Food – Yan Palace Restaurant @ Chinatown

Just had my dinner at this rather old-looking Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, somewhere between Chinatown point and China Square. To be specific, it’s located at Hong Lim Complex level one, just beside the multi-storey carpark. The moment I walked in, I can imagine it once being a glamourous popular restaurant filled with tons of people. But now, either the food isn’t as nice, or it’s been taken over by all those bigger chained restaurants located at convenient places around the neighbourhood, as the place was hardly half-filled. I supposed, since the aunties/uncles chose to eat at this place, there must be a reason right?

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Thoughts – Limited Brain Cells

Our brain, though just situated in our head, is a very mysterious object. I wonder how much have people learned about the BRAINS till this day. Hmm…

Today is a Friday and as I was looking through one of the many emails, suddenly I just couldn’t think anymore and the headache started to come. I wonder then… is that an alarm, from my brain? Have I used up my brain cells?

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Movie – The Hole

Looking at the tons of emails and the things that I need to do and think, I couldn’t help but remembered a movie that I watched somewhere last week while at home. Couldn’t even recalled when did I watch it, it must be bad, I think I’m working on something while watching it at the same time, and thus, the total non-recollection of it.

Anyway, the movie was “The Hole”, shown in 2009, and it’s a horror movie. So what has it got to do with my work? Probably nothing, it’s just that if I know that this hole existed in my house (without the scary stuff), I probably would have jumped right into it now so that I can just get away from all the things that I’m doing and thinking.

Well, let’s take a break and talk about this movie. It’s a movie starring 3 teenagers, 2 of them (2 brothers) who just moved into their new house, while the other (a girl) is their neighbour. One day, while the mum was out at work, the brothers were fighting at the basement and they somehow found a locked door on the floor. At that point, the girl came by too. They managed to find the keys and opened it up. But to their horror and amazement, the hole seems to be endless, as in, there’s no end to it.

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Blog #0048

Guess what? I never like politics, not even the least bit interested in. If you asked me to name some of our ministers, most likely I can’t answer you on that. But then, it’s the time for voting! Even if I’m totally not interested in it, I’ve got quite a few friends who kept telling me or either that, it’s on the news feed of Facebook. So how can I even missed anything? It’s EVERYWHERE!

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Story – A Miracle – #0021

“Alright, I can’t take this anymore!” she cried. “It’s been dragging way too long. You are ruining your own life if you continue living this way.”

She paused.

“Anna… a lot of people are worried about you. You can’t just live in a world of your own. It’s not the end of the world yet… Please… don’t be so harsh on yourself. Take my advice and forget about him, forget about the past. If moving out still doesn’t work for you, try going on a long holiday, changing your contact number, just do whatever it takes to get you out of it.”

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Blog #0047

Ever felt brain dead before? I think I’m experiencing it now, after an overloading and flowing of tons of information, replying emails one after another, and multi-tasking at least 3 things at the same time for the past 8 hours, more or less without stopping other than the lunch break and some toilet breaks in between. At this moment at 6pm, all I can do is stare blankly into the computer screen. Somehow, I have no idea what I’m writing even at this moment. I’m done. My brain is dead.

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Thoughts – The Neglected Child

I woke up this morning, went to wash up and was still in the bathroom when I heard one of my auntie popping over, and talking to my mum. I heard of a conversation that was rather disturbing – about my niece. She’s 7 years old this year, and her mum just gave birth to her younger brother a few months ago. Yes, it was a happy event. We were all really happy but somehow, there’s a person who felt neglected, and that is none other than my niece.

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