Blog #0349

9.29am – Just had my filled and back to the office. Let’s see… I think I should call Stemcord now and check things out before I start doing my work. Otherwise… there seems to be something pending there and I won’t be able to concentrate. It’s THURSDAY! And the last day of May, which means, I can officially start counting down! One month, to the first week of July, my EDD. Woohoo! *So looking forward to it*

10.05am – There really IS something wrong with that system of mine. There’s an error which can’t be solved but today, when I saved it as another version, it ACTUALLY WORKS! To take note, I never change anything at all.

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Blog #0348

8.52am – The closing of another quarter. The renewing of (LOTS OF) contracts. Everybody losing their mind as they struggled to have the reports done. Hmm…

Early in the morning, as I reached the office, I was “dragged” into the room and interrogated by my boss on any problem encountered by the admin. Well, honestly, not that I know of. But then somehow, apparently, the boss, and boss’s boss ain’t very please with her performance due to the errors that she made. I mean, as her “lunch kakis”, I tried to defend her but there’s only that much that I can do because… hmm… how to say… It’s been quite a while since she’s that careless. So all I could do was listen… and probably talk to her later. There’s that one thing which she normally doesn’t do – to tell the boss when you face a problem. At least, that’s what I realised after talking to her for quite a long time.

Anyway, I need to get back to my work too. Something’s wrong with the report. Or either that, the actual performance of our IT team. But first, let me try and grab my the IT director.

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Blog #0347

7.16am – Hmm… little milkie is especially quiet this morning… *tap tap my tummy*

7.57am – Like what I just told the lil’ hub. I think comparatively… I still prefer little milkie to do her daily stunts lest I start to worry if she’s alright or not. ESPECIALLY when she slept so early yesterday night.

8.24am – Crap. I’ve got a still haven’t recovered person sitting beside me. Let’s hope I don’t get any virus from him. I get sick relatively quite easily.

8.45am – Oh crap. Another haven’t totally recovered person sitting beside-beside me. Gee… why do I feel the virus all coming straight at me already?

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Blog #0346

7.03am – I mean, not that I can choose it. I ain’t that sick, just feeling a bit low, with headache due to the not-so-good sleep and of course, the lack of it. But since my hips are still in pain, I decided to take it with the lil’ hub.

But alas. Bad day to decide to take mc. Bad day…

I woke up, and emailed my boss and the admin about my mc. And then only to read the SMS by the contract guy, who sent it at 3am in the morning. He, too, will be on mc due to a high fever. It wouldn’t be a problem until when I decided to text the admin, which luckily I did. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know that she, TOO, is on mc, due to the Sundown Run that quite a number of people went that day. Half way, it rained and lots of people got sick. So that’s it. My team, all down. So who’s going to generate the report?

Sigh… being me, and being the one that’s more “mobile”, I volunteered to generate the report. And so… I requested for the lil’ hub to send me to the office to pick up my lappie… I don’t have a choice.

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Thoughts – Week 34 Day X

It’s early in the morning and my mind is already filled with tons of work, as I tried to strike off the items off the TO-DO list. But then, there’s always time for writing, isn’t it? Especially if I want to write on the amazing things that’s happening to my little milkie & me.

I’m currently at my week 34 at X number of days since I don’t have an exact EDD (Expected Due Date). Well, I supposed the experienced gynae didn’t want to pin-point an exact date since he’s not for sure when she will be due either. And as far as I saw from the last appointment with him last week, the EDD seems to be different for all the places that he measured (on little milkie).

So now what?

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Blog #0343

7.07am – It’s soooooooooo itchy. How? My tummy is itching like nobody’s business. I mean, it’s just MY business anyway…

8.46am – This is what happens when one aims for perfection, while another BIG lot just care about themselves. Soon, the “CYA” behaviour will appear. No idea what “CYA” meant? It stands for “Cover Your Ass”.

9.13am – Just a day working from home, and I’d accumulated at least 6 more things to do, and it’s not really small. Surely there’s some pros and cons in working from home huh? Sigh… Since I stepped into office this morning at 8.15am, I hadn’t stopped discussing till now. Tons of work to do but only 3 more weeks + 2 days left. Gee… I wonder if I can managed to clear it.

Am glad though, that I received (so quickly), my “retail therapy” products already. So nice of the receptionist to put it under my table. ^^ Hmm… I think my mum will kill me, if she knew about all these sprees…

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Blog #0342

7.43am – My parents probably shouldn’t had gave me a Chinese name that sounds like “timid” in a certain way, because in actual fact, I AM rather timid. And great, I just got frightened by my MIL this morning as I walked pass her room. She stood motionlessly and quietly beside her door, staring out at me as I walked pass… And the response I got from her? “You got a fright.” Yes, mother, obviously. Since you can see me literally “jumped” a bit. My bet. I shouldn’t have looked into her room as I pass by (a daily habit to see if she’s out for her morning exercise). Damn it.

8.33am – RAINBOW!! I SAW A RAINBOW!! AHHH!!! Oh, didn’t I tell you it’s a nice morning, after a (I supposed) heavy rain?

8.44am – Back at parents’ house. Computer set up. More or less can start work other than for the fact that my dad “stole” the fan from my room again. So now it’s like… SO BLOODY HOT!!! Anyway, good morning! Time to get cracking!

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Thoughts – Shirking Responsibility

I woke up this morning, still not feeling exactly normal nor fine. And the thought of the meeting that I had with the Project Managers yesterday morning, somehow, just made me even more demoralised with the work that I’m doing. Oh yes, I definitely felt like hammering them, not all, just one or two, the usual ones.

To me, whatever that they said, its purely just shirking responsibility.

Is it NOT normal for a Project Manager to check and ensure that all the deliverables are available and valid? Why, then, do they have to push it to their subordinates? Or else, to the PMO? As a PMO, we are only supposed to “audit” selectively, and not for all. WHY then, route it to us, especially when the steps before already ensured that the deliverables are valid?

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