My Fault Again?

I really wonder if i restricted him too much? Worry for him too much? But… if I don’t worry, it seems like I don’t care… then… what’s the difference between he and my normal friends?

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When Am I Going To…?

I see my friends slowly getting married… one by one… and now… having kids… Me? I don’t know… Why? Is it that difficult for me to get married? I had wanted to get married before I’m 30. And now… I’m… 29… Sigh… What can I say?

A lot of people kept asking me when I’m getting married. I will always reply to them jokingly, with some rubbish answer. Telling them that I don’t really want to get married yet. But the fact is… actually I DO feel like getting married already. I really do. Just that, I need the guy to be ready.

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