Story – A Miracle – #0025

6 months ago…

“Hi Anna!” Jake exclaimed and waved, as he squeezed through the crowd and stood in front of Anna. “It’s such a surprise to see you here! How have you been? It’s been such a long time since we met! You here alone?”

“Oh hi!” Anna smiled. “Yes, just feeling a little bored so…”

“You want to come and join us? My friends are over there,” he interrupted and pointed to a group of guys standing outside a pub.

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Movie – Into the Woods (Musical)

This is so funny! It’s the first musical play that I’d watched since my school days and it’s definitely entertaining enough for me! And it’s the first time I watched it at Esplanade!! But as it was the same day as the NDP Rehearsal, the parking was full everywhere and we had to park at Shaw Towers, and almost run on our way there. But luckily we reached just 10 minutes before the musical starts.

Anyway, this musical, “Into the Woods”, is a combination of a few fairy tales, which includes Cinderella, Jack & the Bean Stalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and a Baker & his wife. The story is about the Baker & his wife who longed for a child, and one fine day, the witch came and told him that a curse was put on their house because of his father. And to remove the curse, the baker and his wife must fetch 4 items for her – a glass shoe, a cow white as milk, a red hood and golden hair from a corn.

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DYK – Paper Facial Mask

Putting paper facial mask daily for hydration only is actually really good for your skin, but remember not to put it for too long! 15-20 minutes at most will do or else it will actually backfire and causes the skin to become even more dry!

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Thoughts – Career Change

I’ve always wanted a career change, especially after working for 6 years in this line. Information Technology is definitely not my forte. But what else can I do? A friend asked me recently to join his company as an Interior Designer. Can I do that? I wonder… Yes, I can if I wanted to for I think I’m a more creative person and has always had a keen interest in interior design, fashion design, graphics design etc. Yes, it’s a wide range, but to me, its all designing.

But then… it’s not so easy to change as and when you like it. Especially if you are living in a country where money seems to be everything.

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Blog #0106

I attempted again, and this is my second time. I tried and it’s still the same. I examined it a little bit in more detail, in the hope that I can find a way to get it off. But alas… it’s too sturdy for me, for the spoon that I held in my hands. What can I do next?…

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Food – Emerald Hill No. 5 @ Somerset

Sometimes, the one person that you can trust, turns out to be lying to you. Something that you always thought to be true, isn’t that true too. Some hopes just vanished when the reality fell in… That’s where probably a drink with friends will cheer you up a little, de-stress you a little and get you away from all the troubles… a little…

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Blog #0105


I’m supposed to sleep early tonight after having a nice relaxing facial but in the end, you kicked up a fuss out of nothing! CRAP!!!!!!

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Movie – When Hainan Meets Teochew

This is definitely one of the funniest and nicest local productions I’d ever seen, starring Lee Chau Min (a.k.a. Hainan Kia), Tan Hong Chye (a.k.a. Teochew Mei), YEO Yann Yann (Hainan Kia’s ex-girlfriend)!

The movie is about a manly woman (Hainan Kia) and a womanly man (Teochew Mei) who happens to stay in the same block. One fine day, when Teochew Mei was walking at the ground floor, a bra dropped down on his head, and at the same time, he stroked first prize in 4D. So, he took the bra back, considered it as a “lucky bra” and kept it.

Hainan Kia then went around searching for her bra and distributed notifications around her block. And due to some reasons, she suspected Teochew Mei to be the one who took it, and thus went to his house (he’s a tenant) to search for it. They ended up arguing and Teochew Mei got “kicked” out by his weird landlord and that’s how everything started, when Hainan Kia offered him to stay at her vacant room that used to be her ex-girlfriend’s.

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