The Stupid Scenery Tour

I have no idea how SS managed to convince me to go and look at the sceneries with her… to get near to the nature but… sigh… Big mistakes, I really mean BIG.

We started out early in the morning, well, she woke me up at 7am+ on a SUNDAY. Then we went to Chun Shui Tang for our breakfast. Ordered too much but alright. We then took a cab to the train station, the normal one… and spent quite a while to look for the bus. Bought a bread though… The bus came, which was rather cheap, and we are on our way to the Dakeng Yuan Huan. Hey, when you look at the map, you wouldn’t know how it will be like. But when we reached there, the name ACTUALLY only meant a roundabout =.=”’ and… there’s hardly anything to see. Well… she wanted to go on those nature paths so I’m like… OKAY… But you know, looking at the map… its a damn long route in…

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SS Reaching Today

SS will be reaching today… Hmm… might be a bit weird to have someone stay with me but should be quite alright. Yesterday chatted with YB till almost 5am before we slept. He complained a lot about the company, and the people inside, and whoever that is “attacking” him. Well, I didn’t know that there’s so many wars around. And apparently those people that worked with him for a little while, all left. Why is that so? Thats still a mystery but we can observed a little bit more.

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Am I Really Not Supportive?

*Ouch*… those words really can hurt… “Why my gf so not supportive…” and before I could explain myself, the webcam was off… What kind of reaction was that? I said bye and hang up the phone. The next moment, he was offline… Am I really that unsupportive? *sob* He never even hear my explanations about not wanting him to “attack” my family. He never have a sister who cancelled so many policies because she don’t have enough money to pay. And every now and then, people will call her because she’s in debt. How can she buy a policy? Continue reading “Am I Really Not Supportive?”

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Weird People Around

There’s really a lot of weird people around. Well, I’m not saying that I’m one of them but… I woke up late today. The alarm clock rang at 7.30am. I pressed it off and continued to sleep. The next thing that I know, its already 9am. Yes, I actually overslept. I guessed I must be too tired from ALL the walking. Imagine… not being able to rest over the weekend. And during weekdays, I have to walk a long distance just to have some dinner. Anyway, we took our breakfast as usual and reached the office. I have no idea why there’s no battery in my notebook. I thought I switched it off last night but apparently I didn’t. Forgotten what I did. No, I don’t remember doing anything. Continue reading “Weird People Around”

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Salary In

I really hate not having internet access in the office AND not having company access in the apartment. It really makes working tiring and troublesome. A lot of things happened today. First, I asked NL for help to find the way to Dakeng. Then after that they decided to go and buy sun biscuits tomorrow. Our apartments? YB asked NL to find 2, which totals up to about $30,000. Then there was the SPARK! Finally I saw some sparks. We managed to have some internal IM (better than nothing). Suddenly feels like its not really the end of the world! Continue reading “Salary In”

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Zhong You Shopping Centre

AL came… and we went to meet him at one of the shopping centre – Zhong You. Not too bad. The book store is huge! I was so tempted to buy a book on tatting lace. But then again… I already bought 5 books, out of which, I haven’t really have the time to look through. We went to the street market nearby also – Yi Zhong Street. There’s a lot more food here than other night markets. And somehow, I find that the things here are cheaper. Well… we spent half of the day over there…

Sigh… I still prefer to spend my weekend with my family back in SG…

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