My Off Day

I’m now in office again. Ever since I went back to SG the last time, I’m so lazy to write in my blog. Hmm… Anyway, today is my OFF DAY. I repeat again, my OFF DAY. And now I’m in the office because Uncle BY asked me to, saying that the HR wanted to talk to us about the contract. Well, I’m here BUT WHERE IS SHE? -.-”’ Luckily I’m prepared and brought my notebook along. Somehow, I expected this. They are ALWAYS like that. Anyway, I just saw a rainbow from my seat like 15 minutes ago. It was really big and nice, and NEAR! But we managed to see a part of it only because most of it were blocked by the buildings. Sigh… I wonder what time I need to wait until. I want to go back and play WoW! Still level 7 only. And just now, I went to the wrong direction and got killed by some short guy -.-”’ Later… I’ll go and buy some snacks first before I go back to the apartment. Don’t know why but a little hungry… Quick! Quick! Pille is waiting for me!

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Room 18, Not Room 81

Alright, I admit I was a little blur. I asked YF if he wanted to go to Room 81, and I think he was baffled by my questions because he never heard of Room 81. *LOL*

Went lunch with NL and Uncle C. They took me to a beef noodle shop, the food was rather good. I’m going to miss the times where I go lunch with them. NL will be leaving on 26 February… Sigh…

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Never have I felt so offended and reacted so much before, at least not in front of colleagues. But today, I was really pissed. And I already controlled. If not, I would have scolded him right in front of his face. What happened? A whole group of us went for lunch and when we came back, they popped into the Family Mart. I was at the magazine corner with HY and then I saw a FHM magazine and pulled out to read the cover, which is of a nude girl with her arms covered around her boobs. But don’t know from where, the BN came over and said “I prefer this (starring at MY boobs) than this”. I was SO SHOCK at that moment and I thought I saw and heard wrongly, so I just replied with a “HUH”, and guess what? He repeated the SAME ACTION and sentence again. F***! Ask him to F himself! I never replied him and walked away. And then after that I was so damn pissed, I told Uncle BY and asked him to talk to that F***er! Never in my whole life have I felt so offended! I can sue him for sexual harassment! Spoiled my whole V-day!

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Red, Orange, Yellow

I’m working already. Yes, though still a bit sick but I think I can concentrate better now with so many people here working with me – those that I’m more familiar with. I just bought 3 boxes of facial masks. Cost me like NT$549 – S$27. Cheap? Not too bad… thinking of bringing in to SG to sell? Earn $8 bucks for every box? Take order first…

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Today is 12th of February. I’m flying back to TW after taking almost 3 weeks of rest. I should be thankful, that I can take such a long rest. I’m still at home now. The time is 9.53am. I miss my Zhu Zhu already… Hmm… Just received an email from LL. She said that she’s considering to move back to SG. I hope that she’s okay. I hope that I’m okay…

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Finally I Wrote My Blog

It’s 9.11am. Finally I logged into my blog and started writing again. SO MANY things happened for the past 2 weeks. So later I will try and recall, and put it down again. Well, it’s holiday for me, I just felt like rotting away… Haven’t done much for these days but it seems to pass so fast. Finance in a mess too. Oh… terrible… BUT I AM VERY HAPPY!!! ^^

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