired.

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A Beading Sunday

Been a long while since I touched on the beads. No, I don’t intend to play with my beads today. WZ was supposed to go out and study while I accompanied him. But he ended up playing the XBox and me? I started beading. My mum too. And Tyra. Not too bad, I created like 2 earrings and repaired some of my accessories as well as my mum’s. That was how I spent the whole day. Almost.

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Crocodile Underwear

Guess what I’m doing now? In front of my notebook, drinking a packet of milo, talking to JY and asking him about fixing the computer, ticking of my list of “to-do’s” and wearing my Darling’s ‘cute little’ crocodile underwear! So sexy right?! *LOL* Later I’ll be meeting him at SP Gym at 1.30pm. Hopefully I won’t be late. Can at most exercise till 3pm then we have to go home, bathe and change, and pick up his mum for high tea already.

Never go to the gym in the end because Zhu knock off late from work, though I already prepared, and ready to do some exercises. Oh well, I still perspired like crazy because of the extremely hot weather. We went back to Zhu’s house and didn’t rest much before we changed and went to pick his mum up. Terrible. I don’t mean the picking of his mum, I meant the tons of birds’ shit on Xiaobai! We ended up cleaning at the place where he picked his mum. Terrible… Why? Because on the bonnet, apparently there’s a patch of shit which Zhu Zhu tried to clean so HARD till… there’s scratches. And now… Xiaobai looks like he got one “blue-black” on his face. =.=”’ Poor him…

High tea? Erm… Not too bad except that his mum complained that the food ain’t as nice as those from the place she work. Sigh… If you don’t eat, how would you know if its nice? There’s a difference between eating from the kitchen and being a guest. Too expensive? Like that next time only bring you to coffeeshop? Not as if we eat that everyday right? Sigh… Sometimes it is a bit demoralizing to bring his mum out to eat. Because she will comment on this and that. Apparently she only likes coffeeshop’s food. =.=”’

Went to trim hair (both of us), then played a round of MJ before going to the Cathay at Downtown East and watched “Made of Honour”. And that stupid staff don’t let us bring the chips in! TMD!

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