Blog #0452

10.02am – The lady beside me is scolding her maid, yet again… Poor thing… I meant both the lady and her maid. Couldn’t blame the lady since apparently there’s some issues with the maid. Couldn’t blame the maid because she’s born this way. Hmm…

10.11am – Meeting. Urgh. Seems like the brain-washing process.

10.27am – This is like a meeting between 2 person, instead of 8. WTF.

11.40am – I foresee problems approaching… and I have a need to run to the loo now… *POOF!*

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Blog #0451

Sometimes, the simplest thing in life, which you thought that everyone should know… in the end… they don’t know… =.=”’

  • Do you know how to differentiate between a turtle and a tortoise? 
    A: I know! One lives on land, and one lives in water!
    B: The shape is different?
    Me: Turtles have webbed feet, like flipper. Tortoises have short legs.
  • What is the meaning of “restless”?
    A: Lethargic
    Me: Don’t feel like resting or sitting down.
  • A: I’m a spendthrift. I don’t anyhow spend money.
    Me: WTH.
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Thoughts – Showing Appreciation

It’s Tuesday today, and the farewell lunch for our CIO was over. Milk pumping completed. Photos selected and transferred. And now, am grabbing some time to write (more of complaining) some thoughts down.

Showing appreciation – something that one should do if he/she asked another for help, or if that someone volunteered for it. It’s a simple and polite thing to do, to make this pathetic world a little better.

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Blog #0449

9.03am –  Happy Hari Raya! Today is a public holiday! Woohoo! Any plans? YES! Ironing the clothes. =.=”’

10.19pm – Yes. Silence is what he likes best.

11.06pm – I never have a say in this family… It’s like right from the beginning…

For the man I love, I tried to accept and go against all the cells in my brain, my beliefs and wants that I’d held for all these years. Yet, I don’t feel a bit appreciated at all… In fact, I’m being blamed for things that I complained related to it… since I already agreed, I should always just accept and not complained anything about it. I’m supposed to swallow anything that is to come… (WTF).

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Blog #0448

10.54am – Taking a break from the work that I’m doing. Bored. Too many things in my head again.

3.35pm – I’m at a loss of words when I saw the message. To think that he gets pissed off just because we are not allowed to go for tour. So shallow. Totally incapable of empathizing on the others. And seriously, I SHOULD be the one that gets pissed off since I’m the one who wants to go and get my things instead of him. Now that I’ve got the permission to go… I felt like giving up on my dreams and just stay-put. I felt like crying.

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Blog #0447

8.34am – *screeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaammm* I FORGOT TO BRUSH MY TEETH & WASH MY FACE!!!! And I’m ALREADY OUT OF THE HOUSE! Damn it! Damn it! The lil’ hub was in the toilet sh*tting and thus I continued to do other things and change, and forgotten clean about it! ALAMAK! This is SO GROSS! >.<”’

9.06am – Let’s hope rinsing the mouth with plain water will help, and same for the face. Ah. Let’s start cracking.

10.58am – Stupid toilet. You put that sensor light to save money but can’t you please make it longer? Do you expect everyone to finish their “business” within 20 minutes??! =.=”’

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Blog #0446

9.08am – I wonder… Is drinking Essence of Chicken really useful? *Sipping it and trying to see if there’s any magic* Oh. It’s another day. Thankfully, it’s going to be a short week. Friday is a public holiday!! Good the very morning!

9.26am – Cereal done. Everything all set up. So now… it’s… TIME TO START WORK!! *So hyper today – thanks to the 2 good things – photo and mosaic*

9.59am – Okay. The easier ones are done. Now… do I want to use my brain now? Or should I wait?

10.16am – Hmm… *in deep thoughts*

11.03am – Suddenly… there seems to be a big market for it…

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Increasing the Milk Supply

It felt as if a big rock was thrown right at me after I realized that there was a sudden drop in my milk supply when I suffered from Mastitis. An inexperience first time mum, without much people to ask and not knowing where to start. Everyone was feeding me with different sets of information.

And then the following was what I concluded after experiencing and trying all out. There isn’t any sure method or prescription that will guarantee an increase in milk supply because it all depends on the individuals. But these methods definitely helped in one way or another:

  • Latch. Yes, this is the simplest way because the creator of Earth had made it so simple such that you just have to latch correctly, and you’ll ensure an abundance of milk supply. The word is “correctly”.
  • Drink lots of water. I really mean lots and lots of it. In the first place, you’ll probably just get very thirsty naturally. Soups or longan drink can be in replacement of water in the event if plain water are not allowed during confinement.
  • Massage the breasts. Do this before and during a feed/pump. This will stimulate and activate the milk flow, and thus increases the amount of milk flowing out.
  • Warm towel. Cover your breasts with a warm towel before a feed/pump. It will help to “melt” those clogged ducts and therefore a smoother milk flow. Use this together with some massaging.
  • Sleep. Babies are not the only one who should sleep a lot. Leave everything else to the others and just concentrate on breastfeeding, eating and sleeping. If you can’t have enough rest, your body and mind won’t function well at all, don’t even mention about producing milk!
  • Relax. It definitely doesn’t help to get overstress on that already low milk supply. The more stress you get, the lesser the supply will go. That’s how our brain functions. When overstress, stops all work. So, just relax and enjoy the breastfeeding process, and your baby will have enough milk. And the fallback plan? There’s always the milk powder.
  • Eat protein food. I know you are dying to get rid of that droopy tummy that once was the home of your baby. But it sure isn’t a good time to go on a diet. When there’s no input, there’s no output. If you don’t eat, where do you think the nutrients of our breastmilk come from? Eat. And eat nutritious food. Diet can always come later.
  • Think about your baby. This will help because when you think of your baby, somehow, you can feel the love you have for him/her. And your body automatically relaxes itself. Of course, it probably will bring a smile on your face too.
  • Imagine the flow of milk. The mind controls everything. If you can control and imagine the milk flow, from the body, and slowly moving out through the milk ducts, you might just find out that it actually works!
  • Empty your breasts. This is very important. Remember to empty it as much as possible because if it’s not empty, the body will just produce that little amount to fill it up. And unknowingly, the body would think that there isn’t a need to produce that much milk, and thus decrease the milk supply. How do you know if it’s empty? The breasts will feel very “light” and not engorge (swollen/full) at all.
  • Increase the number of pumps/feeds. The more you feed or pump, the more the breasts get emptied and thus, the milk supply will increase. But do note, DO NOT overdo it because it might tire your body out. If you are breastfeeding directly, you’ll probably have to follow the baby’s feeding schedule. But if you are pumping exclusively, a maximum of 8-9 pumps a day would be more than enough.
  • Herbs. Fenugreek and Mother’s milk tea are both taken by breastfeeding mothers to increase their milk supply. But seriously, there’s no guarantee. Personally, it doesn’t work for me but nonetheless I put it down here for reference as it works for some actually. If there’s any side effects (I’d never heard of any yet), please stop immediately. Would be good if you consult your lactation consultant.

Well, hope all this will help you in one way or another. Good luck!

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