Blog #0187

Accomplished the list of things today:

  • Updated the wedding itinerary
  • Collated the list of background wedding songs
  • Created the seating arrangement for the dinner
  • Went for my trial make-up and finished all arrangements for actual day

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Thoughts – “Things” Like Crowd

I’m sleeping really early tonight. Am already lying on my bed with my eyes half closed, and the brain in the process of shutting down. Today, is an extremely busy day for me. I have no idea why, either. It just seems and feels like, “things” don’t like to be alone. They like crowds. What do I mean by “things”? Basically, it’s all the to-do’s.

I can’t exactly say that my job is very relaxing, but it sure gives me quite a lot of free time, or should I say (more accurately), time to do my things slowly with not so many mistakes.

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Blog #0186

As I lied on my bed, I couldn’t help but felt good. Good because I finally said it out, after bottling up and trying to keep it from my mum for weeks. Her reactions? Well, surprise definitely. But at the same time, I guess, somewhat, she had already expected this outcome. And the next reactions she have? Giggles and giggles. She just find the whole thing extremely funny. That’s how weird my mum is.

Anyway, doesn’t matter. I still feel good. And better because I’ve got a company! How can things get so coincidental…

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Blog #0185

I just finished puking out half of my breakfast, which consists of a cup of milo with cereal in it. Thanks to the phlegm that’s been causing the mild cough. I need to have a healthier diet. It’s less than 18 days and I can’t afford to be sick at this point. No matter what, even without that, I still can’t be sick.

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Blog #0184

Was being questioned again. What do you want me to say?

Something is indeed amiss but I have no idea even if you were to continue and press me for an answer. So I would rather choose an easier and less torturous route for both you and I. I’m okay, you don’t have to worry. You’ll be alright too. You will never get involved.

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Blog #0183

I’m munching at my Hello Panda biscuit now… one of the pathetic few things that I’m still entitled to eat. Somehow, the appetite had gone hay-wired, with the extra gas and juice that came along with the gastric, and also because of the drawing date.

How hay-wired was it? Well, let’s see… I’d dumped my fish (almost all sorts, especially salmon), so are all those spicy food, especially those with lemon grass. Powdered milk gave me LS, and fried & oily food doesn’t seem appetizing anymore. That’s it… what am I left with?

Hardly anything left since I’m a fan of spicy and fried food. Good gracious! How long will all these last? Make the gas go, at the least…

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Thoughts – Memory Lane

What can I say… It’s already been a year… I hope that you are fine, and most importantly happy…

Sitting down in front of my computer in the office, yet my mind is a blank. Tried to concentrate to clear my work but it didn’t help. Somehow, the mind seems to automatically switch back to the past. The things that happened for the past year.

It’s already November. A month plus more and it would be the start of a NEW year. So what have I done this year?

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