Eve Dinner – "Bull" Pose

Managed to slept at 4am. I think my dark circles around the eyes are out.

Yeah! I finally had my post-lunch celebration for my anniversary. Was complaining to Zhu Zhu that he never treat me to any lunch / dinner, so in the end we went to Jack’s Place at AMK, with my sister and her friend, well, they just want to tag along. ^^ And then after that, we went shopping at the shopping mall for a short while and passed by SK. Guess what? The ring that Leon bought… seems so expensive! There’s one which is slightly smaller but whiter, cost only $5,000+++. Really makes us wonder if he got “tok” or he’s just plain boastful… -.-”’

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My New CANON Camera

Oh, I’m really so tired but I REALLY need to buy a new camera too, for CNY. Sis sent me and SS to Funan. And then after looking at the different types of cameras, eventually, I still gotten Canon IXUS 80 IS. Somehow… I still felt that Canon camera seems a little bit more reliable (it’s made in Japan). Camel colour, cost me $319 in cash. And… I LOVE IT!!

We had lunch at the Qi Ji and the nasi lemak was SOOOOOO delicious. Sigh… I think it will be difficult for me to diet while I’m in SG.

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7 More Hours

The lady cleaner is helping to pack up all the things now. I need to remember to label all the things, like the boxes, pillows and blankets. In case when I go up to TP, all those are taken by don’t-know-who and that’s it!

Damn. My red luggage is so bloody damn heavy… and I’ve got so many things to carry! Hand pain pain already…

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“If you’re happy and you know, you clap your hand…” I’m in the office, feeling rather happy. Hmm… what should I do today?? Oh no! I’ve got no mood! But I suppose I need to try and do the Promotion thing. ^^

Last day in Taichung office… Totally no mood to work. I wonder what time will Uncle BY comes in. Hmm… Alone in the office again, lazy to go to the toilet. What should I eat now? Not really hungry actually. Should I go back and pack some of the things? Hmm… I still got one cake and half a bottle of orange juice. Assuming if Uncle BY reaches the airport now… he won’t reach until like 2 hours later, right?

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We Are "Lesser Mortals"

C’ya… That’s the word that we so often used it but we never know (or at least some of us didn’t know) that it have another meaning to it – Cover Your Ass. And I only got to learn it yesterday. Why do I suddenly bring it up? Well, of course things happened. IC… yes, it’s her again. I don’t understand why is it always her but well… sigh… she just simply love to ‘CYA’, so in short, whatever that we talk to her, we MUST send an email, just to ‘COOA’ too! *LOL*

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Strained Eyes, Tightened Muscles

It’s 10.07am and I just switched on my notebook. But the moment I did that, my eyes felt strainful, then the muscles in my head started to tighten. I think I really need a break.

The email is out. The email to announce that PHP office will be closed. BL just messaged me. Sigh… What can I say… I felt sorry for her. I just hope that, they will get her to come here eventually (in a way). I mean, ultimately, I still don’t really know her right? Sigh… And heard from mum that KL wasn’t doing good. She took all her dad’s money. And then… I don’t know… Sigh… And there’s still her car…

I went for dinner with the 2 new staffs – FX and JS. Well, they were quite friendly, which is not too bad. Hopefully all the rest are also like that.

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My First Training

I just finished my first training, as a trainer. It seems quite fun but I think I’ll need to brush up quite a bit on the explanation. Anyway, it seems a little fun. The time is 3.30pm, the “students” are all doing the test now. I hope they really understand what I taught, else it will be wasted. Though I think it’s a little dry on the calculations part. Oh well… they are the ones who will take over this company? Me? I’m just passing my knowledge to them. And that IC… sigh… never change! Oops, did I use exclaimation mark?

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All Packed

Good morning! It’s a rather bright sunny Sunday and the time is 10.25am. And I’m sitting in front of my notebook again, talking to NN and eating my cereal at the same time. An hour later, probably I’ll go and bathe and then get ready for today! So what’s the plan today? Had intended to go shopping but not sure if Uncle BY is available. Anyway, Zhu Zhu will be out most of the day today, so I’ve got to find something to keep me occupied! Mental health? Hmm… still feel very tensed up the moment I woke up. I think I’ve got too many things in my head, so it’s a little stressful still. Planned to go back to SG and have a good rest cum workout. Probably might go cycling! I think I desperately need to go and exercise.

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