Blog #0382

The time is 1.46am and I’m still fully awake. Thanks to the left-over pizza from earlier on, and the two naps that I had today. Somehow, the mood doesn’t seem extremely good. Maybe the hormones are playing games again.

Had been surfing the Internet for the past hour and went through some crafting websites. Sigh… Where’s mine? And when am I starting on all those projects that I had in mind?

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Thoughts – Handling Individual’s Problems

The fatigue overwhelms me once again. Must had been the lack of sleep last night after spending hours decoding whether are those real contractions or not and wondering when is the time to head to the hospital. With that z-monster occupying my head now at this moment, I hadn’t had the mood to handle my own problems and work, how will it be possible to handle yours?

On the way back home just now, the lil’ hub complained about his work and colleagues all the way continuously. From A to B, then to C. It’s not the first time, I’d heard it in numerous occasions and sometimes, almost every other day. Nevertheless, I let him continued, but without any or much feedback from me, which is normally not the case.

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Thoughts – Signs of Labour

I wished so much that someone could have guided a bit more on this part. When should one go to the hospital in the case of real labour?

I don’t need to know about the obvious, such as water bag bursting or there’s blood coming out. What about the frequencies of the contractions? Strength? How painful is it going to be?

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Food – Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Iluma

I’m FINALLY out after being grounded for almost 2 weeks! *Phew* So glad that I still can “attack” from my dad’s side. Otherwise I probably will be bored to death at home once again. But anyway, I didn’t expect it to be that tiring to walk for just an hour or two.

We came out from the house at around 12pm, and then walked for just 30 minutes before we sat down for lunch. And then 1-2 hours later, I can feel the strain on both my legs and feet already.

Anyway, now we (my parents and I) are comfortably sitting down at the Coffee Bean @ Iluma, sipping our drink and having some cakes. This is what I called, “Enjoying Life”. ^^

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Blog #0381

9.21am – After almost a whole day of constant contractions yesterday (which I guessed it should be the Braxton Hicks), little milkie is still happily comfy in my tummy! *LOL* Hmm… I wonder if I should try and convince my mum to go out today. I’m so darn bored. Today is Friday and I’d already messaged the temp guy. If he never reply, then that’s it. I’m not going to help on anything. Woohoo! It’s the start of another counting of contraction day! I seriously wonder if I’ll missed all the cues for the signs of labour.

9.24am – Yeah! No work today!

10.19am – (Me): Which law states that preggy lady can’t go out to shop? (Mum): *smiling* My law… (Me): =.=”’ *let’s “attack” from dad’s side later…*

12.03pm – I’m OUT! *LOL* See you guys!

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Blog #0380

8.17am – Just received an SMS from my admin saying that the temp guy will be going in late to the office today. Sigh… Attitude showing? I seriously don’t really want to be racist and link these 2 totally diffrent issues up. But from my past experience with all those people working under me, this is the FIRST time I get someone of a different race and the FIRST time I find someone relatively irresponsbile, and either not turning up (for some reasons) or coming in late or looking extremely tired and couldn’t really concentrate at work. Maybe, I should have chose the other guy instead.

8.48am – I’m going to deliver anytime and yet the lil’ hub is still thinking of going for dinner with his friend and colleagues today and tomorrow. Sometimes, he can really made me damn moody…

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Blog #0379

8.49am – Oh yes, I know. Of course I know. You are my lil’ hub, of course I know and expected that you won’t like your breakfast yesterday. That’s why I came out to prepare earlier this morning. ^^

10.22am – Received an SMS from work again. I wonder what happened this time… Seems like almost everyday, I’ll receive one SMS from them. Sigh… It sometimes really feel like I’m still working. Anyway, haven’t received any reply yet, so I’m going to start doing my own things for now. And yes, my little milkie is not out yet. Excited? Hmm… Like I mentioned, somewhat the excitement is gone. Maybe at the point where I feel the pain, then I’ll get excited. For now, I’ll just wait and get grounded at home.

10.32am – Sigh… need to do a conference call after lunch. Bleh. Sigh… whatever, let’s play D3 for a while. Anyway, I leveled up to 60 yesterday night! So little milkie, it’s time for you to come out? ^^

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Blog #0378

8.15am – It’s a Tuesday morning, and once AGAIN, I’m STILL around! Yippee! Erm… Hmm…

Seriously, it doesn’t seem that fun anymore to guess when little milkie is going to come out. I’m already in my week 38-39, and she really seems to be very comfy inside. Of course, I wouldn’t want to rush her to come out, she can just take her time. BUT, the anticipation is somewhat killing me (and maybe the rest of the people). And since, it’s been almost a week after I started my maternity leave, and that I had been rotting most of the time instead of doing something useful. I FINALLY decided that from TODAY ONWARDS, I shall not waste my time by just purely waiting… I need to get things cracking, and as if I’m not waiting. Yes, that’s the agenda for today. PLAN & EXECUTE!

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