Blog #0144

Another week gone, and I just finished my really late dinner. Thanks to the guy who always criticized people for not having a sense of time. Well, still, I’m glad that I finally had my dinner, and that someone else is there to keep me company while I’m starving.

Anyway, now, he’s sort of arguing with our Interior Designer on the phone. Was kind of shock when I stepped into my new house last Saturday. The whole living room was GREENISH. Didn’t expect the Apple White to turn out so green, especially when my ID mentioned that it’s only a TINGE of green. No no, my concept is supposed to be white, not that green. So now, we wanted to repaint, and the ID is charging us for an additional of $350! Nonsense. Well, not my forte to argue, so there he goes…

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Blog #0143

It’s only 2pm in the afternoon. I hadn’t done much things since the morning except to update this blog. Not the pictures yet. Haven’t got the time too. Too occupied with too many things, and I’m not feeling exactly all that good. Wish I can hug him but probably it’s not going to happen that soon yet.

Work, Personal, Finance. Messy.

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Blog #0142

Sigh… I think it’s just my luck. It’s alright if I never get to win an iPad 2, since I never get to win anything in lucky draw. But why do I need to be bitten?

I was walking and waiting at a traffic light with my mum, sister and auntie, and am on my way to my company’s D&D when I suddenly felt a sharp pain around my knee area and naturally just swept my hand off my knee, where I knew I hit something but ain’t sure what it is. The next moment, the pain grew and I was limping across the road, complaining of the pain at every step.

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Blog #0141

Sometimes, things can really get rather frustrating when you get feeds of information only at intervals or when things happened instead of everything right at the beginning. It’s a disruption, definitely, to the course of work. What’s worse is, someone mentioned a problem to you, and you took note of it, tried to ask and gather some more information so you can try to help and solve it, but then there’s no more reply. Sigh… how do I get things to move in this manner?

I’m not moving. I’m not pushing. I’m having PMS and I’m pissed with some of the things. Don’t pissed me further. I’m not really in that good a mood.

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Blog #0140

Okay, my brain is bloated yet again, though I received some really nice and sweet SMSes that seem to ease away some of the many problems that kept coming my way. There’s too many constraints for problems to be solved easily. Current operations are still going on and cannot be disrupted. Yet things can’t proceed in a straight fashion if it cannot be disrupted. Alternatives are limited by the distance and effective communications from the partner. Craps are accumulated by predecessors.

As I looked at the list of things to do, I couldn’t help but felt like I’m sinking because there’s a heavy load right on top of my head that’s forbidding me to float up. I couldn’t catch my breath. I’m just sinking… and sinking… and sinking…

I’m quite sure I need a break.

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Food – Song Fa Bak Kut Teh @ Rochor Centre

This was the second time that I came here for Bak Kut Teh recently. Nice? Well, it’s alright.

I’m having the Song Fa Bak Kut Teh now, at a coffeeshop in Rochor Centre. It’s located at quite an accessible place, a 5-10 minutes walk from the Bugis MRT, just directly opposite a McDonald. But now, there’s some construction going on and thus the coffeeshop was blocked. Otherwise, the view would be clear.

Anyway, this is the peppery kind. From what they told me, there seems to be the Teochew and the Hokkien type, white and peppery, and black and herbally respectively. For me, I preferred the latter, but bf preferred the white type, and thus I’m here again.

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Blog #0139

Another busy day with so many things to do. This weekend is way too hectic. Shall not plan such a busy one for next week. But… I’m not the one who planned it this weekend!

Well, it doesn’t matter anymore because it’s going to end soon. A lot of unexpected things happened this week, e.g. A close friend had given birth and thus we went over to take a look at her and the baby. Then went on to get the wedding decorations and necessities which wasn’t in our plan either.

I’m so freaking sleepy… what’s worse… there goes my Project B. *sulk*

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Food – Moo Bar & Grill @ McCallum Street

I’m waiting patiently now at the Moo Bar & Grill located at 21 McCallum Street, just opposite Amoy Food Market. Sigh…

Was supposed to meet the groom-to-be at 2.30pm, to take a shot at the place where we met in 2006. But then he was late and ended up, my sister, her friend and I had to wait for him. There weren’t much restaurants with air-con that was open for business on a Sunday there, so we ended up here. After all, what can we expect on a Sunday in a Business District area where there’s mainly offices around.

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