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Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making plans.


~ John Lennon

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Ramblings #0655

1.13am – I re-read the reply that I wrote this afternoon. Some people are really just so ‘cheap’. Why do they need people to shoot them a bit first before helping out?

And damn. I can’t get to bed. I miss my pillow…

2.45am – What the…

3.13am – Erm… it’s not the time to wake up still right?

5.15am – Crap. This is the how many time I woke up tonight?

6.43am – That’s it. I don’t want to try anymore though I’m still freaking tired. I miss my pillow, baby and Bebe!

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Ramblings #0654

5.15am – Urgh. It’s just 5am+, I need to go back to sleep… so not used to sleeping on my own…

8.36am – Crap. The entrance pass for the lobby doesn’t work. So be it. I’ll have it fix later. But am having a stomachache now and yet unable to go into the ladies because the toilet door seems to be locked by the cleaning lady! This is REALLY crap. I think I’ll have to consider going to another level if she continues to be inside. Saying it’s terrible is definitely an understatement!

9.32am – It’s here again! What is that constant vibration felt? The construction beside this building. Better stay a little alert in case this whole building collapsed. But hmm… Level 6…

10.55am – Whoever that I’m listening to on Kiss 92 now… OMG… You might want to stop acting your accent. It sounded so… fake? Just be natural! You’ve already got a very nice accent, you don’t have to… erm… I can’t describe it at all. All I can say is, whoever you are advertising for, I doubt anyone will be interested especially from the way you said it. Euk.

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Ramblings #0653

9.29am – Extremely amused with the conversations of the taxi drivers through the walkie talkie, in Cantonese. Love to see such cultures still exist.

A: *Talk and talk*
B: Stop talking. Concentrate in driving.

A: There’s a jam at xxx (relatively near to airport), take note.
B: Oh. So is there a jam at airport?
C: There’s already a jam at xxx, what do u think?

A: Yo B, how come u are not talking?
B: I’m driving. Concentrating.
C: Aiyo, let him be, who knows what he’s doing!

A: Is xxx jam?
B: *Laughed evilly* May God bless you.

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Ramblings #0652

I’m pretty sure I was dreaming, for the story, people and surroundings were totally unfamiliar to me. But then when I felt some wriggly thing or tap on my left shoulder, it felt too real. I’m glad I never turn n snap. It was my little darling. Stretching out her little hand, seemingly to call me. I groped for her pacifier and gave it to her, and then I touched her legs which wasn’t covered by the pyjamas that got pulled up to the thigh. Darn. It was freezing cold. Did she wake me up because of that? Without much hesitation, I covered her legs with my blanket and hugged it.

She’s sleeping soundly now again. Hopefully she didn’t catch a cold. I’ll be flying off tomorrow and back only on Thursday. Seriously, somewhat hated it… but…

Anyway, at least the technology is there such that I can still see/hear her ^^ Life’s good.

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Ramblings #0651

4.59am – Goodness. Bad headaches at such timing? WTH…

7.00am – Bad. Bad. The headache is still there…

10.04am – Hasn’t had the time to breathe till now. Somewhat, I hated Friday, for it’s the day to close off a lot of things before the weekend comes. I’m running on tight schedule today with a few main things on my list which I HAVE to finish by today. Now, I’m only left with 30 minutes before I’m rushing off to visit one of my listed childcare centres. Expensive though but no harm taking a look and see what’s the difference. Half a day for $960… hmm…

1.06pm – Back from lunch and visitation to the childcare. Something new to ponder about. Nonetheless, it’s still rather expensive. Hmm… well, that’s for me and the lil’ hub to think through the weekend.

1.11pm – I told you yesterday to provide all the updates by today, and you said okay, will give it to be by lunch time. And now you are repeating the same thing again, saying that it’s going to take a long time and TRY to give it to me by today. WTF.

4.00pm – I hate audit period.

5.01pm – Had my dinner. Time to push on for the next half an hour!

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Ramblings #0650

8.25am – Darn. I overslept again.

9.46am – Bills, bills and more bills. I’m so glad at times that I still have this job, which can help me pay off my monthly expenses. Nonetheless, got to watch closely on my spending this month especially when the lil’ hub will be without income soon. Had been touching my pathetic savings of late… Sigh…

9.55am – How can the same course be priced at such different prices just because it’s a different provider? It’s almost doubled!

11.03am – Finally am done with my bills. *HEADACHE* No more additional spending for the next few months.

1.37pm – Had some happy food, now the mood is a tad better. But there’s still a long day to go. Sigh.

2.18pm – Head feels bloated.

3.33pm – I’m trying hard not to laugh when I heard the name “Blaming King”… WOW… New name heard. Simply hilarious.

4.25pm – Supported a friend in the Hair for Hope! Ah… kudos to her! So brave to shave off her hair! *LOL*

5.13pm – 15 minutes of power left… … …

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Ramblings #0649

8.44am – A or B… A or B… A or B… Let the coin decide?? *FLIP!* A.

9.45am – I foresee a storm coming… with such “GREAT” planning from the Empress, how not to? Oh, right. The Empress, she’s somewhere close to my blacklist too. She used to be STILL quite alright until she got pushed up to take the seat of a VP. Terrible. I think she’s unable to eat such a big piece of cake for so many good ones are leaving. There must be a reason for such coincidences. Sigh… And yet I’m still “signing” the bond. Urgh. Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing. Nonetheless, I shall focus on my big plan, and tolerate on the smalls.

1.56pm – Choosing a childcare centre for the small one can be so headache. Went to recce one just now and was taken aback by the strength of the teacher patting a child to sleep. Otherwise, the rest of the things look quite alright. Furthermore it’s relatively cheaper than the rest. Doubt the curriculum is good though. Ah… the good ones are all too far. The near ones ain’t as good. How…

2.48pm – It’s weird, when I had to help to “decode” a manager’s language. Gosh…

5.24pm – Honestly, I do find myself stupid at times, doing stupid things, and sometimes illogical or probably even “illegal” things, just so that I can hide the “truth” and present a perfect scenario. Darn. Is that how life is supposed to be?

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Ramblings #0648

8.25am – Oh sucks. I need to stop the mood from overflowing from one day after another…

8.51am – In office and as usual, soaking my biscuits in the milo, and waiting for it to soften before I start tucking in. It’s Tuesday and it isn’t any better than yesterday. Somehow, suddenly recalled on the post by Joey Yap on Sunday. Seriously, he’s nothing special. The one thing good about him? He’s practical and realistic and just whack you out of your daze.

“I hate my job. I can’t lose this job. What can I do?”

This person, got the whole thing of bazi calculation wrong. And I think a lot of people did. Knowing your bazi, is only to know yourself better and be aware of it. And see which direction one should head towards. Nothing will change IF you never or can’t change. That’s something which Joey Yap kept emphasizing everytime he held a seminar. I guess he must be relatively tired to repeat this again and again.

So, if you hate your job but yet you can’t lose it. (The following has nothing to do with bazi at all. It probably is just common sense.) Then just love it or suck on it! (Which is what I’m trying to do every other day.)

And that’s the reason why after listening to it, I supported the lil’ hub in quitting his job and go for something which he should do better, according to his bazi. But of course, with some “terms & conditions”. *LOL*

Okay. Back to work. I’ve STILL got tons to clear. Probably skipping my massage later on. Have a feeling my meeting’s going to overrun…

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Ramblings #0647

7.45am – As I opened the door, I saw this cute little girl hugging her favourite soft toy and looking back at me, smiling. Sometimes, it simply slipped my mind that my girl had grown so much. Time had slipped by us without us realizing it…

8.25am – Better be late than poo-ing on my pants. *LOL*

8.48am – Crap. It’s Monday again. The mood from last Friday seems to have skipped the weekends and overflowed t

8.56am – The people here are weird. Why would you want to cc your business user in the email loop which you sent to your governance team? Firstly, this is an internal procedure and issue, and you shouldn’t be directly letting your business user be in contact. Secondly, you are the point of contact, by including your user in the email loop, I might as well go directly to the user instead. Weird. These people are weird. I’m not going to reply to that user. You just make us look bad.

9.48am – It’s always nice to hear some familiar voices.

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Ramblings #0646

8.23am – Alright, a good start. Make it out to work on my own before 8.30am. Not that early but it’s alright. It’s finally Friday, and I’m so looking forward to it. It’s been a damn hectic week, with blood pressure almost hitting the roof. Though a tad sleepy, life still goes on… and I’ll just have to hang in there for another 8 more hours. Phew.

8.50am – *LOL* Class 95 is still the best local radio that I LOVE! Here’s the cute conversation that they had (not the exact words) that brought some laughter to my tiring Friday morning:

Glen: 8% of the man use anti-aging products. You should start using them.
FD: I don’t think it would help much at 57.
Glen: You’ll be surprise, look at Dick Lee.
FD: Dick Lee probably started it at 25.

True. *LOL*

8.58am – Reached office before 9am! WOOHOO!

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Vegetables & Fruits for Baby

Vegetables and fruits are equally as healthy for babies as for adults. It not only provides the vitamins and minerals, it also helps to reduce the chances of constipation of a baby.

Ever since my baby’s intake of the breast milk dropped, and then the increased of formula milk and solid food, the frequency of her having constipation for 3 days or more increases. Even so, the stool would be a little hard, which in turn causes her to bleed (friction against the wall of her anal canal), followed by her crying out loud.

So what are the fruits to be taken? Well, anything that’s not too acidic for younger babies, as it might have some allergic effects, otherwise, I think mostly should be alright, especially apples, papayas, bananas, grapes etc. And for vegetables, there’s carrots, spinach, broccoli, potato and lots more!

As for preparation of the the vegetables and fruits, just grind or mash it if your baby’s teeth haven’t grown out. I’ll try and get a list of tried recipes and post it here soon! Meanwhile, let them EAT MORE!

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