Blog #0164

It’s around 2.30pm. Outside, the whole sky is dark and it’s raining heavily. For days and probably weeks, it had been like that. But nonetheless, it doesn’t affect me that much. My mood is still relatively good and not dampen by the weather. After all, would I ever? Since I like rainy days, even though I need to work.

It’s only 2.30pm. 3 more hours to go but my eyes could hardly open. The sleeping bug must had infected me around 2 weeks ago for since around then, every afternoon had been rather unbearable for me, to try and keep my eyes open. Unforeseen pains and aches seem to appear at every part of me. Is this a sign of getting old?

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Blog #0163

Stupid idiot. Sometimes I really wonder why I’m marrying such a brainless idiot!

If you are that smart, then you should settle everything! It’s not as if you are the only one that’s busy in this whole world. Bloody hell!

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Blog #0162

Suddenly, I really meant suddenly, the space around me just spiralled for 2 seconds.

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Story – A Miracle – #0031

“And what?”

“Well… there’s a few cute guys…”

“You crap! No wonder you didn’t BOTHER to pick or return my call!” Gab exclaimed.

“Hey, it’s not that. It’s just not nice to call…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Don’t bother to explain,” interrupted Gabriella. “So?”


“That’s it?”

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Blog #0160

I guess it’s normal to feel the whole body aching after a whole day of “exercising” yesterday… Or is it just because I’m getting old? O.O”’

It’s Monday again. Damn it.

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Blog #0159

Damn bloody tiring after spending the whole day cleaning up the house. But I would say, it really is fun, and in a way, nice to clean the house together with my soon-hub-to-be.

The renovation is almost done, at least the most bulk of it. There’s only some defects here and there which we are still trying to get our contractor to fix. And seriously, it’s hard work to get them to fix. Sigh…

It’s already so late now. Hungry…

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Pregnancy – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

I’m never really a staunch believer of chinese medicine, especially when most of its medicines come with a bitter taste, which definitely isn’t my kind of tea. But as I set out to start my new adventure, I decided to try it with an open mind. After all, I didn’t want my plan to fail. So that’s what I did, choosing the nearest TCM and looked for the one with the most experience.

I had to do it earlier since everyone told me it takes at least about 3 months to tune your health back. So it started somewhere in March, and then for the following 6 months, I obeyed what the doctor said. Drinking packets of powdered bitter medicine thrice daily. Cutting down on spicy, fried and cold food. No cold drinks at all (which will make the womb “cold” and thus difficult to conceive”). Tried to sleep before 11pm (which is supposed to be the BEST medicine according to the doctor). Tuning my body to ensure the best environment for my baby. And TADA! I’m pregnant! What’s even more amazing is, my friend who went with me for the past 6 months, got pregnant too!

Of course, it could possibly be helping just a small percentage or just a coincidence that both of us were pregnant around the same time. But I feel that there really is not much harm in trying since the medicine helps to tune the body more than inserting artificial germs or viruses.

And indeed, after that few months of downing the medicine, I do feel my body getting better, and there wasn’t much menses cramps anymore. Oh yes, if your menses always have lumps of blood, or bad cramps, it’s probably time for you to visit one too.

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