… *Speechless*… Lawyers…

I just reached TW’s apartment, and switched on the notebook and called my mum, and when I was just about to call Zhu Zhu, he replied to my SMS and said that he already asked FK to accompany him, since she works near there. I’m not paranoid but maybe I’m just not exactly that happy when his good friend is a female… I know there’s nothing between the 2 of them but still… the moment when I’m back in TW, I seriously felt the distance between us, and the insecurity that I have. A little giddy now… I still prefer to be back home. I think… I can only don’t think so much… else I’ll really get paranoid. And I’m really feeling giddy… For love or for money?

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High School Musical Craze!

Been working with AG regarding the new tool for the past few days. Quite fun but…

HSM rocks! We watched the Part 2 today!

Darling came to my house after work. These few days, he’s getting a little busy because he’s the senior there. Mum prepared the steamboat for us. So nice of her! ^^

But… I’m going back to TW tomorrow… *sob* *sob*

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Lunch With Lil’ Pat

Everyone was in a meeting… apparently something hanged again and they are thinking of ways to salvage it. So in the end, I went for lunch with Lil’ Pat. It’s the first time I had lunch with him, alone. But it was quite fun, at least we can talked. I really would want to meet his gf someday. Her “pattern” seems to be like me, the kind that hopes that the bf will be there for her most of the time. And Lil’ Pat is like my Zhu Zhu, who is still young, and would want to play some more. That’s why… in a way… I don’t want to get married yet…

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Deepavali… In SG…

Felt a sudden wave of sadness. It’s 10.25pm. The day is ending soon. Tomorrow, it’s Tuesday, and then Wednesday will come… and on Thursday, I’m going back to TW again… The place where I’m stationed, the place where I’m working… now… I don’t know what to say. In a way it’s good. I’m exposed to a lot of things, learned a little bit more to be independent, and best of all, I get to save (the earning is more than the spending). But… I made a really big sacrifice. I can’t be with my loved ones everyday… Continue reading “Deepavali… In SG…”

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My Lil’ Cousin – TJT

37/50! Very good! That’s the result for English for my little cousin! Today is his birthday, 7th birthday. Will be bringing him to buy his own presents later. Should award him sometimes, right?

So funny when he was choosing his presents… took 1 only and actually said that it’s enough. Anyway, finally got him like 1 remote control car, 8 small cars and 1 gun. That’s a lot!

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As I walked towards the McDonald’s… I saw this guy looking and smiling at me… Hmm… Looks like… YJ! *LOL* Met him and SC for breakfast at 10am. SC was late, very late. She woke up only when I SMS her. Terrible but funny. Anyway, she treated us for the breakfast because she’s late and then we chatted away… Before we realised, it was already 2pm!

We parted and then I made my way back home. Prepared and rushed out to meet my Darling at his school before we went for our lunch at the Kopitiam. Then we went home and took a short nap. Almost overslept again! Luckily KC called… Guess where we are going today? We are going to PLAY – a gay pub near Maxwell Market. So excited!

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2nd Day Of BA Course

Stupid bus driver! Stupid lady! Damn pissed off! I was leaving for the course already (which by right, I’m not late). But when I wanted to cross the overhead bridge, I realised that I left my hp in Zhu Zhu’s house, so I returned and got it. By the time I reached the bus stop, I just missed the bus by 1 minute. Anyway… never mind. I was already running late by then when the bus finally came. I boarded it and… waited till my stop was reaching. So I stood up and walked towards the exit. By then, I probably will only be late for like 5 minutes. Continue reading “2nd Day Of BA Course”

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