Blog #0585

2.28am – Good little sweetie, go back to sleep okay? Mummy loves you. MUAK!

8.02am – Dried poo. Oops. Did you wake up at 2am+ because you poo-ed? O.O?

9.18am – OMG. Boss texted me if I’m coming to office today. Oops again. I’m SO LATE!

9.53am – Oh. Why am I going through each and every point with them? And I thought we have already gone through with them?

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Blog #0583

10.30am – Finally got back to my seat and overheard a colleague mentioning that she wanted to sell off her dog which she got it for only a week. Sigh… if you prefer another breed of dogs, then please don’t adopt others in the first place…

Put yourself in their shoes. You are adopted, and then this family loves you. But then after a while, they gave you away and you get stuck with another family. Don’t you feel unwanted? Dogs are like humans. They know who love them, and who does not. They have feelings too. Try giving away your kids and see how they react. Sigh…

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Blog #0582

1.07am – Did I doze off…? Oops… Ah. Might as well… *Goes back to sleep*

6.33am – Sometimes, it really is quite irritating when you’ve got a baby who, for some reasons, still kept on turning and turning with her eyes closed while sleeping. Especially when you are a light sleeper.

6.53am – Crap. Did I see another scratch mark on her face? Ah… what’s wrong with her nails?? Urgh.

10.11am – Dazed.

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Blog #0581

8.45am – Crap. The paint smell is still there. Die… I’m going to suffocate for the rest of today…

9.35am – What kind of email is that??! *Puts on the armour*

9.48am – What is the kind of environment that I hated most? The kind where people played politics and have internal conflict. C’mon, our enemies should be outside the team! Why are you killing your own people? So that you can SHINE? No, it doesn’t work this way, dude!

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Blog #0580

4.38am – Oh. She’s awake. Again.

5.06am – Hmm… did little milkie just cried? I thought she’s sleeping? And the lil’ hub too. Never mind, shall check after I finished washing up the pump parts.

5.10am – I walked into the room and saw the both of them sitting up, turned their head and stared right at me. I asked what happened and the lil’ hub complained to me about little milkie not sleeping, and so he scolded her. Little milkie then rose both her arms, signalling for me to carry her. And then they kept starring at each other. WTH. =.=”’

8.42am – In office. It’s Tuesday. Good morning. ^^

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Thoughts – A Bad Day

I’ve been so looking forward to my massage and macaron class today for such a long time but alas… Didn’t expect things to turn out like this.

An exit from the car part towards the gantry could result in an accident too. Was waiting for the foreign car in front to exit but who knows, it suddenly reversed, and the lil’ hub didn’t react fast enough to stop this accident. And so it went BANG. Scratches and a broken car plate.


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Blog #0579

4.36am – Please… not again… Be a good girl and go to sleep, okay?

8.10am – One by one, they got shot in the face by this needle-like bullet, and they fell to the ground, the whole face turned red and their body frozen. They are not dead yet, just frozen. But hey, I thought there’s 4 of them, where’s the little girl? I looked up and saw her running out of the room. Wait a minute, I thought she got shot too? Or was she the one shooting the rest?

The whole place was too chaotic and all I knew at that moment was to run after the little girl…

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