Blog #0474

6.39am – Why does it feels that cold… a little damp… hmm… *Open eyes* The sky is becoming bright. Did I miss the wee hours pump AGAIN? O.O *Screaming in head*

6.45am – Did my alarm clock not ring again? Hmm… but I totally have no recollection of me hearing the alarm, and then waking up to shut it off. And then I DID increase the volume. So who switch it off for me… and never wake me up? *Stares at the ‘pig’ that’s sleeping away with the mouth wide open*

8.49am – Rushing. Rushing. Rushing. No time to rest. Ah! It’s already Friday and I haven’t finish a lot of my things! BUT which one first?!!

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Shopping – Dyel @ Vertex Tower B

Seeing the look on my face, it’s very apparent that I’m a totally satisfied customer. If only I was as slim as before (9kg lesser), I would have gotten at least double the amount! And that would also have driven my mum crazy, considering the fact that her house is cluttered with a lot of my stuffs here and there. *LOL*

Well, let’s just say I went on an extremely early lunch, dragging my admin along, to the Dyel warehouse sale, located at 33 Ubi Ave 3 (Vertex Tower B), level 6, which will be held today and tomorrow (from 11am to 7pm). From my knowledge, this is a local brand, designed by young Singaporeans. And I LOVE (to the point of adore) their unique designs. It’s just too bad that it usually cost at least $50 for a top, and $80 and above for a dress. And for me, I usually (at least I try not to) don’t buy too expensive a clothing.

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Blog #0473


9.14am – Oh my… my head is spinning… Am I that lack of sleep?

9.33am – Breakfast done! Let’s get cracking!!

9.48am – Pumping milk is really disruptive. Can hardly do much, and then it’s time to pump again. But I can’t stop! It’s little milkie’s food! And she’s so adorably cute!

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Blog #0472

8.56am – In office again, with an aching shoulder and back. Must be due to the shoulder massage yesterday at the facial session. Freaking tired now. Why the hell did I stay up so late yesterday night for? =.=”’ Shall try and sleep earlier tonight. Shall try and achieve more things today. Shall try and clear the emails now! Shh… don’t disturb me. *LOL* Good morning!! Zao an!! Ohayou!! Bonjour!! Shall I take up Korean? *LOL* ^^

9.25am – Ooooh… Baby wakes up only now… Is she starting to skip the wee hours feed?

9.32am – Stupid outlook kept hanging… Urgh!

10.33am – Indeed… it is quite scary to suddenly hear a laughter just beside you… I’m glad… it’s not at night…

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Thoughts – Early Reflections 2012

Sometimes I wished so much that there’s a device attached to my brain which can help me to type out all my thoughts instantly, any time, any where. And then beep away some of the *cough* not so nice words. Ah… How nice would that be? But then again, I’m afraid I might crashed the system with my waves of thoughts almost continuously. Oh yes, the problem with the yin water element. And oh yes, my little milkie’s probably going to be the same like me. Ah. Seriously wonder if that’s a good or a bad thing. And to think that I was still praying that my baby would be the same as me when she’s still in my womb. What am I thinking…

Anyway, life’s good but just a little messy, in all aspects of my life. No, I never get into any trouble, it’s just kind of erm… disorganized? Very disorganized…

So here goes…

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Blog #0471

9.30am – A very good morning to all the peeps around the world! It’s Monday, the start of a new week, and now I’m back in office, getting ready to start my day! A pity that the holidays ended a little fast though. Nonetheless, it’s quite a nice break from everything, especially from the monotonous work that I’m doing. Had a little shock a while earlier as I checked my email – over 500+ emails in my Inbox, thanks to a colleague of mine. Had no idea what’s happening, so am going to check with him later on in our weekly meeting at 10.30am. Woo… hope by then I’ll be more awake.

Tons of work (personal or at work) awaiting for my attention now. Not sure which one to handle first. Guess that has always been my problem – handling too many things at a time. Gee… just notice the time. Think I better go and pump my milk now. Otherwise, the timing will go hay-wire later on. Sigh. Never mind. Ganbatte! (to be continued…)

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Blog #0468

8.16am – Tiny droplets of rain patted on my face as I crossed the road and made my way to the bus stop. I’m not so late, I thought. Nice way to start for a morning. By this time tomorrow, I’ll probably be in another country, thousands of miles away from the little one. Ah… I missed her already… The sweet smile which greeted me every morning. Her cute little fingers that held (sometimes scratching) on to my arms while she’s sitting on my lap. Damn. Maybe it’s not really that good an idea to go travel… but… but… but… sigh…

11.05am – Felt somewhat distracted today. The mind can’t seem to focus, and the body feels weak. Am I falling sick?

12.54pm – Slightly better after the power nap.

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Blog #0467

8.55am – I’m pretty sure it’s because I’ll be going for a holiday soon (which means I won’t have to work) that got me into such a great and hyper mood for a Monday! GOOD MORNING PEEPS! It’s a brand new week and I’m all up for it! Other than the fact that I’ll need to “abandon” my adorable little milkie behind for that few days, otherwise, I am DEFINITELY looking forward to everything. But alas, there’s still so many things pending. 2 days. Must make sure that I make full use of these 48 hours to achieve as much as possible! So let’s GANBATTE together!!

10.40am – Woo… how time flies when you are working. *LOL*

11.34am – Ah… Paper shredder’s gone…

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