Are those Milk Teeth Coming Out, YET?

It can begin as early as 3 months old or as late as 1 year old (or even later for some rare cases), that’s what I read from all over. I guess it really depends on individual.

At 6 months old, I begin to wonder when is her milk teeth coming out. There was totally no signs of it, not even just the tip of one of it. And friends had been asking me if her teeth are out because their babies one came out, not just 1 but almost all of the first 4 teeth, both older and younger than her by a few months.

I started to wonder if her diet is lack of some nutrients or minerals and thus the slow speed. But it seems like, as much as teeth will grow healthily if there’s enough nutrition etc., there’s no way the speed can be controlled. And it shouldn’t be.

So, I started to wait and finally when she’s almost 7 months, the tip of one came out. Hardly noticeable, but it’s painful when she bites your finger. What can I say? Every child is unique. There’s no point comparing how much one grows and worrying too much about it if she’s not as up to speed as the others. So long it’s not WAY out, I guess it’ll do just fine.

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Blog #0559

10.41am – Have you ever had that queer feeling where suddenly you felt a sense of deja vu? I just did, and it’s weird. It’s not the first time that I’d felt that…

Anyway, was designing on my new icon last night and then early this morning, I sent it to a friend of mine. But right after I sent it, and was appreciating it in my handphone, suddenly, it dawns on me that I’d somehow seen that picture before.

I drew that before. Or did I?

It FEELS too real to be just an imagination in my head. No. I’m pretty sure that I never drew JUST in my head. But then if that’s the case… then where is that drawing…? Hmm…

11.37am – Focus. Focus. Plan & execute. Plan & execute.


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Blog #0558

“How is everything? Better yet? You like disappear like that. Dunno dead or alive. Remarried or what.”

Well, let’s just say… I had been really… really… really… extremely… busy and fainting… BUT it’s OKAY! Because they are BACK! And I’m BACK! AND THE AUDIT IS ALMOST FINALLY OVER! ^^

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Blog #0554

We watched on as they boarded the bus one by one… Is that it? Me, lil’ hub, sis, cuz and little milkie alone for the next 5 days and 4 nights? O.O”’


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Blog #0553

10.47am – That’s the problem when you have too many things to handle. You start to miss and forget a lot of things, such as, pumping milk. =.=”’ But by the time you realized it, it’s too late because it’s time for another meeting… *screeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaammm*

12.53pm – It’s the period where things are not going right again… Right at the moment I stepped into the lift and saw my boss early this morning shows only one thing – it’s probably going to be a bad bad baaaaaad day. And true enough…

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Blog #0552

10.00am – BONJOUR! ^^

10.01am – Kyou wa, watashi no bosu ga emu-shi desu.

11.32am – Busy morning. *PHEW*

1.10pm – Had wanted to head out for lunch with my colleagues but in the end, I opted out for the fear that they’re going to take a while to be back. Yes, I’ve got too many things to rush before I go for my one week nanny break. Anyway, ate Mee Soto for my lunch just now, which wasn’t ordered by me but thankfully it tasted nice. Nonetheless, I’m alright with it. You know, sometimes it’s a lot easier if you live your life the easy-going way.


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Blog #0549

9.09am – It’s one of those days where you don’t want to be disturbed by anything or anyone, and just want to sit at a corner and do your work. It’s Wednesday, 13 March 2013. Lil’ hub got re-designated to Manager as of yesterday. I stupidly twisted my right ankle while waiting for a cab too. This morning’s been relatively okay other than the constant whining of the baby, probably due to playing too much. I K.O.ed last night.

11.21am – How’s your day today?

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Blog #0548

OH MY GOD… a colleague just asked if I’m pregnant AGAIN… >.<”’

Is my tummy really that obvious??

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