A Lot Like Love

Still remember this movie – A Lot Like Love? It’s about this girl who met this guy (stranger) on the plane and then somehow they just have sex in the plane. And later after a few years they met each other and became really good friends. One of the phrase that I really love inside – “There’s nothing better than a great romance… to ruin a perfectly good friendship”

Right… I felt weird, shock, questions popping up when it happened. But yet I can’t piece up the information that I got to make sense out of it. Yes, it had been clarified but still… “The timing is not right”. Yes, I do know that too… Oh well… I’ll keep these memories with me…

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It’s Not Easy

I know it’s not going to be easy. But I didn’t know it’s going to be that HARD. Sigh… I’m already cracking my brains, trying to satisfy the younger one by choosing hotels that met his budget, and at the same time, we both like it. He always mentioned that his mum doesn’t really mind all these but then… suddenly his mum seems to have a lot of things to say. Firstly, she mentioned no getting married in June. Then the food must be enough. And then after that ceiling must be higher so that it won’t look so “han suan”. Then now that we sort of decided on M Hotel. She said that her colleague’s daughter said that it’s no good, and the colleague told her “Don’t let your kid choose that if he is getting married”. WTH.

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Who To Calculate Ba Zhi?

Did quite a lot of things today. Now it’s already 5pm and its the first time I managed to get some rest/break. Rushed in this morning and realised that the meeting had been cancelled and postponed to tomorrow 9am (urgh). Then after that did my french homework and then it’s time for meeting at 10.15am. Right after this, I went for a quick lunch at the malay store. Damn IV… He said “Ah! Extra flavouring” and next, he threw one yellow caterpillar on the table, right in front of me. What’s my reaction? As usual… I saw, captured it as A CATERPILLAR, and I got out of my seat, away from it and told him to threw it away. *LOL* Erm, yes, over-reacting to others but I CAN’T HELP IT! You know how and what a small harmless caterpillar can do to me! Anyway, french class was a long 2-hours and after that, I started doing discussing the things to be done during Games Time with TM. And then finally, here’s something that I found:

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