Blog #0293

It’s up, uP and UP! After taking a one year break to settle (mainly) my own personal things, it’s time to shift the focus a little and tidy up a little too (added the Shop’s link in this website)!

MORE THINGS COMING UP! Life is FINALLY getting a little exciting! *LOL*


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Thoughts – Avoiding the Conflicts (with MIL)

Sometimes I wonder, why do I have to do my household chores so sneakily?

It’s still before 9am, and I’m already awake and had changed and washed the sofa towel, and it’s hanging now to dry. “Febreezed” the sofa pillows, wiped and cleaned the stove and kitchen top, as well as dusted the shelves around the house.

But why? It’s drizzling now and the weather is so nice to sleep and yet I’m not lying cozily on my bed with the lil’ hub on a Saturday morning…

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Blog #0292

6.05am – Never slept well and now I’m awake. Not that I’m not sleepy but the sleeping angle doesn’t seem right again. Luckily today is a Friday.

7.27am – I can confirm that I’m in a bad mood due to the lack of sleep. Stay away…

8.01am – Met a stupid couple at the car park’s lift.

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Blog #0291

9.09am – Woo… my admin is finally back at work after a 3-days MC. I just hope she really totally recovered and won’t pass the virus to me. I’m relatively weak, I admit. Anyway, am glad that she’s back.

Saw the invitation by my boss for discussion on the procedures this afternoon. Damn. I really got no time to rest. Second quarter is ending soon. I would say… I haven’t done much on those goals that I set at the start of this quarter. Why? Because I’m bombarded with sudden requests on reports, and more reports. I think I did at least 3 reports. Sigh…

Spending a bit of time to plan my things now first…

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Shopping – Watsons @ NEX

GOOD JOB! I just spent the past 1 hour shopping, queueing and paying for my necessities, and waiting for the shuttle bus! And the bravo thing is… I HAVEN’T HAD MY LUNCH YET! Great… nice one… *LOL*

There’s the “Preview Sale” for Watsons’s Member today, and it’s ONLY today. So, like an auntie (and I think I’m really becoming more and more like one), I went to NEX alone during my lunch time, just to see if I can get some good offers on the things that I’m aiming for, which is actually just ONE – my SUKIN organic shampoo.

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Blog #0290

9.18am – Upbeat Wednesday!! *Listening to the POP songs* Damn… missed going clubbing… hmm… Need to think of something to “fulfill” this “craving”. *LOL*

11.18am – Just came back from the ladies, and the cleaning lady commented that my tummy is big for a 6-month. Hmm… is it, really? Why do I heard so many people telling me that my tummy is big? But… but… little milkie weighs only at 717g? O.O

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Blog #0289

Pausing on my work and taking a short break to hum the normal tune that I did for little milkie. She… for the whole of today… had been kicking me non-stop, especially when I sat down. I really mean almost non-stop, like now.

Thub. Thub. Thub… it goes… on my tummy. Yes, it’s a great feeling but not when you are trying hard to concentrate on work. *LOL* I mean, I won’t be pissed with her. Just a little amused. It’s as if she’s trying to get my attention. So cute.

So here I go… humming the tune and patting on my tummy… And amazingly, when I did that. She stopped kicking. But once I stop, she starts. Interesting huh?

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Blog #0288

6.45am – Yeah yeah! I’m going to have my McDonald’s breakfast today with the lil’ hub! Woohoo! Wake up, wake up!

8.31am – I’m doing my BIG business in the toilet now and then suddenly everything went BLACK! It’s the second time that it blacked out while I’m doing it half way. Wonder what’s happening outside. Seems to have quite a lot of sounds… Hmm… Let’s see how long it’ll take for the power to be restore.

8.33am – Not too bad. It’s UP! And I’m almost done too. *Phew*

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