Blog #0610

7.11am – It’s an ORANGE day! Random. Random.

8.55am – *PHEW!* That was closed! Almost knocked into a hanging cocoon! Not sure if it’s filled or empty inside though. *LOL* Anyway, never knocking into it probably depicts a lucky day! ^^

9.49am – Can knock off at 4.30pm today but the lil’ hub’s going for facial and subsequently going to meet his friend for dinner. Eat with Family day? Hmm… without him…

10.01am – Oooooh… he called.

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Thoughts – 31-Days Challenge

Remember how life used to be so interesting, and random, and so impromptu? And yet organized at the same time? Wow, where did all that go?

I’ve no idea but I’m going to post a challenge to myself! A 31-days challenge, to get back to my somewhat slightly more interesting and organized life! And of course, shed that 10kgs off my body!


Hontou ni? HAI! Darn. This CMS can’t post other language unless I go install some craps. Never mind. Shall do that another time.

Oh yes! I haven’t mention when it’s going to start! It shall be tomorrow! JIAYOU!

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Blog #0609

7.20am – No more blocked ducts! Yippee! OHAYOU GOZAIMASU!

9.05am – Reached office!

9.56am – The thought of moving to the new office simply made me extremely depressed. It’s TOO direct. The Fengshui is totally bad. How to work in PEACE and HARMONY?

10.38am – Yeah! Joining the yoga class held in my office from June onwards. Need to slim down. Need to slim down!

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Blog #0608

7.32am – Ouch. WTH. Blocked again??!

9.05am – Reached office 5 minutes ago. Not too bad for a start. Let me settle down first.

9.49am – Haven’t got the time to take my breakfast yet but I supposed I’ll have to deliberately stop for a while and take. Lots of things going through my head again. I wonder how I can clear it…

10.28am – Should I go home for lunch?

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Thoughts – A Fairy Tale

I just finished a Korean drama, Love Rain, starring Jang Geun Suk and Yoona. So cute…

Ah… the heart wrenching love story of two, deeply in love, and gave up on it so that their parents (first love) can be together again. But of course, in the end, they somehow got together and live happily ever after (up till the point it ends).

Not the lengthy draggy kind of story. No comas. No restrictions by parents due to statuses in life. Nice.

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Blog #0604

9.25am – Didn’t take the drowsy medicine today. Though I’ve not fully recovered, it’s time to start clearing the backlogs that’s been built up over the last few days when I’m down. So… GANBATTE!

10.48am – Chatted with a friend. Her ex-fling wants to come back to her. Sigh… what for? Especially when he’s still married… -.-”’

2.20pm – I bought some scrapbook paper (finally) and polymer clay (finally too) today. New projects? Well, I guess it depends on how sick I am… Back to work.


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Blog #0603

10.00am – Everything seems to be either coming to a standstill, or in crawling mode especially when you are sick and back at the office. It’s only 10am now… I wonder why ONLY 1 hour plus had passed. Back at home, for the past 2 days, time was zooming past before I realized it.

The effect of the medication had taken over my body and I felt weak and numb. I’m supposed to be still on mc but then, it doesn’t seem very nice to be on mc for 3 consecutive days.

Still, I probably should have heed the doctor’s advice to stay at home and rest instead, especially when I’m still taking the medication which kept my head in spinning mode…

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Thoughts – Back to the Past

If only…

Yes… if only…

Sometimes, I really wish I can go back in the past, and then I’ll do something different… I know it’s not possible at all but there’s no harm day-dreaming before a boring meeting starts, right?

Well, let’s just say if I can go back to anytime in the past, what would I have done differently…

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