Thoughts – Count Your Blessings

As I read the heartbreaking news of the two young boys that got hit by a truck, I can’t help but to thank God (or whoever) for givng me this wonderful family, and that all of them are still healthy. Of course, there’s my Goddad who passed away several years ago, but at least he died peacefully in his sleep and need not suffer.

They were still so young… age 7 and 13. The elder one had gone to fetch his brother from school, and were on their way home when they got hit by a truck. Questions came into my mind. Why did their parents let them go back on their own? Can’t they put them in the childcare or let someone take care of them? Does the truck driver needs to drive that fast?

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Blog #0517

5.10am – I lied quietly on my bed. Is it Saturday today? Hmm… I guess not… and I better don’t be lazy and wake up to pump. *Feeling the patch of dampness on my t-shirt* =.=”’

9.44am – It’s going to be another busy day, trying to clear the backlogs, and then meeting the lil’ hub for lunch (provided he’s awake by then), followed by my class at the end of the day. Another day where I don’t feel like working. But thankfully, I’m going to be on leave for tomorrow and the day after! Then again, I’ll probably be too busy trying to do up the Chinese New Year decoration. Ah… Life… it’s too monotone… and so is this blog. Cannot… I need to do something to it… *LOL*

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Blog #0516

5.36am – Such a nice beautiful Saturday morning… with both the lil’ hub and little milkie sleeping peacefully beside… … … wait a minute… … what day is today?… … O.O”’

8.28am – I’M NOT LATE TODAY! Woohoo! Managed to hitch a ride with the lil’ hub early this morning. Ah, it’s been quite a while since I reached early at work. *Giggles* Bad employee… Bad employee… *Shake head* OHAYOU GOZAIMASU! Ogenki desu ka? Ima, watashi wa shigoto desu. Minna ganbatte ne! ^^

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Thoughts – Define Your OWN Style

It’s a fine day, and I’d decided to pen down some of my thoughts first before I try to “force” myself to do some work in case it starts to pile up again.

Anyway, heard one of my colleagues, let’s call her Miss A complaining about another (Miss B), saying that Miss B kept copying her style. Example, when A shows B her new manicure, B went to did hers too. And then subsequently after that, she did it frequently too when before that, she’s not those who will do it. Then after that, when B saw that A is holding an LV wallet, she asked someone to get one for her too. Same for her Samsung note. There’s another event where B mentioned that she wanted to buy a condominium too (A stays in one).

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Blog #0515

9.55am – Feels like today would be another messed up day. Should I go to the gym today? Or should I just skip it? I’m supposed to have a pump at 10am, but then there’s a training at 10.30am. Hmm… Or maybe I should go and pump AFTER it, and try and finish it by 11.15am. Hmm… Never mind, let’s clear the emails first. 125. Let’s see how many are still outstanding.

10.42am – SWEE! Done with training! Now I shall go for my pump! *POOF*

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Blog #0514

She got so excited when she saw the book that I’m holding. Thowing away her teether and stretching out her little hands to try and reach it. It’s time for “The Three Little Pigs”. So I started to read to her, and she gazed happily at the colourful pictures, jumping every now and then in her walker. And then the amusing part came…

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Blog #0512

8.03am – Poor little thing. What should I do with you? You are afraid of me, and I’m scare of you too. You don’t let me “blow” you away, and kept staying put on the table. But with you in the way, I couldn’t do a lot of things. I won’t kill you, that’s probably the last thing that I’ll do. But what else can I do, but to use a transparent cover and put it on top of you, in the hope that someone will see and you will live, and that someone can “bring” you to where you belong. Alas… but where do you belong? Hmm…

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