HK, I’m Coming!

I hardly slept. WZ K.O. in the middle of the bed. I didn’t want to wake him up so I let him continued sleeping. But just as I was about to sleep (on the floor), he woke me up and got me onto the bed. =.=”’ And before I can finally sleep again, it’s time to go… HONG KONG!!! ^^

Sis sent us there, to T1. So excited. Never been to HK before. Too bad sis and Godmum couldn’t make it. It’ll be really nice if they can go too, and DW also. The flight took about 4 hours. Nothing much to do on the plane except sleep. Their airport? Hmm… we sort of alighted at the middle of the “plane park” and took a bus-like transport to the main terminal. There were a lot of people, mainly Chinese, from China. First shock of the day… I went to take the maps and as I turned over, my parents were gone =.=”’ In the end, realised that they went out before us… Dad got a prepaid card, we got the 3-days MTR tickets and set off.

The interior of the Airport Express was very nice, but apparently that applies only to trains of that line. We alighted at Kowloon and took a shuttle bus to Jordan, where… we finally found our hotel (after walking a distance). We were rather shocked at the exterior of the hotel. It was a bit old… and probably dirty. But luckily when we stepped into our room, it actually was rather nice and clean and newly renovated! Novotel Nathan Road Kowloon or something like that, thats the name of the hotel.

Not wanting to waste time, we set off for our journey to Prince Edward and then to Causeway Bay. But seriously, we were too tired to really shop around. And those places, it all seems like pasa-malam. Hmm… and everywhere you go, there seems to be water dripping from the air-con…

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Ulcer Still There

Saw this Mediacorp bus in the morning. Terence Cao was inside but I never really look inside the bus. I mean, it will seem so dumb if you saw them and scream like those girls right? Nah… My ulcers still there… don’t really have the mood to appreciate all these. How? I’m going HK tomorrow and the ulcers are still there. How to appreciate the food?

Busy day. Managed to get the notebook finally with all the things up, I meant the audio. But haven’t gotten my headphone yet. Must remember to get it next Friday before I leave.

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Early Bus Ride

Terrible… it was a terrible ride. I never knew coming to office so early would be so scary. I took bus 167 just now and it was SO pack! First time I perspired when I’m in an air-con bus. Hmm… Stomach don’t feel really too good… not sure if its menses coming or… my stomach just ain’t good?

Went to watch the X-files. So long never see Mulder and Scully already! They still look the same… Ah… I miss that drama… it’s so nice…

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My Sony Vaio!

Today, I just shifted back to my old seat, you know… the one with the air-con vent right above me. Yes… it’s freezing cold now. And I brought a jacket that AIN’T that thick. I love my old seat (other than the air-con) but now… those sitting around me are different already… No more HB… no more EY… no more EZ… *sob*

LC brought us to eat one Yong Tau Foo near China Square. Not too bad.

Hohoho! Finally got my Sony Vaio! Of course it belongs to the company but I get to bring it to Taiwan! Actually I’m a little excited about going there other than hearing so much news on typhoon etc. But well, its an experience right? And some more my Darling is supporting me on this idea. 6 months, then I’ll decide again. 6 months. It ain’t that long. ^^

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Stupid China Guy!

I was really very frustrated! Pissed off! I was at the OG in Orchard and was going to try out some clothes. So I went into the fitting room and got a shock. Why? Because there was this guy sitting on the floor of the fitting room. Just for your information, the fitting room is supposed to be OUT OF BOUNDS to male. But after glancing around and saw that there’s a closed door. I assumed that he probably is waiting for his gf so I just let it go. And apparently, they started to talk and from their accent, its quite clear that they are from China. Fine, good that they just came over for a tour. Then the staff attending to the fitting room came in and the lady (that guy’s gf) started talking to the staff:

Lady: Are these clothes from China?
Staff: No. They are made in Singapore.
Stupid Guy: Huh? Are you sure it’s made in Singapore? Should be from China right?
Staff: No, it’s made in Singapore.
Stupid Guy: How is that possible? Singapore everything also don’t have. How can possibly make clothes?
Staff: It’s true. We have a OG factory in Singapore…

TMD… I was furious as I was inside, still changing! Singapore everything also don’t have… What a comment to make when you are in other people’s country. Its a disgrace to his own people! Then why the HELL do you want to come here? Go back to your OWN country then, since there everything ALSO HAVE! Doesn’t he know it’s BECAUSE the labour cost ARE CHEAP in his own country and thats why there are factories there? Damn stupid China guy! Doesn’t he even know how to read the sign? Which if I remember correctly, it’s written in BOTH English and Chinese. He can’t read English, I don’t blame him. But I think he’s blind to not even read the Chinese words! Spoil my whole shopping mood!

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2 Ulcers In Mouth

Pain. Indescribable pain. Pain beyond words. I can’t talk.


I could hardly eat. Singing wasn’t as good either. But the K Lunch at Chinatown has great improvement!

Fish head soup again.

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Door Closing… *Beep x 5*

There’s a reason why the staff for the MRT kept asking people not to run in the MRT stations, and to stop going in ONCE the red light starts to blink. That is BECAUSE the doors are closing! This morning, I saw this guy dashing down the stairs, almost bumping into other people. Seriously, I wouldn’t care if he fell down, probably I might laugh (in the heart) at him too since he deserves it. BUT, spare a thought for other people! And another guy, whom… probably is trying to be heroic. As the red light starts to blink and the beep sound came out too, he actually use his body to block the door (I think he thought its the elevator’s door) and prevent it from closing and tried to grab a lady to go up the train. I’m not sure if she’s related to him but I think she’s trying to sabo him too. Because she wants to go in, don’t want to go in and of course, logically speaking, with the speed that she’s walking towards the inside, she got that man “crushed” between the doors. Looks brainless to me but well, at least she did apologize for it (not sure if he heard it since he’s already inside the train). Well, that’s my marvellous morning.

Worst lunch I’d ever taken. No, its not the food. It was raining, so we decided to eat at the DuDu cafe, supposedly to be sheltered, though its beside the road. But, the rain and wind was so heavy as we started to eat, till the rain kept pouring in… Yes… we were wet, our food to. BK and VT were very funny. They took out the umbrella to block the rain after that. Indigestion…

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Stupid Kim

I think all those people with names – KIM, regardless of male or female, are all rather idiotic. I’m serious. I got woken up by WZ’s sms this morning, from a girl, a colleague, named KIM. What happened? She wanted to swap back the working Saturday with WZ for 2 August. Apparently, EVERYONE needs to go back on the 2 August. And by right, it’s not her working day. But since she swapped it with WZ, it will be her normal working day, which means that she won’t be able to earn the OT money, which cost around $60. Seriously, I think she sounds like those brainless, unethical kind and probably likes to gossip around. Firstly, when you already swapped with someone, it isn’t very nice to tell that person that you want to swap it back. HELLO! I mean, if someone is really free on that day, WHY in the first place would he want to swap with you? And no… can’t tell her anything because she don’t seems to be someone who is reliable. And yes, the company is stupid (so is mine sometimes), how could you give such a last minute notice? Sigh… Now… don’t ask me. I also don’t know what to do. WZ needs to get out of that stupid company that isn’t very welfare, the HRs are stupid probably the admin people too and the salary isn’t that high. Oh… I don’t wish to mention the KIM in my company. Damn… I finished my cereal.

OH darn… I think i’m having sore throat soon. Must be due to the curry chicken I ate just now. So sleepy now. Heard that I will need to shift back to my old seat again… Sigh… but this time, there’s no HB, no EY, no RM… Sigh… EZ not there too… who else will be? *sulk*

Why… the shits cannot be cleared? Why… I never save money? Why… I need to go TW? Why… is the allowance so pathetic? Why… isn’t there any extra tickets to fly back during CNY? I think that’s what BY want to say to me… Oh… this company sucks.

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