No Time To Breathe

Ah… I’m so tired… Totally exhausted! I only slept like 2am+ in the morning and then I woke up early today to go for facial, and had to entertain those people who kept pestering me to sign up for this and that and buy whatever products! Then I went straight for a hair cut at Kimage, and guess what? The senior hair stylist available is the guy who permed my hair 1 year plus ago! Such a coincidence. Well, he did a not too bad job so I’m not going to complain about him, other than the starting part where he kept asking me to colour my hair. No, I’m not going to colour it at Kimage. Economy’s bad, I cannot anyhow spend my money. Right after that, I went to Creative and bought a present for my Zhu Zhu! Shh… Secret. I’m not going to tell you. I planned this for a long long time already. And then I went all the way to Creative @ Jurong East to meet Nadi for tea break. *Takes a DEEP breath* Chatted, and updated before I took a cab back to Zhu Zhu’s house, bathed, and then went for steamboat! Not too bad. ^^

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*Happy Girl* Today

*Dance around* It’s the time of the month again. No. It’s not menses. It’s… I’m going back home! Yes! Once a month… seems so long. But going back will means that I have to make a decision, by Friday? Sigh… Damn. Email down now. Maybe later at about 11am, I’ll go to the COSMED and take a look to see the price for Vichy. Probably will not eat now? Hmm… Just ate the sandwich, later won’t be hungry so easily. Nothing to buy recently… Oh…

Damn! Alighted at the wrong terminal and now I have to take the sky train and walk all those extra routes! Luckily I came early.

Yes! I’m back! And it’s freaking HOT! But it’s okay, I’m happy to be BACK!

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Changed Flight!

Yeah! I’m returning early again! Yes… maybe the HR will make noise again but who cares! Uncle BY wants me to go back early and discuss with my family. Sigh… Is there anything to discuss? I really doubt… Seems like… Sigh… I also don’t know. At one moment, I’m alright with staying. Then at the next moment, I totally don’t feel like staying. How?

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How To… Bake Potato?

Busy day! Went out for lunch and then to shop for all the things that I needed. *Phew*

How? How to bake potato? Not steam… Sigh… Why did Zhu Zhu agree on making the baked potato. Really going to bake ah? Hmm… I think I have the recipe, just that I forgotten where I kept it. For what? Oh, it’s for the Christmas party at K’s house! Yeah! I didn’t get to go 2 years ago but this year I can join! But remember? 2 years ago, my Darling bought LJ for me to eat. ^^ So sweet… Like bringing me the match in winter when it’s so dark and cold…

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