Mummy… It’s Over…

Be it the holidays, or anything… seems like it’s coming to an end. Sad? Yes, of course it will be… How can I not be sad? But as reluctant as I am, I know it’s time to be back to reality. I have to bring myself back. All that is left… are the memories… Sweet, nice, definitely… I’ll be happy. At least, I’ll try to be…

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Reversed Thoughts

I just bathed. Cleaned. My mind is calm. I had an urge to write. Write about my thoughts and feelings. To recall the things happening for the past few days, weeks, months… in the reversed way.

I read a blog. Someone’s blog. “Suicidal”, is the title of one of the entries. I read some of it. The more recent ones. I found parts of the contents a little familiar. I felt rather ashamed. But yet, a pang of jealousy at some. I’m better at controlling my thoughts, feelings and emotions now. I am in control, at least at this point. I get worried, though, why should I? I get jealous, though, why should I? And then on the other hand, I don’t really care, though, I should. It’s getting all mixed up but yet, I’m balancing it now. I am learning, to balance things now.

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