Blog #0322

7.23am – Something seems amiss. Instead of showing my blog, the designs are all gone! And then I’ll be directed to another site to download activex.exe… Is my websites infected with virus? Well, at least that was what happen when I viewed it with my iPhone. Now I’m investigating it. Hope it’s not the case…

8.54am – Damn… the website(s) had really been compromised. Urgh. Now I need to know how to backup the data. And… let’s hope nobody download the “ActiveX.exe”… There’s nothing I can do now.

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Movie – American Pie: Reunion

Oh! This is definitely BAD education for little milkie!! *LOL*

Well, we (my lil’ hub, sister and friend) just finished watching “American Pie: Reunion” at GV Yishun. Originally had wanted to watch “The Avengers” but I guess the hype is a little bit too much such that the tickets were grabbed up so fast for tonight, that there’s only the first 3 rows left. No, definitely not for a pregnant me. I don’t intend to tilt my neck for that 1 hour plus just to watch a movie.

I still can remember the first time I watched it, they still checked my IC =.=”’ I’m definitely 21 by then…

Anyway, it’s the familiar and hilarious “American Pie” series which started somewhere in 1999, when they were still really young and exploring about “sex”. This time round, it’s the reunion! The casts are still the same (which I’m glad) except now you can see they’ve all grown a lot older (at the end of the movie, it showed photos of them in the first 2 movies).

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Blog #0321

10.49am – Good (LATE) morning! Came in to office and an issue caught me immediately, and thus the lateness to start writing. Seems like work (or issues) had been picking up which resulted in the delayed in blogging. Anyway, since this morning, there seems to be a lot of things happening. Firstly, my boss is on leave, the contract staff is on MC, and another colleague will be late for work. Continue reading “Blog #0321”

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Thoughts – Talking Behind ‘A’ Back

We were walking towards the car, on our way out for our dinner. The lil’ hub was talking to his mum, trailing behind me. I wasn’t really listening even though my MIL’s voice was a little too loud for me to ignore. But then it was something that she said, that caught my attention.

“Never let the MIL look after the grandkids and put into nursery.”

“Not filial.”

“So old and still working.”

Ah… I finally got it…

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Thoughts – Benefits of Antenatal Course

After attending our 4th antenatal class, I would say… I’m really glad that I joined (and grabbed the lil’ hub too), especially and probably for my first baby, and that is none other than little milkie.

The course basically gave you a brief idea on what to note, what is happening and what you can do when scenarios arised. Of course you can’t possibly expect that they cover everything, but that brief idea, is probably enough.

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Food Subway @ Mount Alvernia Hospital

It’s SUBWAY! And now they are having a promotion – COMBO, which includes a 6-inch sandwich and a cup of soft drink, and all these cost ONLY S$5.00!!! I’m not sure when this is going to end, but it sure if worth it!

Don’t tell me you haven’t eat the sandwich in Subway before?!

Well, basically, there’s quite a selection of different sandwich that you can choose from. You can even choose the kind of bread that you want, and what not to put inside. After the whole selection process, they will wrap it up immediately for you. It’s really FRESH!

My favourite is the parmesan cheese bread, which gives you some cheesy taste. And then I’ll definitely choose my honey mustard as the sauce.

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Blog #0320

7.38am – Yup. Time to wake up and do the weekly routine… Woohoo… I’m so enjoying it…

9.14am – STOP STARRING AT ME LIKE THAT! WTF! I’m HITTING MY LIMITS OF YOU KEPT STARING AT ME WHEN I’M DOING SOMETHING! F! And you STILL continued to stare after I asked you, “Mother, why?” TWICE in a roll!! WTF?!!

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Blog #0319

8.56am – A GOOD MORNING TO ALL! With a greeting such as that, it won’t be difficult to know that I’m in a relatively good mood. Why is that so? Because today is FRIDAY! And my boss is working from home. The new contract staff won’t be coming in today because his dad got chest pain (though I hope it wasn’t for that reason), and my privacy area expanded again! Then I’ve got a new idea at 5.30am this morning! Will be working on that later. Yes yes I know, I don’t have the time. But then again, I need to keep myself occupied or else my mood will just go down hill…

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