Blog #0207

Time really passes so fast… it’s already Friday and I realised I haven’t even done much! Damn…

Oh yes. Really… hardly… do anything… especially those that’s on my list. Had wanted to catch up with my PMP but… then had also wanted to do some crafts and pack my room but… and also some read up on some books, planned my coming New Year, calculate my finance etc but…

And I have no idea why I’m still freaking tired now. Anyway, today is a day to accompany the young one, else he seems so bored, especially for the past 1.5 days when I dragged my parents out. And of course, to let my Godmum rest a while, while my parents took over the “nanny” job. But I’m alright with it because it’s damn fun to play with that little one. So nice…

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Blog #0206

Oh no! I forgotten about my appointment! Damn it!

And now I need to make a dash for it at another place. Urgh…

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Blog #0205

I’m so excited! I’m on FORCED LEAVE this whole week! *LOL*

Oh yes, company shutting down this week and thus I’m back at home, mum’s home since the hub is still working. But it’s okay. I shall use this time to catch up (hopefully) with all the things that I need to do, e.g. uploading the photos onto FB due to lots of requests, running errands for my new house since it’s still relatively empty, go for my check-up, hopefully time to clean the house and pack some of my things, and lastly, to update this blog.

But then again, “TRY” is the word. Can’t make promises recently as fatigue kept catching up with me throughout the day. Nonetheless, GANBATTE!

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Thoughts – On Christmas

A year had passed since I started this website. How time flies past, isn’t it? Just a glimpse, and it’s already one year gone with lots of unexpected changes. I really mean lots. Is it for the better? Well, I’m not too sure but things seem to have stabilise itself somewhat, for everyone.

Today is Christmas Day, one of my favourite holiday. Not totally because of the presents, but probably because of the get-together, the laughing and sharing of the whole big family. Other than this festive period, I guess the next would most probably be Chinese New Year but somehow it’s never the same.

Anyway, so what have you done this Christmas? Received lots of presents? Hope you enjoyed yourself! Stay happy!

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Blog #0204

I just witnessed a wormslaughter! GROOOSSSSSS!! It’s early in the morning and he had to briefly walk past the worm, causing it to crumple into one lump! I’m so glad he never stomped onto it. But anyway it’s gross enough.

For the past week, everyday while going for work and coming back from work, it had been a rather scary scenario as I tried to avoid stepping or crossing the paths of the worms (black ones), millipedes and earthworms. *argh*

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Blog #0203

It’s the TANG YUAN DAY today! Happy Tang Yuan Festival! Alright, what is it called in English. Hmm… oh yes, the “Yuanxiao”. Basically, it’s just glutinous rice, some with fillings inside, and is eaten with the family to symbolise togetherness.

Me? I’m back at my mum’s home for lunch today and eating these 2 tang yuans with red beans inside. Yum yum… it sure was delicious!

And now, let me upload part of my wedding photos onto my FB and I’m going to be on my way back to office. I’m so glad my office ain’t too far away from my mum’s nor my house.

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Blog #0202

Dear diary,

Today doesn’t seem like a good day…

(1) I was helping a lady to change the data source of a pivot table of her excel file. But after that I realized that the range is definitely enough and so I went to refresh the table and tada! The values changed. But at this moment, the total amount doesn’t tally and she kept insisting that I changed something which caused the values to be corrupted. There were 4 of us, and 3 of us, including me, repeated that all I did was to refresh it. Dear diary, why does people like to insist that they are correct when its not true? Somehow it made me start to wonder why I’m helping in the first place.

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