Food – Boon Tong Kee @ Balestier

The past days and weeks hadn’t been really good for me and my girlfriend as we both struggled through some of the things that happened in each of our life. Similar but somewhat different. But I guess it’s time to end it.

I took leave today and spent half of it, on the neutral side, to explain and lay out the causes and results of what and why it could possibly had happened. And probably what are some of the options that she had. Honestly, she don’t have a lot. In the eyes of a third party, to a certain extent, it seems quite clear what she should do. But nonetheless, this is her life, and she had to decide it.

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Blog #0070

Why do I always have the insomnia problem…? I hate it when it occurred. Two days in a row, really tired but can’t sleep. Sigh…

What could be the reasons that causes this? Work? Yes, I’m indirectly working with idiots who probably tried to push their luck by throwing smoke bomb with the intention to delay work. Relationship? Yes, I’m definitely not used to sleeping alone. Stress? Yes, I’m still working with idiots and they got me stuck in a lot of things. Bloody hell. I hate it when I need to work with people with a total no sense of urgency!

Will be so great if someone can sing me a lullaby or tell me a bedtime story. Even easier, hug me to sleep

At times, I just hate my life. I love it, but I hate it too. So contradicting but I guess that’s life.

*Starring blankly into the ceiling, cursing and swearing in the head*

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Blog #0069

I didn’t know that my body was “damaged” because of that. I thought I’ll be alright even if I didn’t especially take care of it but now then I know it wasn’t enough.

I thought of it as irregular for the last month but when this month was as bad (or worse), I knew something was wrong. I didn’t want to delay it any further and so I went to see the Chinese physician just now.


And BAD.

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Shopping – Vana @ Orchard Central

Thanks to my two friends, I got a pair of heels for free!! *grin*

There’s still some vouchers left after the whole game and so my friend asked me to just finish using it since it’s only valid for the day itself and she had no idea what to buy anymore (and a lot of shops had already closed by then). So I bought this pair, which is one I had wanted to choose for that friend previously, but we got another one instead (which I kind of like it too).

Well, this was rather comfortable as the heels are not really high, only about 2.5″, which I can comfortable walk in it for work and travelling around places. I chose the totally black one since my other pair of black heels is giving way soon. Though there’s another light pinkish one which looks really sweet.

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Food – Medzs @ Orchard Central

Finally had a rest and was able to sit down after half a day of standing, walking and running around. Friends (a couple) had joined the Shopping Challenge held at Orchard Central today which started at 4pm. A group of us had went down to give them support and to “vote” for them. The rules of the game is, the teams (12 teams) were given $400 voucher and they had to buy at least 1 apparel, 1 accessory, 1 bag and 1 pair of shoes to dress one of the team member. The theme was to dress up for a Friday and a party after that. So they started and we tagged along, me helping to take photographs on the way. But though tired, it was really fun!! I definitely had a very enjoyable day running around. And there’s also Pierre Png and Rebecca Lim (as the judges)!

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Food – Muffet’s Room @ Icon

It’s lunch time and everywhere is crowded, especially in the CBD area. Met my girlfriend for lunch around Tanjong Pagar area before going for my meeting at Commonwealth, which seems so far away. She had wanted to bring me to one of the restaurants at Icon, but as we walked along the rows of restaurants, it seems like everywhere is PACKED with people. So we decided to cross the road to the foodcourt at Amara Hotel. But to our surprise, it seems like Amara Hotel is closing for a renovation, at least for the shops area. It’s the last day before they closed, and there’s only 2 stalls left open, which we didn’t really feel like going. So we went back to Icon and look at it’s directory and found this Muffet’s Room, which is situated at the side of Icon, at some rather not crowded area.

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Blog #0068

Just a glance and a short chat, not for long, can’t be long. For the pain and the longing had secretly crept in. And the tears welling up, ready to gush out. There’s a need to run away. Quick.

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