Blog #0091

Finally on my way to an extremely short holiday at Genting! Was quite a last minute plan but I think I need and deserve it although a further and longer trip might be a lot better. I already passed the Woodlands checkpoint and is now on my way there on a coach. Couldn’t really sleep. What can I do…

Bored. I need some entertainment.

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Thoughts – Freedom to Love

As I stepped into my room, I couldn’t help but noticed that colourful package on top of my cabinet. My belated birthday present from my sister, I’m quite sure about it. I had requested for her to get a pink earphone after she asked me what I want for my birthday this year. And to my surprise, she got FIVE for me! And it’s all different!

Yes, that’s my beloved sister, my one and only sister (elder). The one I knew for my whole life, the one that dotted on me ever since I’m born. She never really say it out but I could feel it. She’s always there, if you need her.

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Blog #0090

Things are getting more fun! And I’m getting so lazy. This job is definitely not for me. Yes, it’s a job, not a career. Luckily I’ve got other things to keep myself REAL busy nowadays! I’m SOOOOOOO GOOD! Oh, my thoughts are in random. Let you know soon, I hope. Pray that I can gather my thoughts and energy, and finished it ALL up!

One step at a time but multi-tasking extremely a lot of things. Oops.

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Shopping – Online Shopping @ JE551

There’s always a risk in buying things online, especially if it involves in a lot of money. So for me, even though I buy things online, I will not get those that cost too much. I started buying online clothes from Hong Kong after I realised that I don’t really have the time to literally go shopping (especially for the past few months). Sadly but I guess it happens to a lot of other people too.

Most of the time, I usually bought the clothes from an online wholesale shop which I frequent for quite a while until I found this shop – JE551. Seriously, you wouldn’t miss it if you went searching for “wholesale clothes” in google. I knew about this site quite a long time ago and it seems reliable, but somehow, I just didn’t buy anything from this shop until last week, where I went through it rather in detail and found 2 things – there’s a WIDE varieties and it’s cheaper for the same design that I got from my usual shop. And thus, I decided to try for it even though the minimum amount is a little bit more (around S$50).

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Food – VivItalia @ COURTS Tampines

Just had a really fun time participating in the “LAST HOURLY PROMOTION” by COURTS @ Tampines. And Woohoo! We bought a 32″ Samsung LCD TV! But well, that’s not important. The most important now is to FILL UP THE STOMACH!

And there seems to be only one available (and nearest) restaurant in that building, which is none other than the VivItalia. I’d never tried this before, and in fact, haven’t even heard of it before. But since it was almost closing time and we were famished, we decided to just try the food out.

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Blog #0089

Okay, this will probably the first and the last BBQ I’ll ever have with this group. LMAO.

Today, after a few weeks of planning, we finally had our first officially BBQ, with only the people from our gang! So happily, we finally all arrived at the newly bought condo of one of them, and settled at the BBQ pit at around 6pm. Well, it’s actually not really too late. But anyway, we spent 2.5 hours trying to set up the fire. Don’t ask me why, it’s due to various reasons. LMAO. And then after that we finally started BBQ-ing!

BUT! I think it’s been too long since we all BBQ-ed, because the otah, chicken wings and sotong all doesn’t seem that totally cooked initially. Luckily after that it got a lot better. I just hope I don’t get a diarrhoea tomorrow. LMAO.

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Shopping – Tai Hong Hung @ Lucky Plaza

I just burnt a really BIG hole in my pocket again but it’s definitely worth it! Well, it’s my mum’s 60th birthday, yes, 2 weeks ago. So this is what me and my sister got for her – a ladies Rolex watch.

We’d searched for a long time but couldn’t find one that’s nice and within our budget, and thus the delay. In the end, after going in circles, we still ended up getting the one we saw initially.

The price was relatively good compared to the other models. It’s just too bad that we couldn’t get it in white surface (though I preferred the black one) because it had been discontinued. And the pink one looks horrible and it looks more like light brown.

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Shopping – OG @ Albert Street

It must be the combination of the air-con and the extremely hot weather that causes the terrible headache that occurred after the short nap. I took leave today to accompany my mum for shopping, which I hadn’t done that for a long time. So, we went to her ever favourite shop – OG. Till now, I have no idea what OG meant and I never really bother to find out. All I knew was, this brand had been there for a really long time, since I was young. And then after that, I just defined it as “Old Girl” because only the aunties (mainly) will visit and buy things from there. But under the influence of my mum, I, in fact, quite like to shop there too.

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